Arziyan Yeh Dill Ki Episode 1

guys a new story coming to my mind. i just writting here whatever coming to my mind. i know its not so good but still…… pls read this story. and pls imagine every scenc in ur mind. only then u will understand it. imaginary is must to feel this story.

its night. a very dark night. nobody is out of their house. even theres no light. theres dark everywhere. theres no sound. all place r quite. but if u hear carefully then u will able to hear the sound of train. yes, a train is coming.

now imagine that u r in a railway station. as its quite night theres nobody in the station. the train is coming. a station master flies a green flag and the train stops. theres a lantern in the station masters hand. nobody come down from the train. but after a while a girl comes down from the train. her face cant be seen. she has a red suitcase in her hand which has wheels. she starts to walk and using trolly wheels she carries her suitcase. outside the station some people sitting roundly and they have made burn woods and make fire to warm themselves. they r singing local songs. they have local music instruments. they r singing this song-

Yun Hi Chala Chal Raahi…(2)
Kitni Hasin Hai Yeh Duniya
Bhool Saare JHumele,
Dekh Phoolon Ke Mele
Badi Rangeen Hai Yeh Duniya
Rum Dum Dara Rutaaru Rum Dara…(3)

( Yeh Rasta Hai Keh Raha Ab Mujhase
Milane Ko Hai Koi Kahin Ab Tujhse )…(2)

Dil Ko Hai Kyon Yeh Betabi Kis Se Mulakaat Honi Hai
Jiska Kab Se Arman Tha Shayad Wohi Baat Honi Hai
Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi…(2)
Jeevan Gadi Hai Samay Pahiya
Aansoon Ki Nadiyan Bhi Hain, Kushiyon Ki Bagiyan Bhi Hain
Rasta Sab Tera Take Bhaiya

Yun Hi Chala …Hai Yeh Duniya

that girl hears their song and gives them some money. they thank her. the girl goes.

its about 2:00 am. now imagine a narrow road. the road is made with soil. but road is not so bad. there r many trees on the both side of the road. as its winter time, dry leaves of the trees r fallen down on the road. now the girl comes to this road. this place seems like a forest.

the girl is wearing a shawl. she is fully covered with the shawl. even u will not see her face bcoz of shawl. shes shivering in cold. theres cool air in the environment. theres also heavy fog and even things at a little distance cant be seen also. everywhere is quite and theres no sound. but u will able to hear sound when she walks over the dry leaves.

suddenly a strong wind blows and her shawl files away from her body and falls behind. she starts walking towards behind. she tries to find her shawl on the road. she doesnt find it. but after a while she finds it. she sits on her knees and collects the shawl. u will see her face clearly now. her eyes r very beautiful. anyone can go mad after her seeing her eyes. her hair is open and its flying in the air. shes looking very pretty and beautiful. she smiles after finding the shawl. her smile is not less than monalisa. really shes a very beautiful girl. u will find many girls in the world but not like her. theres something special in her. shes very exceptional.

she again covers herself with her shawl and starts walking through the road with holding her suitcase.

credit to: Natasha

guys do u like this story? i just wrote whatever came to my mind. if its not good then pls do tell me freely. if u want i can stop writing it. and yes i know there r many questions in ur mind after reading it. but i want to clearify one thing. its not a ghost story. pls give me ur valueable feedbacks. im waiting for u all.

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  1. hey Natasha, awesome starting… but frankly I say that you should have trust in what you write… that is you should have confidence that everyone reads you.
    you got a good start and keep going with it buddy.
    don’t worry if none comments… there are a lot more silent readers. 🙂 🙂 😉

  2. Hey nats how r u so nice story babes

  3. O. . I luvd it vry much, waitng 4 nxt epi. . .

  4. Please continue very nice.

  5. Good yaar continue

  6. Hi natasha..
    Surely It’s not a bad story ..gud starting.. Cont writing… All the best?

  7. Hi Natasha dear, new story…yippee…nice start dear…i loved it, please continue, it seems very interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…plzzzz upload the next part of where is heart there is life… eagerly waiting. …love you loads and a very tight hug

  8. Another one nats, superb start. Are yaar it was too gud. U write really well. Update fast i wanna know who the girl is? I have a name hope it would be. What abt our doctors. Where havethey gone. Update it fast dear. Long time. Loveeee u.

  9. Natasha I liked the story u continue this…nd thanx I thought its a ghost story bt in the end u cleared my doubt…hehehe…pls update ur story waiting for long

  10. Nice intro,Natasha!Loved it.

  11. Had already read sorry for not commenting

  12. muktha shivanand

    nice dear update next part baby

  13. Hii natasha.gud start dear…
    I always love u and ur stories.please have trust in yourself..dont ever think of stopping!!and pls update where is heart there is life.
    Btw where r u writing this one?? I mean in which ff!?

  14. Hey yaar natasha very pure story yaar !!
    I mean we can go mad looking at her then I wud definitely want to c her !!

    Wow monalisa !! Woh …. really khubsurat hogi !!!

    Fyn then take care nats n my lovelies !☆☆☆☆☆

  15. Heyy…Natasha…. Remember me??? Another one…. COOL… I was really imagining the scenes and I got scared…. Thank god it’s not a ghost story…. At first I felt that… You know ghosts love to get beautiful face of girls…. I mean I do believe in Ghosts so…. Anyways….Kemon Lagche Thanda Vab?? Halka Thanda Valoi Lage… Specially during joging…. Wow….

  16. Wow so many comments. I didnt except it at all. Thank u guys. Keep commenting.

  17. Hey naty my princess,, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow another heart touching story.

    Loved it dear. What a start. Yun hi chala chal e raahi

    Raah badi hi hasein hai . Luv u naty my princess keep going. Love u always . Once a friend always a friend.

  18. Hi natasha ur story had a good start and pls do continue seems interesting .. wish u luck for ur future

  19. Very nice

  20. Natasha aweeeeeeeeeeesome start pls continue yaar

  21. Woooo very nice .Can u please tell me how to write a fan fiction

    1. Go to the contact pg of tu.u will see a form there. Write ur name, email there. And write ur fanfiction in the message part. At the end submit it.

  22. hey natasha .good story yaar .continue it .keep it up.

  23. Thanks natasha

  24. Natasha tu . u page means telly update??????

  25. Hey Natasha….. So nice dear….

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