Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 23


The scene begins by showing Asad walking towards Humaira.. Ayan and Zoya gets tensed. But Asad dont even look at Humiara and crosses Humaira.. Humaira too looks on.. Asad goes to Zoya and gets that weightless bed sheets from her.. Zoya was really surprised.. Ayan gets releived.. Dil and Najma laughs out loudly.. A small eyelock between Asad and Zoya (Mitwa plays..) Ayan runs to Humaira and helps her.

Humaira : How long I will manage..? Cant u come early to help me..
Ayan : I thought Bhai is coming to help u.. Thank god.. great escape.. first come..
Dil : Asad.. Is this bedsheet is really weight than Humaira’s suit case..?
Zoya : laughs out loudly..
Asad : (turns and sees that suit case with Humaira..) (funny tune plays..) Vo.. ammi.. I didnt see her..
Ayan : Bhai.. Nowadays U r only seeing Zoya.. Dont know wat magic she did..
Najma : I think Zoya did dimple magic..
Humaira : Dimple magic.. means what ?
Asad : If she smile, she will get dimple.. Najma is saying that..
Dil : Asad… Did u notice Zoya this much..? Ya allah.. I cant imagine.. U have really changed..
Asad : Ammi.. Nothing like that..

Everyone laughs.. Zoya is blushing..

Humaira : Ayan.. learn something from ur Bhai.. How sweet he is..
Ayan : Ask to Zoya about Bhai’s sweetness..
Zoya : Exactly Ayan.. (Zoya gives hi five to Ayan..)
Asad : Enough enough.. If I help humaira, Then Ayan will get Sad.. Thats y I came to help u.. Dont overreact Ms.Farukhi..
Zoya : Oh really Mr.Khan.. I beleived u..
Asad : Whatever.. Get in car…
They all started leaving.. They reached the spot. Humaira and Ayan holds hand together and runs to the end of the hill.. Dil says “How beautiful Ayan and Humaira’s jodi is…! Very sweet.. Hmmm… But some jodi is always fighting..” Najma laughs.
Zoya replies “Yes phuppi.. If there is a man like Mr.Khan.. then there will be only fighting..”
Asad says “Ms.Farukhi.. What do u want to say..? Do u mean that we are jodi..?”
Zoya says “Allah miya.. wats wrong with u Mr.Khan.. when did I say like that..?”
Asad replies “wats ur problem Ms.Farukhi…. Cant u shut ur mouth for a minute..?”
Dil interferes “Ya allah.. Pls.. Atleast for one night, u two please dont fight..” Asad “say to her ammi..” Zoya “say to him phuppi..” They turns in opposite direction.. Dil thinks “Ya allah.. How I m gonna manage Asad and Zoya..”
Naj says “Ammi.. they are just acting.. If they are alone, they take care of each other and they concern for each other…”
Dil says “I hope.. all hatred between them will go away..”

Humaira and Dil sitting on table.. Ayan and Humaira is lighting fire..
Zoya : I will go and make tent..
Asad : I ll come to help u..
Zoya : No Mr.Khan.. I ll manage.. Infact I have experience in making tent.. By the way.. U cant do this.. To make tent, we should need some experience..
Asad : Oh really Ms.Farukhi.. Then ok.. U continue..

Zoya goes to make tent.. She cant able to make even basement.. Zoya gets tired.. Asad comes there and asks “May I try..?” Zoya says “Please Mr.Khan..” Asad goes and helps her.. Tent cover is flying. If Asad and Zoya catches one side, another side cover flies.. They laughs lightly and adjusts the tent cover.. Finally they made it.. Zoya lifts her hand to give hi five.. Asad sees Zoya.. Zoya realises this and drops her hand.. Asad lifts his hand.. Surprised Zoya gives hi five to Asad and laughs..

Dil, Naj, Ayan and Humaira watches them making tent and wonders that they are working together without any fight.. Naj says “See ammi.. I said right.. If they are alone, they behave well..” Dil smiles..

Ayan says “Lets play something..” Humaira suggests “Truth or dare..” They all agrees.. They rotates the bottle.. Its Asad’s turn.. Zoya gets up and says “Me.. I ll ask Mr.Khan..” Asad keeps hand on his head and says “Allah.. where am I stuck..?” Ayan says in Asad’s ears “Bhai.. u r close today..”

Zoya : Mr.Khan… Are u in love..? Did u smile on seeing a girl’s smile..? Did u feel sad for a girl who leave u..? Did u cry for a girl..?
Asad remembers seeing Zoya’s smile, his tears on knowing zoya left home, etc.. Everyone looks Asad interestingly..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. what r u thinking..? Tell me..
Asad : (thinks what to say and get nervous.. Finally he got an idea..) Ms.Farukhi.. U forget one thing in excitement..
Zoya : What Mr.Khan..?
Asad : U didnt ask me truth or dare.. I chose dare..
Zoya hits her head and says “Stupid zoya.. Whats the hurry to ask questions before asking truth or dare..?”
Asad : Now tell me Zoya.. What I m supposed to do..?
Zoya : Dance… Mr.Khan.. U have to dance..
Asad : What..? Dance..?

Everyone looks Asad.. Asad also looks everyone..

Precap : Humaira asks Dil “Can u able to forgive ur love’s mistake..?” Dil gets sad and Asad and Naj looks at Dil. Zoya too notices this.. Zoya slips and going to fall. Asad holds Zoya.

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

Credit to: Kalai

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  1. ossum ya …n thankuuu shooo much u hav put big 1

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  3. Super super super… daily i am waiting for next episode…

  4. Awesome kalai…loved the truth and dare part…go ahead dear?

  5. omg!!!!!!!!! Its so superb and marvellous.its like reading written update of real qubool hai season 1. I dont know abt others but for me, i love azad and zoya than other pairs of qubool hai. Their nok-jhok , fights everything can’t match and equal others. They are my your fan fic is very special for me.!!!!!!!

    1. thank u anu.. Asya is my fav too..

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  7. O kalai it’s awesome, superb, hilarious episode, loved the first scene when a sad passed by humaira then tent hi five scene n game alllllllllll was mind blowing. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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  10. Wow!!! I wish this would be have happened for sana and aahil. Can u make ff of sana ahil. And maha azad. It’s just a request. If u can den plz.

    1. sure sahima.. nowadays I m little busy.. If time permits I ll write ff..

      1. Thank u for understanding and ya if u get tum den only write.I will not force you

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  11. Ur ff z just awesome. Box asya nok jhok fights and shayar z very different from the other serials. And plz continue and make asya realize luv for each other.

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