Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 22


The scene begins by showing mentally retarded lady..
Lady : Did u know my daughter..
ASad : I m sorry.. I didnt know her.. R u ok..? Where are u from..?

Two Ward boys of that mental asylum comes there.. That lady gets scared and holds Asad’s hand and hides behind him..

Lady : They will take me.. Pls.. save me from them.
Ward boys : Thank god sir.. She is mad.. She escaped from our mental asylum.. thanks for helping in catching her.
Lady : I didnt go with them… I want to find my daughter..

Asad is feeling helpless.. At that time, a lady warden comes there.. She speaks to her softly and convinces her to come with them.

Lady warden : I will help u in finding ur daughter.. I heard that she is in our mental asylum.. Lets go and search there..
Mad lady : Then ok.. Lets go..

While leaving from there, that lady holds Asad’s hand and says “U too come with me to mental hospital.. Lets search my daughter together..” Everyone laughs..
ASad : Me.. mental hospital..
Mad lady : yes.. u.. come..
Asad : I have important work. u go first and I ll come later..

They leave from there.. Asad sees that mental asylum van which has some address of Habib ganj.. Asad remembers Zoya saying “Zuleika is in Habib ganj..” Asad too leaves from there.. He goes to Ayan’s home and sees doctor coming out of house.. Asad thinks “Doctor.. here.. Is Ayan alright..? ” He rings door bell.. Humaira opens the door and gets shocked.. Asad asks her “Where is Ayan..? Is he alright..? Y doctor comes here.. Is he having fever..?” and goes inside home by searching ayan…. Rashid sees Asad from his room’s window and gets up shockingly…

Ayan comes there.. Asad goes and hugs him.. (Ayan Asad tune plays..) Rashid sees this hiding in his room and gets teary eyed.. He thinks “I did such a big sin by seperating Ayan and Asad.. Allah will never forgive me for this sin..”

Asad : Ayan.. R u alright..?
Ayan : Bhai.. I m alright.. What happened..? Y this sudden visit to home..?
Asad : U didnt come to office today thats y…and I saw doctor coming out of ur house.. So..
Ayan : Bhai.. I m perfectly alright..
Asad : Then y doctor come here..
Humaira : Doctor came to see me.. Actually I had fever.. Thats y..
Ayan : yes.. Humaira has fever.. yes yes.. (funny tune plays..)
Asad : Oh really.. But she is looking alright..
Ayan : She has fever inside.. thats y..
Asad : Oh k.. Ammi says lets go for a camp. I thought u also come with us.. But Humaira is having fever..
Humaira : No.. We will come.. My fever has gone..
Ayan : Bhai.. I dont think we will come.. But I ll try to come..

Asad feels sad on hearing this.. Humaira gives coffee to Asad. Asad leaves by saying that he has important work.. Humaira asks ayan “Y did u say yes to asad..” Ayan replies “Abbu is not well.. Then how could I go..?”

Rashid comes there and says ” Ayan.. Go with him tmrw.. Still today I m the one who keeps u away from Asad.. I mfeeling this guilt for many years.. But not now.. I m alright now.. I ll take care of myself.. U go..” Ayan gets teary eyed and hugs rashid.. Humaira sees them and she also cries.. Ayan calls Asad and says that they will come.. Asad gets glad..

In home, Everyone gets preparing for camp.. Ayan comes there happily and hugs dil and najma and laughs.. Zoya and humaira sees them.. Zoya sees “Ayan.. Teach Mr.Khan to laugh.. He doesnt know to laugh..” Ayan replies “Y Zoya.. Without laughing, cant u romance with Bhai…?” Everyone laughs and Zoya widens her mouth..

Zoya : Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u.. Romance.. with Mr.Khan.. R u mad ayan..? I cant even imagine to romance with Mr.Angry bird.. Its better I ll romance with u.. (Humaira is taken aback..)
Asad : (comes there..) I too didnt want to romance with u Ms.Farukhi.. (Asad sees around in house and sees humaira. ) Its better I will romance with Humaira.. (Ayan’s is taken aback..)
(funny tune plays..)
Dil and Naj looks each other.. Humaira and Ayan looks each other.. Zoya gets angry.. Asad and Zoya leaves from there..(Quarrel tune plays..)
Ayan says “It seems that they both going to make my and humaira’s life a big disaster.. Ammi.. please help us..” Dil laughs and says “Dont worry Ayan.. I ll get u marry humaira soon..” Humaira says “Aunty.. U r gonna make my life disaster.. ” Ayan hits Humaira’s head lightly and humaira hits ayan’s shoulder.. Everyone laughs..

Zoya in her room thinks “How dare Mr.Khan,.. He will romance with Humaira.. ”
Asad in his room thinks “How dare Ms.Farukhi.. She will romance with Ayan..”
Zoya “Actually Y should I care..? Bechari humaira…”
Asad “Actually Y should I feel bad.. Infact I m feeling bad for Ayan.. Bechari Ayan..”

They all get things packed and keeping things in car.. Humaira picks a big weight suit case.. Asad and Ayan sees her.. Before ayan leaves Asad goes to Humaira.. Zoya is walking behind humaira and sees Asad approaching Humaira..

Zoya is carrying bedsheets which is weightless and thinks “Allah miya.. Mr.Khan is coming to help humaira.. Omg.. Does he really has any feelings for humaira..? Y didnt I pick that weight suit case .. zoya.. U r really stupid..”

Ayan thinks “Ya allah.. I thought Bhai was just joking about humaira.. Does he really mean it..?” Dil and Najma also watches Asad and Ayan’s face..

The screen freezes on Asad,Ayan,Humaira and Zoya’s face..

Precap : In camp, They were playing truth or dare game.. Its Asad’s turn.. Zoya gets up and says “She will ask question to Asad..” Everyone smiles…

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Credit to: Kalai

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