Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 11

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The scene begins by showing Zoya and Asad walking on the jungle.
Asad : R u sure..? Are we going in correct path.?
Zoya : Yes Mr.Khan.. Navigation is on in my ipod and its showing that we are in correct route.
Mr.Khan.. Dont u feel something fishy..
Asad : Yes.. Bcz u r with me..
Zoya : Allah miya.. whats wrong with u Mr.Khan.. Y r u always blaming me without any reason..??
Asad : Dont make useless arguments. Tell me what u wanted to say.
Zoya : U r starting the argument.. Anyways. What I want to say is.. Someone punctured our car knowingly. But they didnt steal from us or they didnt do something wrong with us. Then y should they puncture our car.?
Asad : I think some child may did that for fun. Thank god that we are safe till now..

On their way, they saw a small bird fallen from the nest. Asad picks that small bird softly and cares for it. (Asya piano tune plays..) While seeing this Zoya clicks picture of Asad with bird. She suddenly starts laughing loudly.
Asad : What happened.? Why are u laughing..?
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. While seeing u with a bird, I remember “Angry bird..” U angry and this bird.. Angry bird.. Ha ha ha..
Asad : U know wat Ms.Farukhi. U r really mad.

Asad leaves that bird in its nest and they started walking. Asad asks how long it will take to reach there. Zoya replies “We are near Mr.Khan.. We should cross the river after that we will reach village.”

Najma comes home in a confused state. She thinks “What happens when Ammi sees abbu. She will break again. What should I do now. Should I tell ammi about abbu or not..? Allah.. Please help me.. What should i do now..? ”

Asad : Thank god. We reached river and its small so we can cross easily..

Zoya sees the river and she is shocked to see that place which is similar to the place in her dream. She remembers her dreams and tears rolled down in her eyes. (Zoya Abbu tune plays..)Asad stretches his hand and asks Zoya to come. Zoya is still in thoughts of her dream. Asad gets shocked on seeing Zoya in tears and he asks what happened. Zoya doesnt reply and she drops her ipod and other accessories and runs into the forest. Asad is shocked to see Zoya’s strange behaviour. He picks up her ipod and runs behind her. Asad catches Zoya and holds her arms and asks her to stop running. Zoya screams “Please leave me.. I wont come there.. Please leave me Mr.Khan..” . Asad shouts ” Zoya Relax…”. Zoya comes into sense. (Mitwa violin sad tune plays..) She breaks down and sits in a nearby stone and cries loudly. Asad sees her and tries to place hand on her shoulder but he didnt. He sits near to her and holds her hands. Zoya places her head on Asad’s shoulder and tries to console herself. (Mitwa plays..) They remain silent for a while. The screen freezes..

Precap : Asya argues and goes in different directions. Zoya found the jeweller shop owner and heard news about her family.

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