Arziyan Yeh Dill Ki Episode 3

simran comes back to her room. she looks at the clock.
simran: oh! its already 9 am. i have to go there.
simran stands in front of the mirror and apply kajal. she combs her hair. while combing hair suddenly her phone rings.
simran: god knows who called me now!
she goes near bed and takes the phone from the bed. but seeing the phone she becomes sad. its call from her mother. she disconnects the call and says sorry mom. but i cant receive ur call till i get successful in my mission. just then her phone rings and its a message from someone ishaan. she smiles and starts to read and reply. here is their message conversation –
ishaan: where r u madam? did u reach?
simran: yes…i have. and got a nice hotel too. its a cottage on the top of a hill.
ishaan: yaa yaa u had to. and all credit goes to me. let me remember u that it was me who helped u to ran away from home.
simran: i remember and thanks for that. now stop praising urself.
ishaan: yes now chore is behaving rude with me.
simran: chore? u called me chor. i did this not for myself.
ishaan: okay queen of quarel. stop now.
simran: pls send me money. i cant ask from my family. becoz if i will do so then they will get know that im here.
ishaan: money? i had gave u 5000/- yesterday while leaving u at station. where did that money go?
simran: actually i gave the money to an old staff of this hotel. he was very sick.
ishaan: oh so it means u started to charity there also. if u wanted then u should have give ur own money. do u know how difficult it was for me to take those money from my friends?
simrsn: sorry yaar. but pls send me money naa. else how i will eat? ur my friend naa?
ishaan: dont blackmail me saying friendship. and yes im ur friend and now im paying for this.
simran: pls….pls….pls…
ishaan: u know that my weak point is that i cant see u in any pain and now ur taking advantage of it. okay, i will send. how much?
simran: thanks buddy. u dont need to send much money i just need 5000/- only.
ishaan: r u mad? ur saying 5000/- only. u know that im not rich and im a student of college. i dont have own income.
simran: but u always buy expensive things.
ishaan: thats bcoz i take them secretly from papa’s bag.(me: yeah ishaan kaisa ladka hai. apni hi pa ki bag se chori. log thik hi kah te hai. aj kal insan badmash ho gaye hai)
simran: i know that 🙁 🙁
ishaan: and if i give u all money then what about gfs? do u know the expense of having gfs? sunday ko treat, toh monday ko picture. ab uske liye bhi paise ka jarurat hota hai.
simran: i know that u r not that type of boy having gfs. ur just saying lie not to give me money. pls yaar think abt me. without cash no food.:'(:'(:'(
ishaan: u know everything abt me. if i try to lie then u always catch me. now stop doing melodrama. okay. i will manage money.
simran: thank u thank u …..ur best friend in the world.
ishaan: okay… need to make me happy now. tell me ur account name.
simran: send money in name of simran kapoor.
ishaan: whos this simran?
simran: my new name for here. so that nobody can find that im here.
ishaan: ha….ha….ha….didnt u get any other name? heroine type name.seems u had watched ddlj yesterday.
simran:shut up. i have some work so will talk later.

simran takes a bag n file and goes from the cottage hotel.

scenc in delhi-
we r seeing a very big house with swimming pool and garden. now lets go inside the house. we r in dinning room combined with living room. this room’s wall is of light blue interior and very beautiful. on the dinning table a man and a women is sitting. the women is wearing a blue sari. she is nearly of 40 yrs and shes modern and beautiful. shes looking tensed and making breakfast. the man is of 45 yrs. he is reading newspaper with full concentration. even bcoz of the newspaper we r not seeing his face too. in a corner of the room a girl of 25 yrs is lying on a sofa and seeing tv. the women looks these two with tired face. she sees both the man and the young girl is not in the lost in newspaper and tv.she makes a jug fall intentionally from the table. the man and the young girl both hears the sound of breaking glass.
the man says to the woman: what r u doing?
the young girl: why did u break the glass, mom?
the woman: to make u and ur dad return to this world. the women looks at her husband and says from yesterday the girl of the house is missing and any of u r not bothered about it.

