Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 19

The scene begins by showing Zoya hugging Dil, asad wipes his tears and dil smiles on seeing Asad’s behaviour..
Dil : Asad.. Did u want to say something to Zoya..? (smilingly..)
Asad : vo.. ammi.. I mean.. Nothing..
Dil : It seems that something was fallen in ur eyes.. Y tears came from ur eyes..? R u k..?
Asad : No ammi.. I m ok..
Zoya turns to see Asad by that time Asad turns away to avoid Zoya’s eye contact.. (funny tune plays..)
Zoya : Phuppi… He is the most stupid person.. Always he blames me but never asks sorry..
Asad : Ammi.. Tell her.. Girl with full of stupidity doesnt deserve sorry..
Zoya : Phuppi.. Tell him.. Men like him doesnt deserve anything in this world.. Not even a girl’s love..

Asad : I dont need love from anyone….
Zoya : Now I m sure Mr.Khan.. U r really mad..
Asad : But I m already sure that u r stupid..
Zoya : Phuppi tell him..
Asad : Ammi.. tell her..
(funny tune plays.)
Asad and Zoya shocked to see Dil already gone by seeing their fight.. They see each other… They laugh at each other.. (Mitwa plays..) They leave from there..

In home, Najma enters home.. Balloon blasts.. Dil and Naj gets scared and they asks “Wats this sound.? Y lights turned off..?” Asad says “ammi.. Dont u know Y this strange thing is happening.. Its must be because of that strange girl.. Ms.Farukhi..”
Lights turned on.. Zoya, Ayan and Humaira stands there wearing different costumes.. Zoya in Cat’s costume, Ayan in monkey costume and Humaira in Lady’s finger costume. Najma and Dil laughs at them.. Asad is hardly trying to control his laugh but cant.. Dil makes Naj sit..
Asad : Whats this Ms.Farukhi?
Zoya : Cat Mr.Khan.. Its all for Najma.. Infact I have a costume for u guys also..

She shows angel costume for Najma.. Butterfly costume for Dil. Before showing Asad’s costume..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. U know wat.. I never seen a strange thing like u..
Asad : Thing.. Am I a thing to u..?
Zoya : Allah miya.. wats wrong with u Mr.Khan.. Am i wrong..?? Have u ever agreed on my point of view at any time.. Not even once. Then how could I treat u like a person.
Asad : What do u want to say Ms.Farukhi…?
Zoya : Clever Mr.Khan. Coming to the point.. If u doesnt accept my dress, then we all will call u Mr.Object.. Is it ok for u all..?

Everyone shouts Yes.. and all asks Asad to accept Zoya’s dress. Najma gets up and request Mr.Khan.. So he agrees..

Zoya shows Angry bird costume for Asad.. All laughs.. Asad gives angry look to zoya and plucks that dress from Zoya’s hand and accept it unwillingly.. Zoya smiles.. Ayan says “Nowadays U r listening only to Zoya Bhai.. Whats the matter..? Something.. Something..” Asad punch on Ayan’s stomach and asks him to shut his mouth.. Najma replies “Its good that Asad Bhai is listening to someone.. But u r impossible Ayan Bhai… U never listen to anyone.. right..” Humaira replies “Ayan will listen to his Asad Bhai..” They all looked shocked.. Ayan says “Yes ofcourse.. I should listen to him.. Else my job will b in danger na..” Humaira gets releived.

They all enjoy by singing songs together and cracking jokes and makes Najma laugh happily.. Then they went to sleep.. On the way Ayan talks about Asad,Najma and dil. Humaira mesmerized on his care towards his family and watches him. When Ayan watches, humaira turns away. ayan smiles..

Next morning, Asad and Ayan goes to Mr.Siddiq’s home with police. Mr.Siddiq sent his goon to stop them.. Asad and ayan fights them and handover him to police. Ayan gets emotional and says “If u try to hurt my family, then I will not leave u..” Asad looks on and gets shocked.. Ayan realises this and says “bhai.. I spoke that dialogue instead of u.. I said in angry mode like u na.. If u not satisfy with my dialogue, u go and tell him by urself. ”

Asad replies “Ayan.. Thanks.. If u were not with me, I would have misunderstood Zoya..” Ayan says “Still u r feeling and thinking about zoya.. Are wahh. Bhai.. Hmm..”. Asad says “Shut up.. Lets go..”

Precap : Zoya sees her note to Dil and looks the letters got erased because of Asad’s tears. She thinks “Did Mr.Khan feel for me..?. I should ask him..” Zoya goes to Asad..

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