Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 20


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Zoya shows last night celebration photos to Naj and Dil. They laugh on seeing Asad’s angry bird costume photo. Asad comes there. Zoya calls “Hey angry bird..” Asad turns and gives angry look.
Zoya : Sorry.. It came by flow Mr.Angry bird.. I m sorry.. Mr.Khan.. Actually.. Ur mobile.. I fixed it..
Asad remembers her note stating “I can fix ur mobile. But I cant fix ur mind..” Asad thinks to himself ” U r thinking about fixing my mind Ms.Farukhi.. But U r disturbing my heart…”

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Wats wrong with u..?
Asad : Nothing.. Whats this ..? Y did u put pink color tape to fix this mobile..? Am I a girl to keep pink wala mobile…?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Again u r judging.. Pink is just a color.. Its not that pink is meant only for girls.. Be a broad minded person. See how nice pink is..!
Asad : Ms.Farukhi.. U should have been a teacher.. How could u be able to give non-stop lectures..?
Zoya : Oh really Mr.Khan.. Then u first tell.. How could u b able to scold me non-stop..?
Asad : Oh god..
Zoya : Allah miya.. wats wrong with u Mr.Khan.. Keep ur mobile.. I m leaving..

Asad sees that mobile and gives funny expression on thinking how it would look like when he uses pink wala mobile in his office.. (funny tune plays..) Zoya watches his expression hiding behind wall and smiles.. (piano tune plays..)

In night, Dil thinks about Rashid. She thinks ” When did Rashid came here..? How does he came to know about Naj.? If shirin knows this, she will create big scene. If Asad meets him, then dont know what will happen..? Ya allah.. Please save my family..” She cares Najma’s head and sleeps.. (Dil Rashid tune plays..)

Zoya unpacks her things ( creating mess) in her room.. She sees her note in which some part of letter was erased because of Asad’s tears. she thinks “Dil and Najma came home yesterday only.. Then who must have open this note.. Allah miya.. Does Mr.Khan open this note and read..? If so, then this must be his tears..” She remembers Asad hugging on seeing her.. (Mitwa plays..)

Asad is in lawn.. Zoya comes there with coffee.. Zoya gives Coffee to Asad. Asad looks at her and thinks “How strange..”. He takes Coffee from her.. (piano tune plays..)
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Did u come to my room yesterday.. after I leave this house..?
Asad : (Spills coffee..) No.. Y??
Zoya : Then how did u know that I left this house..?
Asad : ahhh.. I see u on the way. So..
Zoya : But thats not the way to hospital/home.. Then Y did u come there..?
Asad : Whats ur problem Ms.Farukhi.. Did u give coffee for this investigation..? U please take ur coffee..
Zoya : No Mr.Khan.. I m sorry.. Have ur coffee..
Asad : (smiles lightly and drinks coffee..)

Zoya thinks “Mr.Khan is saying truth or not.. Mr.Khan has feelings for me or not.. Ya allah.. I am getting confused because of this angry bird..”

Asad : Zoya.. (piano tune plays..)
Zoya : (turns and looks surprisingly that he calls her by her first name Zoya..)
Asad : ahh.. Ms.Farukhi.. I want to ask u something..
Zoya : Tell me Mr.Khan..
Asad : U can share ur feelings with me Ms.Farukhi,..
Zoya : Excuse me.. (funny tune plays.)
Asad : I mean.. If u think I can help u in any way, U can tell me..
Zoya : Allah miya.. wats wrong with u Mr.Khan.. R u a superman / spider man to help everyone.. U r just angry man..
Asad : (gives angry look)
Zoya : See… I said na.. U r just an angry man with no emotions..
Asad : (leaves by saying) Badtameez ladki..

Zoya thinks may be he can help me in finding my ammi.. I should ask him.. Zoya runs behind Asad and stops him..

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. U want to help me na.. I need ur help..
Asad : (gives what.? look)
Zoya : Actually.. I m searching for a person. I dont have much information about her. She is in Habib ganj in bhopal. Her name is Zuleika. Thats all I know about her.. Could u help me in finding her..?
Asad : Yes I can help.. But Ms.Farukhi.. Who is this Zuleika..?

The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s expressions..

Precap : Zoya suggests Dil,Naj and Asad to go for small vacation in hill station.. Dil suggests to call Ayan and Humaira for vacation. But Asad doesnt agree to this vacation plan..

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Credit to: Kalai

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