[me: oh! i forgot to introduce them. this woman is niti. she is beautiful, smart and modern. she never worry abt her age as she thinks shes still sweet sixteen. shes the wife of vikram. she is a bit possesive abt her daughter. for her everyone is after her but in reality shes after everyone.

this man whos reading newspaper is vikram and husband of niti. hes a bit boring man. always sticks with newspaper. hes a big officer. he doesnt care abt whats happening around him but just concerned abt if the hawker come everyday to give newspaper or not. on govt holidays when he doesnt get newspaper he becomes ill tempered. he believes in freedom and thats why he always permit his children to do as per their will if they r right.

and this young girl is niti and vikram’s elder daughter anushka.she reads in a college.her habit is to fight with her mom over small issues. but she loves her mom a lot and she also know that her mom loves her a lot. she loves her younger sis a lot and believes that if even anybody wont believe her then her sis will still believe her.]

now lets go back to their conversation.

vikram : why r u taking tension? she will be back.
niti : what back? she has gone all alone. akira is still immature. akira’s not understanding that she will find nothing.
vikram: i know. but akira is responsible girl. im not overreacting like u bcoz i too know that she will find nothing. but im saying nothing bcoz if we dont let her do then she will think for the rest of her life that what she was thinking was true but she couldnt do anything.
niti: im not too much like u. why dont u understand that she will have problem.

vikram holds nitis hand.

vikram: akira wont do anything wrong. we r her parents. if we wont believe her then who else will? and as far as concering abt her accomodation and staying i will try to find her. now stop worrying.
niti: u dont know how much i love her and i dont want she to get hurt in bcoz of this all. and u r not understanding that she has run away from home for just that thing.

just then a young boy enters to their house. he sees niti angry and says i think i came in wrong time and is about to leave.

niti goes near him and holds his ear.

niti: im sure this ishaan know everything. he has helped akira in running away.
this is ishaan. akira’s friend. actually hes the son of nitis frnd. they r also akira’s neighbour. reads in college. hes helpful, handsome and he loves to keep promise.
ishaan: i dont know anything. aunty let me go.
ishaan runs away from their home.

simran is walking in the road. she doesnt find any auto there. she sees a old woman. she goes near the old woman.
simran: grandma can u tell me where i will get auto?
the woman laughes hearing her words.
old lady : seems u r new here.
simran: yes.
old lady: dear this is hilly area. here u wont find auto like city.
simran: then how u people travel?
old lady: if we need vehicle then we buy it. u cant do so. dear, see there in that road u will find trucks. u can go and take lift.
simran: thank u, grandma.

simran tries to take lift but no truck is stopping. at last one truck driver agree to give her lift.
truck driver: dear, u cant sit beside me. i have some box that i have to keep with me. do one thing go behind and sit.
simran sits in the behind. she sees many there. the truck starts leaving. simran’s hair moving bcoz of the wind. she takes a and starts to eat. she smiles and she sings a sing.

dhree chal na hai mushkil toh
jaldi hi sahi
akhon ke kinaro mein bahane hi sahi
hum chale baharo mein gungunati rahi raho mein
dharkane bhi teej hai ab kya kare………

simran thinks i have changed my identity to simran from akira for completing a mission. and simran have to win this. but i want akira to prove herself and achieve something in her life. i want to be sucessful in my life. i want to help these people here and want make my own identity on my own.

will be continued……..

a story by Natasha……….

hows that guys? im trying hard to write a good story that can entertain u and give u peace and joy. i dont think im doing that well. guys pls pls pls give ur feedbacks. ur welcome to give ur opinion. consider me as ur friend.
guys like akira aka simran i dont support running away from house to make own identity. but i have shown it in need of the story. i prefer to take permission from parents it we want to do anything. they will never want anything bad for us. if anytime they dont understand ur point they make them understand in polite way. and even after telling them ur point if they dont agree then give them some time.

guys this was 3rd epi. if u dont have read previous epi then can read epi 1 and 2 here-

and everytime u will find all epi in this link at a time-

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  1. awesome pls update regularly dear

    1. Okay. I will try.

  2. hey naty how r u dear sweetheart , very very happy to read this story you make it so fresh just like a blossomic fresh flower.
    Simran is the flower

    I love the portraying of this character you make it so fresh and lovely dear . woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    mazaa aa gaya you make this sunday happy day dear.

    but I am vry angry I had left a message for you in deepthi page have you read it or not.

    its ok love u so much dear.

    and very happy to see ur story and more than that to meet my sweetheart naty my princess.

    Love u dear.

    Jab tak time hain

    jee lein apni manmaziyaan dear.

    In arziyoon ki hain kasam tujhko

    ruk naa jaye ye kadam

    Jeene ke ye din hain aaye

    khub milke jee le zara

    teri meri meri teri

    yeh pyaari manmarziyaan.

    love u naty

    always keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friends

    how r u all

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Nisha yaar im so happy. U catch me everywhere at everytime. Ur shayari was really superb. I read ur message on deepthi pg but didnt find time to comment. And me too very happy meeting u.

  3. hey natasha .good story .

