Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 16


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In office, Asad and Ayan conversing about business.
Asad : Ayan.. I m going for meeting. So u come home along with me and get the file.
Ayan : Are wah Bhai.. I m dying to come home.. Lets Go..

In home, someone knocks the door. zoya opens the door and shocked to see a person with mask pointing gun at her.Zoya is shocked. She tries to remove his mask. Naj and Dil comes there and shocked. Finally zoya removes his mask. Naj and Zoya realises that its the same goon in mall. .He pushes Zoya away and points gun at her..

Asad and Ayan gets out of the car and hears gun shot. They see each other and runs inside home(Serious tune plays). They gets inside and shocked.

Flashback :
The goon points gun at Zoya. He then turns gunpoint at Naj/Dil. Zoya tries to push him but gun fires and bullet pierces Najma’s shoulder. Dil, Naj,Asad and Ayan runs to Najma and catches her from falling. They all take Najma to hospital. Ayan then runs behind that goon and tries to catch him.

In hospital, receptionist asked them to file police complaint. Dil is crying. Asad and Zoya tries to convince her. Najma is taken to ICU. Doctor said that there is lot of blood loss and we need AB-ve blood. Zoya says “I m AB-ve. I will donate blood.” Dil thanks her. (Sad tune plays.) Asad and Dil watches Zoya giving blood and naj struggling for life. Naj’s operation going on..Polices comes and investigates about the goon. Asad says “I dont know him.. Dont know Y he did this?”

Zoya : No Mr.Khan.. I know him.. He is the one who tease me and Naj in shopping mall. Yesterday night I warned u about him na.. But u ignored me..
Asad : What… It means..??
Zoya : Yes Mr.Khan.. Its him.. He tries to kill Najma..
Asad : No.. Its u.. U tried to kill Najma.. Its because of u Naj is in this position. I said not to go anywhere alone. But u never listen to me. Actually Its not ur fault. Its ur parents fault. thank god ur parents didnt come with u to India.. Else u would put them also in danger because of ur stupidity.
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. U r….
Asad : Shut up.. Dont say a single word.. Leave from this place.. Leave from our house. And dont ever enter into our life again.
Zoya is shocked and tears rolled down in her eyes. (Mitwa female plays..)
Zoya is still standing there shocked. Asad drags her. Zoya requests him “Please Mr.Khan.. Let me see najma once.. Pls..”. But Asad doesnt listen to her and pushes her out of hospital. Asad leaves from there. (Sad violin tune plays..) Zoya cries and picks an auto and leave from there.

Dil asks Asad “Where is Zoya?? “. Asad replies “I sent her out.. She will ever enter into our life again ammi.. Its because of her out tamatar(naj) is in this state. ” Ayan enters and says “No Bhai.. Its not because of her..”.
Asad : What r u saying..?
Ayan : Its not because of Zoya. Its because of Mr.Siddiq.

Flashback : Ayan hits that goon and asks him to tell why he did that. He blackmails him that he will handover him to police. That Goon replies “Please dont hand over me to police.. I did this for money. my family needs money. please.” Ayan asks “For money.. Who asked u to do this?..” The goon replies “Mr.Siddiq sent me to spoil Asad’s business. I punctured his car to spoil his land business trip. But That girl showed him shortcut path. siddiq said to kill his mom/sister because they are his weakness. If we hurt his family, he will break down and doesnt concentrate on business. So I tried to kill Najma in shoping mall but that time also Zoya save her. In home, I aim at Dilshad but Zoya pushed me and bullet fires on Najma.. I did this on Siddiq’s saying. Please leave me..”Ayan hits him a lot and says “If anything happens to MY SISTER.. Then I ll not leave u and that siddiq..” He handovers the goon to police and runs to hospital..

Asad and Dil shocked to hear this.. Tears rolled down from Asad’s eyes..
Zoya comes home and packs her thinks. She write note for Naj and dil. She repairs Asad’s mobile and keep a note along with it. She remembers her memories with Naj runs to catch zoya, Dil hugs zoya, Asad’s funny fights, angry bird toy, etc.. She leaves from there crying..

The screen freezes on Asad and Zoya’s crying face..

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Precap : Asad cries on seeing Zoya’s not. He searches for Zoya.. Zoya is not found everywhere..

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Credit to: Kalai

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  4. precap : asad cries on seeing zoya’s NOTE.. sry.. spelling mistake.. :p

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  9. Wooow, very touching,Asad is crying because he misunderstood his love.

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  11. 2day Episode supera iruku kalai. “Heart touching epi”

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  13. Very nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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