Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 10


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The scene begins with Asad and Zoya comes out of the room at same time. They look at each other.. Asad gets glad on seeing Zoya but thinks “Ms.Farukhi.. so Ms.Farukhi is still in this house. Dont know when will i get freedom from this problem wali ladki..” Zoya thinks ” allah miya… my day starts by seeing his angry face first.. dont know wat will happen..”

Dil comes there and asks asad to take zoya with him.. Asad and Zoya gets shocked and see each other..
Zoya : phuppi.. what r u saying?
Dil : I said that i ll make arrangements for ur travelling right.. See.. With Asad u have safe journey.
Asad : Ammi… I am going for very important business. If she comes there…
Dil : Asad… Why are u over reacting. U just drop her on the way and pick her when u come.. Its very simple..
Zoya : Phuppi… No. I wont go with this angry man. He will always scold me.. Phuppi.. trust me.. I am so brave. I know Karate, Kung fu, etc. I can save myself.
Dil : Zoya.. U r my responsibility. I cant let u leave alone. Go with him..
Asad : allah… Please save me from this girl.
Zoya : Allah miya.. Whats wrong with u.. Please help me..
They agree and go few steps then they look each other and turns their face in opposite direction.. Dil is shown smiling in middle between Asya.

In college.. Documents on Humaira’s hand falls and a hand helps her in picking up documents. Thats Najma. Humaira and Najma introduces themselves. Humaira says today I am gonna join in this college. Najma wishes her all the best and leaves. Rashid comes while Najma leaves so Najma doesnt see him.

Asad and Zoya travelling on car. They are very silent and dont even speak a single word to each other. Zoya feels very boring and thinks “Allah miya. Its too boring to travel with Mr.Gussawala.. How could i break this silence..?” Just then Car’s tyre burst with sound and gets punctured. Zoya laughs and says “Car tyre breaks this silence. It seems Car’s tyre too got bored in travelling with u..”
Asad : Shut up.. Is this joke to u.? I know.. If u come with me, definitely problem too comes with me. U r problem attached girl..
Zoya : What.? Actually I should say this..
Asad gets out of the car and sees the front tyre got punctured and decides to change it.

Humaira comes to Najma’s class and says that she is new to this class. Humaira feels relaxed seeing Najma on the same class and goes and sits next to her. They become friends. While classes going on, Najma sees Rashid’s face on window and shocked. Najma thinks “Abbu.. here..”. Rashid leaves and Najma is in shocked state.

Ayan comes to Office and asks manager “where is Bhai?? “Manager warns him “U r an employee.. so u should call him as sir.. not Bhai..” Ayan feels angry on manager and thinks “Yes.. I should call him sir.. But why i feel very uneasy and sad when someone says me not to call him bhai..”

On road.. Zoya too comes out of car and notices that back tyre also got punctured.
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. Do u have two stephni.(extra tyre).??
Asad : What??
Zoya : Because back tyre also got punctured.. ha ha ha.
Asad : (comes and looks..) Oh god..
Zoya : Mr.Khan see there.. someone made our tyres punctured knowingly..(she plucks nail from the tyre and see him..)
They see each other shockingly..
Asad says “we should leave here as soon as possible. Its very dangerous to stay here..”
Zoya : Mr.Khan.. I know a way to reach that village through jungle.. I see it in Map. V ll reach there within 1 hour Mr.Khan. come lets go..
Asad : R u mad..?? Jungle is most dangerous..
Zoya : Do u want to go to that village or not..? Dont get scared Mr.Khan.. trust me.. i ll save u..
Asad : Of course Ms.Farukhi.. I ll be safe with u .. Because all wild animals get scared on seeing ur speech..
Zoya : Awww…. (opens her mouth..)
They get into the jungle.. The screen freezes on Asad and zoya in jungle..

Precap : Zoya gets shocked seeing something in jungle.. She is freezed in shock and tears rolling down in her eyes.. Asad is shocked to see Zoya in tears and asks “What happened??”

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Credit to: Kalai

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    keep up dr
    eagerly waiting for next epi
    wat vil hpn to Zoya y is she in teary eyes
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    1. thkns anjum.. i hope u ll enjoy next episode.. bcz i enjoyed a lot while imagining..

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  8. Mouni Godavari

    In qubool hai show I love asya most

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    1. i m really sorry priya.. i was little busy.. i m really really sorry yaar..

  10. i had updated next episode at 8’o clock.. But dont know y they r still not publishing..

  11. O kalai, awesome, mind blowing episode, it reminds me asya with each and every scene and dialogue, you’re rocking dear…precap seems very interesting, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot roma.. 🙂

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