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Pragya thinks Abhi will come and asks her to come with him, smiles. Abhi comes to her. Pragya says we shall give shock/surprise to Dadi. Abhi tells pragya that whatever they were trying to do is wrong. He tells he has always supported truth and never let anything wrong happen to anyone. He says as I have promised Tanu, I have to marry her only. Pragya is in shock and she stepped backward..didnt said anything…

Abhi havent look at her..iam sorry i knew i hurts you…

Pr;no  need of any sorry are right you always stands in the path of truth..the great abhishek prem mehra..only stands with truth…


Pr;dont ever call me with that name mr.abhishek mehra..(its just a shouting) 

Tanu and aliya who hear noise from abhis room get inside..

Ta;what the hell is going on here..why are you shouting at abhi..

Pr;oh tanu..tum aagayi..yes your truth aagayi..come stand beside marry him..i have no problem..actually he is really meant for you…the person who consider right is standing with wrong..such a person deserve you..after all i dont want him …

Aliya;whats  all this..why are you making comedy..

Pr; come look at them perfect jodi..ek jooti..aur ek jooti ko sach bollona valla..actually aliya you are right they are made for each other..iam not in his destiny..if iam there i dont need that destiny in my life..the persom who cant understand what is real truth what is false…what is the need of bearing such a tanu you take you need his money and status..and you the great abhishek prem mehra can stand with right…

Dadi…purab who hear this sound reach the spot..

Pu;di..whats all this..

Pu:purab tu bi aaya na..look we have to make this marraige fast..we need to make it grand one..purab i dont need him..i dont ever want him..he is real dumbo..dont knew to differentiate truth and joot..yeah chudayil ki mummy aagayi..aur usne kahaki..she has last stage of cancer ..she want to see their marraige its their last wish..he just   change his words..the love he expressed just few minutes..vanish suddenly..purab..i dont want him..


Pr;no you have nothing left to talk with told me whats in you..this was real you…


Pr;purab..iam not sad…you dont worry..he is not my abhi..he will never been my abhi…my abhi is the one who hates me lot still can see my truth looking at my abhi whenever i hurts him..till then bi..he can understand how much i love abhi is the one who believe me without any proof…i lost that abhi..he is only his dummy..without heart..

Pragya touch at his chest..look purab..this place is empty  without heart…

Ta:pragya…stop all this stop your drama get out of his life and house..

Pr;hey chudayil..dont worry i wont come  between you..she takes her hand and make that hand over abhis…
Wah what a perfect jodi..purab ..aliya ..dadi..come with me lets do all the work..
She leaves…all leaves..abhi is sitting on bed in hell shock..

Next morning…

Abhi wakes up by hearing the sound from outside he dont knew when he slept..he sees his haldi is going on full swing…all are doing arrangements for it..pragya is wandering all around..he gets inside his room and bashed the door…

What the hell is all this…what all things she blabber yesterday…i knew she loves me and i hurts her for that..he just remember what all this happened..

Purab calls her di..she told me my abhi…who hates her…when did i hate her..

It was that time purab enters..

Pu;abhi this  are the dress for you get ready fast.

Ab;purab just wait..i want to talk with you..

Pu;there is nothing to talk between us already you talk everything to di..

Ab;di..who is di..when did pragya become your di..

Pu;abhi..iam not interested to talk all this with you now..and leaves..

Abhi move towards dadi..


She didnt look at him..

Ab;dadi..why are you not even looking at me..dadi its you na who make me always understand everything then can you help me now..i want to knew what is the meaning behind what all this she said..

Da;abhi…there is nothing to talk about all you have grown you started to take your own decision.. i have no time for all this now..

Abhi move to aliyas room..

Ali;bhai..dont you get ready..look tanu has already ready for everything..

Ab;aliya..i.need your help..

Ali;help anything for you bhai..

Ab;what is the meaning of pragyas word..

Ali;which word..