    1. Thanks rithu. Im happy seeing u here. I really like ur comment and seeing u complementing is a very big thing for me.

  4. Natasha I like the story very much but…the thing u told about parents…I think you are right…but my story is not the same…..
    My parents are maybe the best parents in the world. But there is always something in between me n my parents that make us go against eachother…this started from school days.I changed schools almost in every grade…I made some best friends..but my parents never care about friends n stuff. They think still life is very long and you’ll meet different people and can easily be friends. The main reason to change so many schools was some personal issue and they never discussed anything with me. Well, directly or indirectly, it had a great effect on me. I didn’t made new friends because I knew that one day I will leave them and I didn’t wanted to be hurt over n over again. So basically I lost faith on friendship when my old buddies also lost contact with me. The little I had was also gone. But, nevertheless, my parents as usually failed to understand my state of mind. I felt so lonely that I started to go in a wrong direction. One day, my mom caught me using her phone secretly and chatting with some unknown online guys. And exactly at that moment, she slapped me hard without asking me anything and told my dad everything. I felt like tearing her apart but I knew that I have no rights to do that. My parents from that moment started to keep an strict eye on me. And this made me more insecure. They also didn’t allow me to use internet. I started to hate them. I created my own strong walls aroung my world and didn’t let anyone enter inside. My parents and I used to have petty fights and they thought that “I’m not normal anymore”. When you are so consumed in darkness and loneliness then you might end up finding yourself going in a wrong direction. Well that was end of school life. I knew I changed a lot like : mean, ugly and always spreading negative vibes everywhere. My parents still strained me into their world while blocking my freedom and life. I also knew that this was not me. I wanted to be sweet n an elegant girl. If these things never came in my life then I would have never changed. I tried my best to be myself but this new self of mine was too strong that it occupied my whole soul. I hated myself to be something like this. But my parents didn’t change-not even a bit. They forced me to choose medicine. And my college life was no less miserable than school life at the beginning. All this while, you must be womdeing why I couldn’t make any friends anywhere. I lived in Saudi Arabia. I’m an indian and we shifted there when I was in grade 7. From grade 7-8 I was in a school where I found many indians and I settled with them easily. But after that I changed school where there were many Saudi’s and you know we always prefer people to whom we can relate to and share our feelings openly. They were good people too but there were differences in us and they used to enjoy company with their friends so I thought not to disturb them anymore. When I asked my parents to change the school and go back to previous one. They just a clear flat “No”. They forced their ways and ideas on me in all possible ways. I still used to be nice with them and gave them a lot of time to understand me just with a hope that they willl understand their only daughter. I even had dreams about life. But they destroyed each one of them. Now it’s about marriage. I fall in love with a guy and think he can only understand me. His name is Hardik. He too is a great friend. He was the only close to me in clg also. But recently my parents introduced me their friend’s son. Even if I say about him, they will say no. I think I’ll be married soon. And of course without my consent. I just don’t know how to explain them my feelings. Will they be able to understand what their daughter wants? If they need more time, I’ll give them my whole life. Maybe it’s they who never understood me or maybe it’s me who mistook them. For me, parents should be the one who we can reach anytime anywhere. They should make kids feel that they are their safest home ever.

    I’m sorry for wasting your time. I don’t know why but I just said everything to you and I just shared my point of view about parents. These days I’m crying to much. I was really suffocating inside. I’m sorry if I hurt you. Now tell what should I do to make my parents understand me?

    1. Hazel reading ur comment for the first time and after reading it i feel like im reading of someone very close to my heart. Hazal never say sorry like this. U didnt waste my time but made it precious. Im happy that u consider me as ur frd and told me everything.

      Look parents r the most big gift from god. Only lucky people get it. They r as god. They guide us, they help us. U know they can never harm u. And as far as slapping of ur mum was a gud intention. Ahe did this to protect ur safety.

      And school matter…me also always changed at least 8 schools during my school time. U know i sometimes used to think like u. I used to think whats the yse of making frds if i will leave them? But then after sometime i thought it as gud. I thought its gud of change of school. As it gave me many frds of many place. I learned many rhings from every school bcoz the environmwnt of schools isnt same everywhere. Then it was fun bcoz in 1 school u may find only few frds but several school means several type of frds.

      and promise me that u wont feel lonely. When u will then u will come here. We will solve prob together. Now pls smile:):):)

      And about marriage… u should lesten to ur parents. Bcoz they wont give u a wrong boy. And ur bf hardik . U may love u but i think he wont be able to provide u good life. Bcoz if u will go against parents then u wont be happy. U may will happy outer but not inner. U will feel bad from inside. U will suffocate. And its not gud at all.

