Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 24


The scene begins by showing night sky with stars…

Everyone shouts Asad to dance.. Asad keeps his hand on his head and says “Ok I will dance… But not now.. After we complete the game.. ” Dil signals to Ayan..

Ayan : Ok Bhai.. But one condition.. U should dance with a partner.. I mean.. Whose turn is next u should dance with them..
Asad : Ok.. but I ll rotate the bottle..
Ayan : Its ok bhai.. I ll rotate the bottle.
Asad : Its ok.. leave it.. I ll rotate..

Dil and Ayan looks shockingly.. Asad rotates the bottle.. Bottle slows down nearing humaira.. Zoya and Ayan taken aback.. (funny tune plays.)
Asad murmurs to the bottle saying “Zoya. Zoya..”
Zoya murmurs “Not humaira.. Not humaira..”
Everyone looks bottle seriously.. Bottle swings between Humaira and Zoya.. Bottle stops pointing humaira.. Zoya opens her mouth shockingly and looks Asad. Ayan hits his head himself.. (funny tune plays..) Humaira widens her eyes and gives fake smile at Asad.. Asad too gets shocked and sees Ayan.. Ayan gives angry look on Asad. (funny tune..)

Asad : Hey Ayan.. How could I know that it will stop pointing humaira..
Ayan : Bhai.. Thts y I said I ll rotate.. U r so adamant Bhai..

Asad notices Zoya’s face and realises that she is feeling jealous on Humaira.. Asad laughs lightly on seeing Zoya’s expression. (piano tune plays..) They plays again.. Now its Dil’s turn..

Dil : I cant choose dare.. So its better I choose truth..
Humaira : Aunty.. Can u able to forgive ur love’s big mistake..?
Dil gets sad remembering Rashid. Asad and Naj looks Dil. Ayan angrily looks Humaira.. Humaira too notices changing face of Dil and tries to change the topic..

Humaira : I mean.. ayan is always doing mistakes.. I dont know whether to forgive him or not.. Thats y i asked.. I am sorry aunty..
Dil : No need for sorry humaira.. Atleast u agreed that ur true love is Ayan..
Humaira : Not like that aunty.. I just want to know..
Dil : Some mistakes can be forgiven easily.. But some mistakes cannot be forgiven even though we want to forgive.. And I m sure.. Ayan will never do such mistakes..

Zoya feels Dil’s pain and thinks “It seems someone broke phuppi’s heart and she still cant able to overcome that pain..” Asad and Naj looks on Dil. Ayan angrily looks Humaira and Humaira signals him sorry.. Humaira wants to change the topic and says “Lets dance Asad..” Asad gives strange expression and goes.

Asad and Humaira dances on Drama Queen song (from Hassee toh phassee).. Asad notices Ayan’s face and drags Ayan to dance.. Humaira tries to convince Ayan and holds his hand. Humaira asks sorry and Ayan finally gets convinced.. Asad, Ayan and Humaira dances.. Ayan & Asad drags Dil and Naj to dance.. Zoya feels sad that no one invites her to dance and she decides to leave and move on.. Asad holds Zoya’s hand and drags her. Asya eyelock.. Dil sees this and signals Ayan.. Ayan changes song to Teri meri meri teri prem kahani song.. Asya didnt even realise the song change. Then they dance on that song.. Dil and Ayan gives hi five as their plan got successful.. Everyone claps on their dance.. On hearing their clap sound , they break their eyelock and they stand by maintaining some distance..Zoya blushes.. Asad turns his face away because of embarassment..

Naj is taking photo of them. Zoya sees meteor shower and shouts “Hey see.. Meteor shower..” Zoya looks sky and goes forward. She slips and going to fall. Asad holds her (female humming plays..) Naj clicks picture of Asad holding Zoya with meteor shower background.

The screen freezes..

Precap : Zoya asks Asad “Y phuppi is feeling hurt? Who broke her heart..?” Asad looks at Zoya. Zoya says “I m sorry to ask..” and leaves..

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

Credit to: Kalai

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