Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 13

The jeweller shop owner says “Yes.. I will know about ur family.” Zoya gets glad and asks him to say. Jewller shop owner says ” Ur dad was very greedy and always thinks about money. He lost all his money and properties in gambling. I was heard that he tries to sell his own child and wife for money. So his wife ran away with her daughter.”
Zoya gets teary eyed and thinks about her father’s cheap attitude. She asks “Did u know about my ammi’s name? Where is she?”. That owner says “Ur ammi’s name is Zuleika.. I heard 5/6 years before that she is still alive in bhopal.” Zoya gets glad ans asks “Did u have any photo of my ammi..?” That owner replies that he didnt have any photo.

Asad is waiting near car for Zoya. Zoya comes there in a shocked state. Asad thinks something is wrong with her. Zoya comes and sits in a car without saying a word in a sad face. They leaves. Asad tries to speak something and cheer her up.
Asad : Did ur work gets over?
Zoya :(Shakes her head saying yes.)
Asad : Dont know why problem always exists when u r with me. Thank god. We reached on time. Else I would have lost 20 crore business.
Zoya : Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u Mr.Khan.. Whats my fault in these? Why are u blaming me unnecessarily.? All Men will always think about money right? Dont u know anything except Money.?
Asad : (Shouts) Shut up Ms.Farukhi. I just wanted u to cheer up because u r sad. Thats y i started to speak. And u r blaming me. I m not like the way u r thinking.
Zoya : U feel hurt when i judge u right.. Thats what I also feel when u judge me. I hate u Mr.Khan..
(Mitwa plays..)
Asad : If u hate me, then y r u with me. Get down from my car.
Zoya : I dont need ur help. Thank u so much.

Zoya gets down from the car and starts walking. Asad too leaves. She remembers Asad saying “I just wanted u to cheer up because u r sad.”.(mitwa plays..) Zoya speaks to herself ” U r stupid Zoya.. He cares for me. Thats y he speak to me. But I blame him and scold him. Y did u overreact for this small matter zoya..”

Asad reaches home. Dil asks where is Zoya?. Asad replies “She doesnt want to come with me. So i left her.”. Dil says “how could u be so irresponsible. Its getting late and its night. how could u leave a girl like this.? Bechari ladki (poor girl.)..” Asad gives OMG expression and says “Ammi.. she is not bechari and she will come by herself. dont worry Ammi..”. Dil worries and Asad leaves to his room.

Asad is restless in his room thinking about Zoya’s sad face, her tears, etc. (Mitwa plays..) Asad thinks ” If she is not with her, still I cant live in peace” and picks up his car keys and leaves. Asad sees Zoya on road and stops the car rushly. Zoya is shocked and says “Mr.Khan.. Dont u stop the car slowly..” Asad comes to her and pushes her inside the car and starts the car.. Zoya says ” I m sorry Mr.Khan. I was in bad mood at that time. Thts y I speak harshly.”. Asad didnt say a word till they reach home and gives only angry expression. Dil gets glad seeing Zoya arrives home safely and shocks to see Asad who picks her up. Dil smiles and asks them to take rest. (Mitwa plays..) Asad and Zoya goes from there and they see each other before getting into the room.

Next morning at Office, Asad calls Ayan at his cabin.
Ayan : Yes sir.
Asad : (Shocked.. and feels sad.) Why r u calling me sir. U always call me Bhai right.
Ayan : Its better I call u sir. Because u r my boss.
Asad : No Ayan.. U please call me Bhai. Else I ll Give u a strong punch.
Ayan : (smiles widely) Thanks bhai. Actually i m also feeling very uncomfortable to call u sir. Dont know y.. (Asad Ayan Bg tune plays.)

They speaks about their business. After that Asad invites Ayan today to his home for dinner. Ayan gets glad and says he will come.

Najma is thinking about her dad. Zoya comes there and asks Najma what happened and why she is sad. Naj replies nothing. Zoya tells Naj “Its ok that u dont want to share with me. But whatever the problem is, everything will be alright. U know what… Phuppi gets sad when she sees u sad. So forget everything and be happy.” Najma thinks ” Zoya is right. I should not think about that person who left us alone. I should be happy always for my ammi.. “. Najma smiles and Zoya hugs her.

At office, Ayan says Asad “Do u know Mr.Siddiq (Villain ) ? A big business man who is competing with u.” Asad replies “Yes. I know him. Why are u asking this ayan.?” Ayan says “Bhai.. I heard that Siddiq had tried to snatch land business from u. And he also distracts u by doing something. U should be careful bhai..”.

Asad thinks and remembers that someone punctured his car tyre. Asad thinks “Its only because of Zoya I can reach there on time. I should thank her for showing shortcut route in jungle. But how to say thanks to her. She will never give me chance to say anything..??”

Precap : Ayan comes Asad’s home and sees Dil. He gets glad by remembering his childhood life with dil and hugs her.. Ayan was about to tell that he is their Ayan..

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Credit to: Kalai


  1. vy nic kalai
    plz update ASYA tq scene longer & it shd b fun loving
    ayan story is so boring make it fun enjoyable how dey use to rock qubul hai in beginning lk tat
    sry fr sayg dis BT I wish it could hpn in ur ff

    • Kalai

      Actually I saw only Asya scenes. Thts y I didnt know about Ayan a lot.. but I ll try my level best Anjum..

  2. Kalai… kalai..u r sooooo great yaar…how can u imagine that much beautiful..seriouslly ur imagination is awesome…love u so much…

  3. Roma

    Awesome episode kalai, it’s getting interesting more and more with each episode. .keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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