      And ur parents if anything ever hid from u then im sure it will be for ur betterment.

      Oh i forgot to introduce myself. Im natasha. Reading in a college. Living with a lot of challege.

      i want to say something. Im proud of u my sa frd. Ur a brave girl whos living with so much difficulties but didnt give up.

      I know im not anybody that whos words must be kept by u. But as i have considered u my frd so i tried to help u. Dexision is only urs. But i only want to say parents wont never ever hurt u. And one have to pay for his/ her deeds. If it is gud then result will be gud.

  5. hello hazel I am sorry dear , but I read all what you said above , Yes dear very glad that you share your heart here.

    Dear never said sorry please this is the house of manmarziyaan lovers.

    You know life is hard I know that but dear Beleive in yourself that you will keep trying , keep trying to do everything right.

    YOu know First I beleive that when you came into the comment box don’t ever think what you write because it is our house and we have a right to share.

    We choose this place to share our manmarziyaan dear

    I am also an indian

    living in a life which is stressful, busy, tensions , problems challenges but I made also friends new friends old friends here also in this page

    Dear sweetheart You have faced a lot in life I read it but I am proud to say that you are really a brave girl .

    Very proud on you.

    and request also dear , Now if your parents decided for something about your future then accept it dear.

    In real life nobody ever care us and love us then our parents can do

    they love us unconditionally

    u know may be they take you so many places because of them you suffer a lot about your life and friends but dear.

    think also about them they also have to change their life everyday , they took up all challenges for you.

    and want to hide somethings which make you unhappy ,. Because they want to make you happy.

  6. Parent if hide anything from us it is actually they did for our betterment always dear.

    Dear I am saying all this actually as a friend to you.

    My sweetheart always loved ur parents

    they are the only one who actually helped you in dark difficulties

    they are the one who hold your hand in darkness dear and take you towards light.

    if your mom slap you , I am sure she is uttermost scared that nobody can harm you . and that’s why in protection way she slapped

    beleive me I also get slapped by my mommy and she loved me too much she did all this for my protection.

    My father even get so hight more than a slap but he also loved me

    dear , just one request to you what ever decision you want to take make sure you discuss with your parents

    they are the only person who actually helped us sweetheart

    I am sure whoever they choose for you is the right person give him a chance may be he loved you also so much may be he also loves you dear the way you wish.

    I always write my heart here dera this page I choose to share my heart

    I write pure truth dear I never ever lie on this page.

    Me too an Indian girl sweetheart

    Sorry I didn’t ask till now and I said so much Its a pleasure to be your friend dear my sweetheart saudi arabic friend hazel

    one song is for you my sweetheart

    check this song dear the pure arabic feel and keep smiling dear

    Always try to fight with the circumstances and in this journey if You helped your parent then they always love you and always stand to support you.

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend

  7. I didn’t said that my mom did wrong by slapping me and I know that she did for my safety. I was just too angry that’s why. But imagine if you are doing something wrong. What do you want your parents to do? I’m sure no one wants their parents to come, give a hard slap and take away their things. This won’t help anyone. Instead, they should understand their child’s situation and should ask them the reason. By this way, kids will understand that their parents are not wrong and this will lead to a strong relationship between parents and children.

    Sometimes changing school affects people deeply. It didn’t bought any hope of postivity in my life. I used to end up sitting alone whole day. Which made me cry. When my clg life began, Hardik is the only person who I could share my pain with and I felt better after doing that. He became really close to me. Maybe that guy, Akash, is good as my parents are stated. Their parents said that I’ll be not allowed to work after marriage. This was a shock to me as after studying so much and giving up on my dreams will result into this. And what more shocked me was that my parents agreed. I’m sobbing heavily these days. When my mom saw me lying on the sofa and crying; she said,”Stop crying. This phase is in every girl’s life.”

    But I won’t go against my parents because I don’t want people to judge me.

    And hardik is not my boyfriend. It’s one- sided love. And I don’t wish to disclose this to him because I know in the end I’ll marry someone else. I also don’t want to share about my problems now because I don’t want him to worry. He is a really great guy and deserves much more than me. He deserves true happiness because he brings smile on every face around him.

    I don’t where and how will my life move on. I’m completely hopeless. I felt better when people understands me. Thank you Nisha and Natasha.

