Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 21


The scene begins by asad asking “Who is Zuleika..?”
Zoya : (stands freezingly..)
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. I m asking to u.. Who is this Zuleika?
Zoya : If u want me to go away from here soon, help me in finding her.. Else I will not leave from this home..
Asad : R u blackmailing me..?
Zoya : Whatever .. (leaves..)
Asad : Badtameez ladki..

Zoya leaves.. Asad thinks to himself ” It means she will leave from here.. Y am I feeling strange when she said like that..? Wats going on with me..? ”

Next morning,

Rashid is in fever amd murmuring Dilshad’s name.. Humaira comes there with coffee and sees Rashid.. Humaira says to Ayan that Rashid is in high fever.. Ayan runs to see rashid and goes to get doctor. Humaira cares rashid by putting wet clothes on his head to reduce temperature.. Ayan comes there with doctor. Doctor gives tablets and injection. Doctor takes ayan out and says ” To be frank, he is not in need of medicines for his body.. He is in need of medicine for his heart.. May be he is longing to meet a person. Let him meet that person.. He will be alright..” Doctor leaves.. Ayan stands freezingly.. Humaira comes to ayan and says “Everything will be alright..” Ayan hugs Humaira and cries.. (Ayan humaira tune plays..) Humaira convinces him..

In Asad’s home at breakfast
Dil :”Naj is in stress.. I think we should let her go out..”
Asad : ok ammi.. I ll take her to her to college.
Zoya : R u mad Mr.Khan.. ? I mean.. how boring u r.. phuppi says that we should go out for enjoyment.. not for studying..
Dil : Right zoya..
Zoya : superbbb phuppi.. I have an idea.. Tomorrow is meteor shower.. So we can go on top of hill and make a little camp over there.. It will be a lot of fun..
Naj come there and says : Wow.. wat a plan zoya..? It ll b amazing.
Asad : Stupid plan.. Dont u know it will b dangerous..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. relax.. U ll b there with us right.. So no problem..
Naj : Yes Bhai jaan… Pls.. Lets go..
Asad : (cares najma’s head ) ok tamatar.. For u…
Zoya : Wow.. Thank god.. Mr.angry bird said ok..
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. (gives angry expression..)
Zoya sees that and runs from there..(funny tune plays..) Dil smiles and thinks “Asad and Zoya are fighting like children.. In this vacation, I should make their hate go away..”

Naj : Bhai jaan.. Lets call Ayan bhai and Humaira also for this trip..
Dil : Good idea najma.. Asad call them too..
Asad : Ok ammi.. I ll call them.. But If u can please leave this Ms.Farukhi at home itself..
Dil : (smiles and says) Asad..

They leaves from there..

Asad is waiting for Ayan in his office.. Asad calls Ayan and he didnt pick his call.. Asad feels restless and thinks “Y he didnt attending call..? Is he alright..? “. Asad gets ayan’s address from his manager and leaves from there..On his way to Ayan’s home, one lady falls on Asad’s car.. Asad stops his car and goes to that lady.. The lady is alright and she is mentally retarded..
Lady : “My daughter.. Do u know my daughter..? She is 4 years old.. I lost her.. Did u c her..?”

The screen freezes on Asad’s expression..

Precap : Asad goes to Ayan’s house.. Humaira and Ayan shocked to see him.. Rashid also sees Asad in his house and gets teary eyed..

To read previous episodes type “Asad aur Zoya ke beech ep (number) ” in google.. or go to Qubool hai telly updates page.

Credit to: Kalai

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  9. Hi kalai dear, looks like the lady is zulaikha, zoya’s mom…awesome episode. .keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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