Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 12

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The scene begins by showing Zoya places her head on Asad’s shoulder.
Asad : ” Are u ok??”
Zoya : (wakes shockingly ) “Aww.. vo… I m sorry Mr.Khan.. I..”
Asad gives her ipod and asks “What happened to u suddenly..? Why did u run from there..? ”
Zoya replies “Lets go Mr.Khan.. We are getting late.” and starts leaving without saying a word. Asad thinks “Ya Allah.. This girl…” and follows her.

Ayan takes Humaira into a restaurant. He sees a girl and starts praising her beauty. Humaira gets sad. Ayan goes to flirt with that girl. When he comes back humaira acts normal and stays calm. She says “Ayan.. I want you to have food with my hand. for ur new job celebration.”. Ayan replies “Are wahh.. Wats special humaira.. Nowadays u r becoming more romantic.. Its my pleasure” and opens his mouth. Humaira serves parota with mirchi(chillies) inside. Ayan was screaming “mirchi..”. Humaira laughs and says “If u flirt with girl infront of me.. then u have to bear this..” Humaira runs and Ayan tries to catch her. (Ayan humaira tune plays..)

On jungle, Asya shocked to see two ways and see each other’s face. He asked “which is the correct path?” Zoya replies that there is no signal so she dont know. Asad gets ipod from her and climbs on tree to search for signal. But no signal received. (Asya quarrel tune plays.)
Asad : We should chose one way because ther is no option. So we go by this way.
Zoya : Mr.Khan my instinct says we should go in this way (by showing opposite direction which is that river side…)
They argues as” This way.. This way..”
Asad : Then ok.. u go by ur way and I ll go in my way.
Zoya : Ok fine Mr.Khan.. Good Bye..
They go in different directions. (Asya quarrel tune plays.)

After moving few steps Asad remembers Zoya’s strange and scary behaviour. (Mitwa piano tune play..) He thinks “If she gets scared again.. Ya Allah.. Where am i stuck??”. Asad runs to Zoya. He holds her hand and drags her to come with him..(funny tune plays). Zoya looks at him giving strange expression. When she starts to speak, he ties her mouth with his kerchief.
Asad : Now u r my responsibilty. And you should come with me. Dont say a single word.

Zoya removes kerchief and goes with him. Asad takes her in another way (which is not that river path). They reached village.

Zoya : Mr.Khan..From now on I can manage myself. So please..
Asad : I m not interested in coming with u. I have more important work to do. So u please leave me alone.
They part away in different directions.

Zoya asks few people and finally found that jeweller shop owner. She shows that bangle to him and asks about it. That jewellery shop owner gets shocked and asks “Is this bangle belongs to ur family..? It means that u r alive.? ” Zoya gets happy and asks “did u know about my family..? Please tell me what u know about my mom and dad.? Did u know where they are? ” That jeweller shop owner looks at her.

Asad meets estate owner and talks about their business. Owner says “I was waiting for u, sir. Few minutes before some people came and try to convince me to sell my land to them. If u wer 5 mins late, I would have changed my mind. Its good that u reached now” Asad wonders who had tried to buy this land and why should they go when seeing me.

The screen freezes on split up screen of Asad and Zoya’s thinking face.

Precap: Zoya is shocked (hearing news about her parents). On their way to home, Zoya is sad and scolds Asad harshly for misunderstanding her always.

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