    1. Hi Hazel. I read your comment and couldn’t stop myself from saying what i feel. I would first like to say about marriage. yes, parents do choose best for their children but please, they too are humans and “to err is to human.” Humans do mistakes and there are instances where the guy selected by the parents turns out to be completely different from what has been perceived. I just want you to make efforts to to make your parents realize. Try, try till you succeed( i know actually its a difficult job but still you should do). Don’t marry just for the sake of it and if the boy’s parents want you to sacrifice your dreams then please don’t marry. You know what girls, don’t just go into a “sacrificing mode.” Start loving yourself, value yourself and your dreams. Maybe your parents are a bit harsh on you but try to understand them and help them come out of their shell. i feel that like you they are also living in a shell. I know you will be able to burst this bubble. Just stay positive in your life. And i really don’t want to give up on your dreams and aspirations. Don’t take a decision that you’ll regret later in your life. And if you marry without your wish, ten I’m sorry to say dear you will never be able to be happy. Do the things which make you happy and i know if you are happy then your parents will definitely be happy. Just have a heart to heart conversation with them. i do’t know whether you’ll read this or not. but i just hope that you do.

    2. Hazel my dearrrrr friend, I just read your comment, it’s really heart melting. ..Natasha n Nisha thx my sweeeeeetheartttttsss for your lovely words …I’m glad to have friends like you honeyyyyyy. …Hazel my dear you have been through very tough life but trust me dear, you’re not alone, we all are in the same boat…I’m also Indian n now married, have 3 kids, live in USA….I studied n took bachelor degree after marriage, my in laws n husband supported me through out…it was arranged marriage too…but with love and care I’m now happy…

      The only thing I want to say that don’t let any negative thoughts cross your mind. …if you are good then God will help you and always show you correct path…parents always think good for the kids…me too think good for my kids…but when they seem to go wrong way, me too get angry n do what your mom did…I know it wasn’t the best way to teach the kids but that’s the only thing she could do that time…
      About marriage, please obey your parents, as hardik is your true friend but doesn’t love you…I think…but akash will be your life partner, he will listen you n take all the fears n sorrows from your life…n give you the love n care also trust which you deserve. …just believe in you n be positive. …if you give love n respect to your to be husband n in laws then they will definitely let you study n do job also…plzzz don’t cry dear…it will only hurt you n make you weak…be brave n fight with all the odds….only you can make your upcoming life beautiful. ..who knows akash is the best one for you… 🙂 talk to him…get an idea how is his thinking about life and if he is OK to marry you…his nature, behavior n also bonding with his parents n siblings. ….this will help you a lotttttttttt. …n you will feel better…

      Love you soooooooo muchhhhhh dear….I’m not sure if my words helped u or not but just think about it…love you loads, and a very tight bear hug. ….keep smiling. ..take care sweetie

  8. Hey hazel dear.

    love u always sweetheart

    Me too faced these kind of situation but yes your situation is actually tough

    Dear by suggesting you any suggestion , I can’t be able to give you because it makes you choose some way

    and I didn’t want that

    Our real life decision , will have to be taken by only ourself .

    Loving someone is always give you so much happiness

    dear but with careful heart , be carefull , Don’t get so close to hardik so that when you actually need to choose to the other direction to aakash you get confused and sad.

    See you know where your life going and you know what going to happened.

    You spend time with hardik its okay but loved him always as a friend dear.

    You know we are girls and our heart is always pure and soft too we get attached so easily by anyone who loved us .

    and he loves you but as a friends.

    Be a nice and genuine friend to him.

    and you will find life is not bad.

    You are fortunate to god that you have get a friend like hardik who understand you support you. Thanks to god.

    and what going on in future . If you find loosing control over it. then If you can request to your parents for study then you can say it and if not.

    then wait yes dear wait for getting married and then I am sure aakash would understand you and your dreams may be his family I don’t know yes or no.

    But definitely if You starting loving him whole heartedly then he also allows you to study . and job.

    Dear hazel life is same for all of us on some paths dear.

    I try to write always from my heart.

    I hope god give you lots and lots of happiness.


    Keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    hey naty how r u dear.

    Hey sweetheart naty if you have any other suggestion to help hazel then came here dear.

    Our friend need us .

    Love u naty meri jaan .

    Always by heart

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

  9. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode Natasha my dearrrr, long time no see…must be busy huh? Loved to see you back my dearrrrr. …episode was lovely n but I got confused with the ages….niti-40, vikram – 45, anushka-25…anushka can be 20 and akira/simran maybe 19….just noticed, sorry…but the episode was really superbbbb. ..loved the friendship of simran/akira n ishaan…lovely convo between them. ..niti n vikram, worried for her but giving her space…good. ..Natasha my dear friend, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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