Arziyan Yeh Dill Ki Episode 2 (22 November 2015)


im really very happy after receiving so reponse from u all after the first episode. so heres the 2nd episode. i hope u will like it and dont forget to tell me hows the episode. and as i told u before to understand the story u have imagine each and every word and every description of atmosphere. so pls imagine while reading.

the episode starts with that girl walking through the road. she comes in front a gate. she opens the gate. its a rest house. she enters to the rest house. a man welcomes her. a receptionist asks maam ur name? with a breath of air that girl says naina. the receptionist asks ur full name? naina says their full name r said by whom have no confidence in themselves. so naina, only naina. this is the first time that we r hearing her voice. her voice is very sweet. after hearing her voice u feel that its not only a voice but its a voice which is similar to song.

the receptionist says but we need full name for entry card. naina says as u need to make entry card then i can say. by the way my full name is simran……simran kapoor. the receptionist girl says maam u had gave booking right? that girl nods yes. the receptionist gives her keys. this is ur keys. simran takes it and goes.

simran comes to her room. a man comes with her suitcase. simran asks him to keep suitcase in a side. the man is quite old and hes coughing. simran notices this and asks him ur quite sick. did u go to any doctor? the man says no. simran says u should go to doctor. he says but how? doctors want high fees which i cant give. the man is about to go but she says stop. simran opens her purse and gives him some money. she says dont neglect ur health. the man gets teary eyed in happiness and says u thought so much for a poor like me its enough for me and this will cure me. but…but i cant take this money. naina says dont say like this. i will be hurt. pls consider me as ur daughter and take this money. cant a daughter give money give to his father? naina gives money to his hand. the man says may God bless u. he goes. simran smiles.

its now morning. we r seeing the resthouse from outside. its like a cottage which made of wood. it is made is style of a wooden cottage but its not really a cottage. this type of cottage r seen in the hilly areas.
simran is sleeping in her room on a round bed. this room is beautiful. theres a side table beside the bed. the window of the room is open. through the window a light sun ray is coming the room. the sun rays r falling on nanias face. simran opens her eyes feeling the sun rays. she smiles. she hears someone knocking in the door. she wears a sandal before standing up from the bed. she opens the door. she sees a caretaker with breakfast trolly. the caretaker greets her. he keeps the food trolly inside the room and goes.

now we should go somewhere else right? then lets go. imagine a house, okay? the house is like the beautiful houses of hilly area. theres a garden of front of house. lets go inside the house. in the hall we will see a caretaker is cleaning the house. now lets go inside a room. we will see a young boy is getting ready. we r seeing him from his back. so we r not able to see his face. he wears a black jacket. he sprays perfume. the caretaker comes in his room and says ur breakfast is ready sir. the young says u go. im coming. the caretaker goes.
now lets see whats simran doing. so lets go to her room. naina locks the door after the caretaker goes. she takes the cup of tea and goes near the window. she sips in the tea. she sees outside the window. she sees a field and some house on the sides of the field through the window. she also sees one more thing? do u know whats that? she sees some little children playing in the field. as its cold outside the children r wearing warm clothes. she sees them playing and smiles.

now we r standing in the field and seeing the children playing. suddenly we will hear a sound of someones singing. the children r looking all round. now we will see simran.yes, ur right. naina is singing. she couldnt stop herself from coming here after seeing the children playing in the field. she has changed her clothes. shes wearing a wool made blue sweater along with scart. shes also wearing a scarf (on her body). the children get curious and goes near simran. they stand roundly and naina is standing in the center. naina gives them choclates. they takes it happily. naina sings a song. simran is not only singing but also dancing. children also join her in dancing. the nearby people r smiling seeing simran and all children dancing. heres the song. imagine the singing and dancing of naina and the children. feel the whole atmosphere.

Chali re.. chali re
Junoon.. ko liye
Katra.. katra
Lamho.. ko diye
Pinjre se uda
Dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re hha

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya o..ho..

Make the way for Akira
Pop it up move aside she is here
Hey get up everybody wanna be her
Wanna see her she is Akira

Chhote chhote
Lamho ko
Teetli jaise pakdo toh
Haathon mein rang
Reh jaata hai..
Pankho se jab..
Chhodo toh
Waqt chalta hai
Waqt ka magar
Rang utarta hai Akira
Udte udte phir ek lamha maine pakad liya re

Make the way for Akira

Halke halke
Pardo mein
Muskurana achha lagta hai
Roshni jo..
Deta ho toh..
Tel jalana achha lagta hai
Ek pal sahi
Umr bhar isse
Sath rakhna Akira
Zindagi se phir
Ek waada maine kar liya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya o.. ho..

at the last last of the song simran sits on her knees and all the children stand roundly near. simran asks for kiss from the children. the children happily kiss her. simran becomes happy and gives the children a group hug.

guys i want to clearify one thing that its not any adoption of any serial. its a fully different story written by me.

so tell me do u like this episode? which part? i know i cant write like a professinal and also cant write so beautifully like other writers of other fan fictions and i dont want to be so. but through this story i tried to give u all a big smile on ur face? arent i suceessful in doing so? it needs a lot of hardships in writing a story. so pls tell me if im sucessful in giving u some happiness.

pls give me ur valueable feedbacks. u know what when i see u all commenting on this story i feel so much happy. and i only dont want u to comment on my story but also make me ur friend. will u all become my friend?

if u want u can also read my another story where is heart there is life. its a medical based story. its a fan fiction on manmarziyan. but its story is not similar only the name of the charecters r after manmarziyan charecters. if u read it then surely tell me if like it or not?

and yes, of course dont forget to tell me if u like todays episode of arziyan yeh dill ki. so stay turned with arziyan yeh dill ki.

guys its 2nd episode of this story. if any of u didnt read its 1st episode then ur welcome to read it. heres the link

u will find the first episode here. and u can directly see all episode in this link. but till now as i have written only 2 episode then u will find these episodes here. U will findfuture episodes too here after i write them.

Credit to: Natasha

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