Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 25

The scene begins by showing Asad holiding Zoya. Everyone smiles on seeing them.. Asad leaves her.. Dil says “All of u made wish quickly..” Ayan holds Humaira’s hand and smiles at her.. (ayan humaira tune plays.) They see stars together..

Dil wishes “Allah.. please make us happy like today..”
Najma thinks ” Allah.. I wish true love will come into my life and cares for me like my Asad Bhai..”
Asad : “I wish this day will never end.. I wish u should not go away from me Zoya…”
Zoya : I wish this moment would not end and I will stay in ur arms through out my life..

Asad and Zoya look at each other.. (Piano tune plays..)
Zoya thinks “What happened to u zoya.. When did u became such an illogical person.. How could I stay in his arms forever..? His arms will get pain right.. U r really going crazy zoya..” (funny tune plays..)

Asad and Ayan places head on Dil’s lap.. Humaira , Naj and Zoya chats and laughs..
Humaira : “Ayan.. Does wild animals come here..?”
Ayan : hey humaira.. Y r u tensed..? I am here right.. No wild animals will come here.
Humaira : Thats y I am scared. If wild animals know that u r here, then they will come to meet u right..
Ayan runs to hit Humaira and humaira escapes. After sometime they went to sleep.. Asad cant able to sleep and he goes near camp fire. He sits there and thinks about Dil’s reply to Humaira’s question “Can u able to forgive ur love’s mistake?”. He remembers about Rashid. Asad turns and gets shocked to see Zoya sitting beside him..(Funny tune plays.)
Asad : Y r u sitting like ghost..?
Zoya : Oh really.. Then y r u sitting with ghost Mr.Khan..
Asad : Its my mistake to speak with u..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. can i ask u something..?
Asad : If I said no, then u will not ask me ah..?
Zoya : very funny Mr.Khan.. I know phuppi’s heart is hurt..? But I dont know Y? Who hurt phuppi’s heart..? Y she feels bad about speaking love..?
Asad remains silent..
Zoya : I am sorry to ask u Mr.Khan.. u ll get cold.. Dont stay here for long time..

Zoya leaves.. Asad holds her hand and signals her to sit.. (piano tune plays..)
Asad : By seeing my Mom I came to know that how painful love is.. Her love is so pure like her heart. I think thats y she fails to choose the right person.. My mom and abbu love each other and got married. But my abbu had another wife named Shirin.. One day he takes Shirin’s son to our home. But My mom treats him as her own son. And we also treat him like our brother. We were very happy at that time. My abbu gave importance to money than to our family and decides to go with shirin.. So he takes my brother with him.

Asad remains silent for a while. Zoya dont know what to say.. She places her hand on his shoulder.. Asad sees her and tries to smile to show that he is strong enough to handle his feelings…. but cant..
Zoya THINKS to herself “No one can understand ur feeling than me Mr.Khan.. Because my father is same like urs..”
Asad : After that ammi had lost hope in my abbu.. But she still having hope in her love.. So stupid..
Zoya : Its not stupidity Mr.Khan.. Its Love.. If we love a person truly, we will forget all their mistakes when we see them..
Asad : Can u able to forgive my mistakes..? (Mitwa plays..)
Zoya looks Asad surprisingly..
Asad : I mean.. I hurt u many times.. I wanna say.. Sor (came to say sorry..but zoya interferes..)
Zoya : I know.. but u still didnt say sorry.. I realised that u dont know the word sorry.. Anyways.. leave it.. Do u know where is ur abbu and ur brother..?
Asad signals “No.” and says “I just know that they are not in India.. and by this time.. My ayan would have forgot me and enjoying his new life….”
Zoya : Ayan.. It means he is ur brother..
Asad : Not this ayan.. My brother ayan.. His name is also ayan.
Zoya : Are u sure Mr.Khan..
Asad : What do u mean I am sure..?
Zoya : nothing Mr.Khan..

Asad leaves from there asking Zoya to .. Zoya thinks “Already I have doubt on Ayan.. He is feeling very emotional with this family.. But now my doubt gets stronger.. ”

Next morning, they return home.. Ayan and humaira takes leave.. ” Zoya asks Naj “What is ur abbu’s name..” Naj asks “Why are u asking his name..?” Zoya replies “just like that..” Naj tells Rashid’s name.. Zoya thinks “I should go to Mr.Khan’s office and collect details about Ayan..

Precap : A lady comes to Asad’s home and slaps Zoya.. Asad, Dil and Naj gets shocked..

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  1. Thank u so much dear…u r so awesome n marvellous…love u so much…

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  2. Sry by mistake i did some mistake my n odet’s name its color chng..

  3. It’s really amazing. Finally zoya came to know d truth and now her doubt became stronger????? I can’t understand how u r writing so beautifully. Ur writing z very nyc from other ff . U r a great story writer. U should write a book . U can write a book. And keep updating ur ff. I’m very eager to read d next update. All d best for ur ff.

    1. thnk u so much.. i m really glad to read ur comment yaar..

  4. Asya scene was wonderful. …. It is very interesting. …… Thanks for updating kalai…… luv ur fan fiction. …. ur episodes are very interesting. … waiting for next episode

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  5. Ur fan fiction is very interesting and I’m enjoying alot….. when is ur next episode? ???

  6. Good episode

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  9. Listen guys i wanna write a fan fiction but its giving over there some problm i have written every thing correct den to its not publishing can any one help me out

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  10. I loved Qubool Hai till the 2nd leap. I very happy to read this fan fiction. I still remember and love the dialogue “Allah Miya What’s Wrong With U?” And also the music and acting.

    Thumbs up for the fan fiction.

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  11. Very very nice epi kalai ..thiis story should be telecast ……mostly i like the precap …when you are updating the nxt epi plz reply

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  13. Hai kalai, awesome episode. I love it. Xspecialy asya’s wish. Keep it up dude.
    I don’t force u. If u have time plz u make ff 4 sahil…..

    1. k kavi.. i ll try…

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  15. Very nice episode, loving this story very much. Asya rocks. …keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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