Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 14


Ayan comes to Asad’s home for dinner. He sees Najma and greets her. He sees Zoya and says “Are wahh.. Bhai.. Ur problem also stays here.. I mean Zoya also stays here..” . Zoya gives angry look. Ayan says sorry and greets her. Asad calls “Ammi.. come here.. Ayan came..”

Dil comes there. Ayan sees her and remembers his childhood. Dil plays with Ayan, gives food to him, etc. He remembers how his father seperates him from Asad and Dil. He got tear in his eyes. He hugs Dilshad and tries to say that he is Ayan. But he didnt say. He thinks “If I say that I am Ayan, then they will not allow me to come here. They must be angry on Abbu.. Its better that I should not say anything to them.”

Dil asks “What happened Ayan?” Ayan replies ” Nothing ammi.. I have a habit of hugging people when i like them very much at first meet. I hug Asad bhai too at first meet.” Dil smiles. Ayan asks “Shall i call u ammi..??” Dil replies “Sure Ayan..Come first lets have dinner..” Ayan goes near Najma and keeps his hand on Naj’s head and asks “How r u najma?” Naj replies “I m fine..”. Ayan says “Call me Bhai.. Because I have no sisters.. If u call me bhai, I ll feel very happy..” Naj replies “Ok Ayan Bhai..” and smiles. Zoya sees this and thinks “Strange.. Why Ayan is feeling so emotional with this family.. especially with this angry bird(asad).. ”

Dil asks Ayan about his Mom and Dad. He replies “My mom (Shirin) died 5 years before in an accident.. My Dad and Humaira come Bhopal along with me 3 days before.” They all feels sad for Ayan. Najma asks “Ayan Bhai.. Who is Humaira? ” Ayan replies “She is my Mamujaan’s daughter. She is with me from childhood. But my Mamujan and mami also died in the same car accident… Now she is studying here” Najma realises she is her classmate and says to them. Naj gets glad and asks Ayan to take her home.. Ayan replies “sure” and takes leave from their home.

Next morning at breakfast, Zoya says “Najma. Today ur college is leave right.. So shall we go out.” Asad replies ” Tamatar (Tomato – Najma’s pet name). I have work. So today dont go anywhere.”. Zoya asks “Who is tamatar..? ” . Najma says “its me.. Bhai jaan calls me tamatar. ” Zoya laughs and says “Mr.Khan.. I ask najma. Why should u come with us?” Najma says “Zoya.. Bhai jaan doesn’t allow me to go out alone. He always takes me with him.” Zoya gives strange expression and says “Mr.Khan.. I ll go with her. So she will be safe with me.” Asad says “I said no means no.. forget it..” and leaves. Zoya sees Dil and Dil gives permission to go out. They gets glad and goes out for shopping.

In shopping mall, Zoya sees angry bird toy and thinks about Asad and laughs..(Asya tune plays..) Zoya boughts that Angry bird toy.. Naj and Zoya enjoying in shopping mall. While they were going into escalator, someone(goon) collides Najma . Naj slips and going to fall from the top of the escalator. Zoya catches Naj and saves her.
Zoya : Dont u see and go? Is this d first time u r going in escalator?
Goon : How could I see escalator if such beautiful girls are infront of me? (laughs..)
Zoya : Oh really.. If u r looking at me then ur bad eyes will fall on me(nazar lag jayengi..). So I m gonna irritate that eyes..

Zoya suddenly sprays her pepper spray. That goon screams and falls down from the escalator. Everyone in the mall laughs.. Zoya and Naj laughs and leaves from there.

Zoya and Naj comes back home and says to Dil that they tease those boys who had teased them. By that time, Asad comes there and They didnt notice Asad was behind them. Dil signals them that Asad is here. (funny tune plays..) Zoya didnt see and starts narrating everything. Dil finally asks her to stop and see behind her. Zoya sees Asad and gives shocking expression. (Asya Quarrel tune plays..) Asad comes towards Zoya.

Asad : Tomato.. I said not to go out alone.. Do u know what have u done?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Relax. Nothing had happened. I insulted those boys. So they never come near Najma.
Asad : Stop it Ms.Farukhi. I am talking to my sister. Dont interfere. U r our guest. U ll stay here for just few months. WILL U STAY HERE FOREVER..?? (Asya piano tune plays..)
(Zoya gives shocking and surprising look . Small eyelock between Asad and Zoya)
Asad : I mean.. u ll go soon. But Najma ll stay here forever. If those boys see Najma again, they will tease her. U dont have any idea about how Najma will face them..
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I understand. But u should understand that u ll not be always with Najma. Najma should know to protect herself.
Asad : Stop teaching me.. Ms.Farukhi. Its better that u stay in limits. If anything happens to my family because of u, I wont leave u.. I will kill u..
Dil : Asad.. what are u saying..?
Asad : Ammi.. Dont u see what she did ?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. u r over reacting..
Dil : Asad… Zoya is right. Girls should know how to protect them. U go to ur room. I ll make dinner for u.

Asad leaves giving angry look to Zoya (Asya quarrel tune plays..).

Dil says “Zoya.. Asad is very caring person. Thts y he is behaving like this. But she is very nice from the heart. Dont take his words seriously.. ” Zoya replies “I understand phuppi.. I m sorry..” and hugs dil. Naj too hugs them.
The screen freezes on trio ‘s hug..

Precap : Zoya sees that goon(in shopping mall) outside their house. She thinks”Does he came here to take revenge?” She runs to Asad room.

Credit to: Kalai

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