Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 17

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The scene begins by showing Asad in tears. Dil and Asad are frozen. Asad remembers his harsh words towards Zoya saying “U tried to kill Naj.. Its ur parents fault.. Dont ever enter into our life again..” and he thinks about zoya pleasing him to let her see naj. Asad keeps his hand on his head and cries thinking about zoya…

The doctor comes and says “Naj is fine.. she ll get conscious within 2 hours.. U can go and see her..”. Dil, Asad and ayan goes to see naj.. Dil cares najma’s head.. Asad and Ayan holds naj’s left and right hand respectively and feels for her. (Sad violin tune plays..) Dil cries a lot.. They stand on Dil’s sides and convinces her..

Ayan : Bhai.. Nw I m going to Siddiq’s home.. We should make him realise his mistake.. Chalo bhai.. (ayan drags asad’s hands..)
Asad : No Ayan.. I have to go.. manage everything here..
Ayan : But.. where.?? (laikin.. kiske pass..??)
Asad : To Zoya.. (Zoya ke pass…)

Asad runs to meet zoya (in slow motion.. Mitwa plays…). Ayan is surprised.. ayan thinks “In this situation, Bhai is regreting for hurting Zoya.. Does he have any feelings towards zoya..? Something is going on… hmmm.. lets see..”

Asad reaches home and searches Zoya in hall, kitchen and her room… He notices that room is clean and there is no things which belongs to Zoya.. He then sees a box in Zoya’s room.. He sits in bed and opens it.. He sees his mobile phone which is repaired. He then sees small note for Dil and Najma which states..

“Hey najma.. U became my best friend to me in such a short time.. U take care of urself.. I ll keep diet maintaining book with this.. Be careful.. I m gonna miss u all..”

” hey phuppi…. I know u must be angry with me.. I m sorry Phuppi.. I didnt do anything intentionally.. May be Mr.Khan is right.. Wherever I go, I ll take problem along with me.. But u know what phuppi.. I saw my mom’s love in u.. I didnt see my mom and I didnt remember how she look like.. But whenever u hug me, I feel like I m with my mom.. U gave me so much of happiness.. thank u so much phuppi.. I m really sorry.. If u can, forgive me..”

Asad remembers scolding zoya “Thank god u didnt bring ur parents along with u.. else u would have put them into danger..”.. Asad thinks “I should not speak to her about her parents.. I hurted her a lot.. I should have not done this..”

“Mr.Khan.. I can fix ur mobile.. But I cant fix ur mind. I m not that much bad u think.. I know u wont trust me.. Anyways.. I ll never enter ur life again.. Good bye Mr.Khan..”
Asad’s tears falls on that note.. He sees that angry bird toy, his repaired mobile,etc.. and remembers Zoya a lot.. (Hamari adhuri kahani plays…)He runs out and searches for Zoya. He sees in airport, railway station, etc. Zoya is found nowhere.. It became night..

Ayan goes to his home and says to Humaira and Rashid that Naj was shot.. Humaira is shocked to see Rashid is in tears.. Humaira asks him what happened.. Ayan replies “He(Rashid) is feeling guilt for leaving her daughter alone. But its too late.. Naj,Dil and Asad Bhai dont need him.. Leave it Humaira.. U r her classmate na.. come with me..” Rashid asks “How is najma??” Ayan replies “Doctor said she will be fine..Nothing to worry…” Rashid is lost in Naj’s thoughts of remembering Naj’s childhood.

On the way ,
Humaira : “Ayan.. It means.. This Asad is ur Asad Bhai.. and Najma is ur sister..”
Ayan : “Yes.. C the destiny humaira.. I cant tell them who I am.. I m dying to see the same love for me which I see in their eyes in my childhood.. But because of Abbu I lost my ammi, bhai, behan, .. everything… I ll feel very bad about my destiny..”
Humaira : Ayan.. I think that if they know that u r their Ayan, they ll get very glad. I dont think they willl get angry..
Ayan : Suppose they got angry.. I cant tolerate that humaira.. Its better to die than seeing hate for me in their eyes..
Humaira : Ayan…..

Humaira hugs Ayan… Ayan cries hugging her.. (humaira ayan tune plays..)

Zoya goes to that village again and asks the same jeweller shop owner.. He says that he didnt have any information regarding her parents.. Zoya gets upset and gets teary eyed..Zoya thinks ” I had lost my entire hope.. My VISA expiry date is nearing… There is no use in staying here.. Now what should I do..? I want to see my ammi… Ammi.. where are u..? Allah.. Please help me..”

Humaira and Ayan reaches hospital. Ayan introduces humaira to dil and asks about Naj. Dil says “Just now she got conscious. Doc asked her to take rest. Thts y she s sleeping..” Humaira goes and sees Naj and takes care of her.. Dil goes out of the room to bring water. By the time, Rashid comes near naj’s room and sees her through the window.. Dil is coming towards the room and Rashid is still standing there…
(will dil see rashid..??)

Precap : Asad is in dargah praying god to make zoya enter in his life.. zoya is in airport for boarding to US..

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