Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 18


Its night.. In road, Asad sees a group of people standing. They said that there was an accident and a girl is dead who is wearing jeans. Asad gets scared and his hands started shivering. He runs there and sighs off that its not Zoya.. He sees a dargah nearby and goes there…

Zoya is in airport and buys ticket for US. Zoya is very sad and her charmness is entirely lost..

Asad prays “Allah.. I know I did a big mistake.. But please.. Let me see Zoya.. Pls make My Zoya enter into my life..” (Mitwa plays..)..

Zoya is in airport, receives a call from that jeweller shop owner and gets glad.. Jeweller shop owner says “My friend had seen ur Mom 2-3 times near Habib Ganj (a place) in Bhopal.. He saw her last month too.. I m sure u ll get some info there.. Contact my friend..”.. He gives that friend’s address to Zoya.. Zoya got new hope and gets glad.. She cancels the ticket and runs out of the airport. She picks taxi and goes to that place. She asks about that address but everyone says “he and his family shifted a week before.. but no one knows where he is..” She thinks “just now I got little hope.. but still.. I feel like I m close to my ammi.. Zoya.. U should not give up.. Come on zoya..”. She is walking in road tiredly..

Asad comes out of the dargah sadly. He is still lost in thoughts of Zoya remembering their first meet, first hug, etc. Suddenly he sees a girl from back who is similar to Zoya walking on road. He runs to her and calls “Zoya..”

The girls turns.. And it was Zoya.. :p .. Asad gets glad and hugs her.. (Mitwa happy tune plays..) Tears fall from Asad and Zoya’s eyes.. They came into senses by hearing some car’s horn sound.. Asad leaves her..

Zoya : Mr.Khan.. what happened ..?
Asad : vo… R u ok Ms.Farukhi..?
Zoya : Yes Mr.Khan.. I m ok.. But what happened to u?
Asad : Nothing .. Lets go.. (he picks zoya’s bag and starts leaving. Zoya runs behind him..)
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. How is Najma..? Is she ok..?
Asad : She is ok.. She will be discharged tomorrow..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I ll not come with u.. How ll I face phuppi and Najma.. ? I can’t..
Asad : Vo… Actually Ms.Farukhi.. Its not ur fault.. My business enemy tried to attack Najma.. So its not ur fault.. Infact U saved Najma..
Zoya is shocked and freezed..
Asad : Actually I want to say…. (He comes to say thank u.. before that Zoya interrupts..)
Zoya : Stop it Mr.Khan. It means u blamed me without any investigation.. Asusual wrong judgement.. U know how much guilty I felt for Najma.. (She pushes Asad..) Y did u always do this with me Mr.Khan? (again she pushes..) U r such an idiot..
Asad holds her hand before she pushes.. and pulls her towards him.. (Mitwa plays..)
Asad : Stop screaming.. come with me..

Zoya remains silent..(Mitwa plays..) Asad holds Zoya’s hand and takes her towards car and make her sit in car. In car, they see each other..

In hospital, Rashid is standing in door of najma’s room and watching her. Dil comes there with water. She sees Rashid standing there with tears. Dil gets shocked and tears falls from her eyes. (Rashid dil tune plays..) Rashid turns..
By that time, dil hides behind a wall. Rashid leaves from there. Dil watches Rashid leaving… Humaira sees Dil watching Rashid and thinks “Ya Allah.. Aunty sees mamu. Dont know wats going to happen.. Her heart may get hurt..” She goes to Dil.. Dil wipes her tears and acts nothing had happened. Humaira understands and speaks about Ayan’s naughtiness and tries to make her comfortable. Dil also started to like Humaira..

Dil calls Asad and asks about Zoya. Asad says to Dil ” Ammi.. She went out of house without informing us.. I found her and now I m taking her home”. But Zoya asks him to take her hospital that she wants to meet Najma.. Dil also asks him to take Zoya hospital.. Asad then takes her to hospital..

In hospital, Zoya runs and hugs Dilshad and cries..
Zoya : Phuppi.. I stay away from u for just few hours.. But it seems a year for me.. I thought that I had lost ur love forever.
Dil : Hey zoya.. Wat r u saying..? If u were not here, Then I and Najma would have died. Infact Thanks to you Zoya.

Zoya again hugs dil and cries a lot. Asad sees her and tears came from his eyes too.. Asad wipes his tears and Dil sees that.. Dil smiles seeing Asad’s concern for Zoya.. The screen freezes..

Precap : Najma comes back home and Zoya decorates everything for her. Ayan and Asad goes to Siddiq’s home and make him arrest.

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Credit to: Kalai

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