Ab;my abhi who hates still find love her..

Ali;bhai..dont think about this..jusr get ready for marraige..

Abhi get ready and comes down their haldi happens happily…


Ali;bhai..come fast na..look its time for marraige…aliya brings down abhi for marrag6and make him sit on mandap…

Abhi sees pragya running everywhere and making arrangement.he get anger..

Screen shifted to tanus room.

Ali;tanu..dont get ready ..

Ta;just one minute you knew how much excited am wish  going to happen without problem..its better that yesterdays incident happen otherwise this all wont possiblr..

Ali;tanu come fast..we must not give time for think..

Aliya brings tanu down and sit with abhi..pooja starts..abhi is still looking at pragya..but she dont care about all this..

Pandit;its time to wear mangalsutra and forward that to abhi..abhi who is keep on looking at pragya havent noticed it..


He come in sense..

Ta;abhi make me wear it..abhi takes mangalsutra in his hand and look at pragya..still no response..he make around tanus neck and started to lock it there..but he cant..abhi suddenly gets up from stage with mangalsutra and move towards pragya..make her turn towards him..

Ab;what does all  this mean..


Ab,do you have no problem with iam marrying tanu..

Pr,no..actually you are standing at right ki sath na..

Ab;then what all these words mean..

Pr;what words you are talking about mr.abhishek prem mehra..

Ab; did i become stranger to you with one cant call me abhi..suniye or haanji..i want to knew the meaning from itself…when hates you when i trust you…

Pr;what you want now..why are you making my life always hell..when i allow you to move why cant you move on..if i need you wont be with me then why are you with me when i dont want you…

Ab; one here is telling me truth..only you can say all this to me..

Pr;what difference going to happen by all this..abhi just go with tanu..and live your life…she moves..abhi holds her hand…

Ab;pragya dont leave me alone..i cant live with out you..he get teary eyed..

Pr;then what you want..i must stay with you.look after you tanu..this family..abhi..iam also human..i too have all feelings..from the day i married you i started to bear eveything..your hatred…your cursing..aliyas and tanus dirty plans..your family problems…i even give my life of sister bulbul for you and our maa get purvi..who is innocent..dont knee where she is.when i loves you..i wish to stay with you and tried for it.
But your tanu make me fall by her pregnancy track..when i  came to knew you family is your betrayer..i started to sort out all …in that i lost my life..i always feel tired to show you real face of your last when all sort out ..think of a new life with my husband..the accident happen in which you lost your can that happen you only lost just 2  and 1/2 year memory..only about me..even then i tried my level best..but when i thought i succed you make me fall..look our destiny itself making us apart..i dont want to take a chance now..even if i try too..again that chudayil bring new drama and you will believe her and betray stay with her thats good..

By saying all pragya leaves…abhi sits in full shock..


Actually iam a lover of their jodi..its not a happy ending as our pair didnt unite..pragya can choose abhi..or not thats her choice ..but i want to show women are not meant to bear everything..

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  1. Wonderful

  2. Saranya24

    Suprb dear i accept ur point seriously they r makng pragya so pathetic and dumb in kkb hate it love u loads darlu??????

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    It’s awesome….

  4. simple super except in real kkb

    love u n muhmaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Beautiful if I am there also I may have did this only superb di

  6. Absolutely awesome????

  7. Awesome dii

  8. beautiful thought haritha

  9. Hey baby what a view yaar…its just priceless… Ur each and every point is damn correct… 4 yrs going to complete in KKB life then also they r showing same type of characterization of them… Pragya is always senti and fight for her life and this Dumbo abhi always fell in trap of the evil…this will never change…

    I love it baby…u r damn awesome

  10. tat was awesome.. hope its can happen in tat dump serial

  11. Awesome sweetheart nyc one i luv it

  12. I agree you diii…really abhi deserves this only….

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    such a nice thought dear,indeed u are genius

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    Perfect is the right word for this one

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