Aryukta – Part 1

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Ff begins
Maya mam enter
S- she is maya riachanad she is genious
R – she is really preety but really strict to
Sa – i am bored i hate lectures but i like practicles
A – guys you know why she like practicles because she like explode machines
Sa- o shut up its not like that i like practicle so that i can invent new things
A – oh really till now what have you made exept for trash
Sa- i will nt leave you
A – first catch me
Maya shouted what are you both doing
A – mam this is her fault
Sa – no mam iski galti jai
Shut both of yeh charo kam nahi ki tum dono bhi aa gay
Sit down and dare to behave like this again
Sa- hitler
S- respect her she is your teacher
Sa – leave it any way what is she scared of
R – rats
A – no sanaya dont even think to do so
S- bhai ahar collage me masti naahi kari to kya kiya
She took out a real rat throws it down sanyu sees and shouts aaaaa
Every one got shoked
She climed on the table and started shouting
Aryan said kua hua sanyu i am scared of rats
Maya mam says settle down every
Everyone was running here and there.

Sanaya was shoked as she didnt knew that sanyu was scared of rats
Randhir and parth were laughing as they knew sanyu was scare of rats and he lied that maya mam was scared of rat
The song dramma queen was being played in the background
Aryan got the rat out of the class
A – sanyu niche utar jao rat chale gaya
S – pakka
A – ha baba chale gaya
She was getting down of the table but she slipped aryan catched her
They were staring at each other the bell suddenly rang
They stopped staring aryan putted her down then maya mam went and said next time i will take test
A-i dont know anything i just joined today
Sa-me too bhai
S- i can help you aryan
Sa – and not me
R – i can help you
Sa – really thx you are really sweet she pulled his cheek and said littled baby
Vids and sanyu laughed
R- i am not a baby ok
S – ok then angery baby
A – now enough lets go to the canteen i am straving
S – i will give all treat

In the canteen
A- i am so tense for the test
S -dont worry i will help you na
Y- aryan bhai app to aaj aye ho me to ek mahine me bhi kuch nahi seek paya aur ab to apko itni cute tutor bhi milgai
S- shut up yoyo
Y – bagwan meri madat karo
K – yoyo i will help you out
Y – bagwan ne meri sun li aur apko bej diya
S-chalo hostle chalte hai
Sa – me bhi hostle me room no 3 me rahongi
S -room no 3 to hamara hai
Sa – it will be so much fun
S – aryan tum bhi hostle me rho ge na
A -ha
S – i will tell you the
R- if you are forgetting we are also here we can tell him
S – ok fine so i will freshen up and meet you in the library at 4
A ok by

In girl hostle
Sa- kitna chota room hai
S- par beautiful
Sa – hm
Sanyu take out her casual dress and was about to change
When sanaya said
Sa- tum yeh pehno gi
S – kyu
Sa – bhai ko black pasand hai
K – sanyu ko blue hi pasand hai
Sa – your wish and went outside
Sanyu though somthing and took a black kurti and wore it
K- sanyu tonne black kyu pahenlia
V- do you like aryan omg you just met him
S – its nothing like that and took the books and went away

Boys hostle
A -nice room
R – kha se accha hai chota sa hai
Aryan took a black shirt and was going to wear it
Y- tum yeh kyu pehen rahe ho
A – what wrong in this
Y- sanyu ka favrate blue hai bas ase hi bta raha ho
Aryan though somthing an d wored a blue shirt
Parth laughed
A -whats the need to laugh
P – you like sanyu dont you
Aryan smiled and said i dont know smart hai cute hai lekin
P – lekin kya
A – i heard she is ina relationship
R and P said what are you mad
R – sanyu or relationship plz
P- agar relationship me hoti to hame nahi batati
A – smiled and said i am getting late i need to go
At library sanyu and aryan enter together loking at each other and said
A- your looking pretty
S – thx and blue is favorate colour pointing toward his t – shirt
They both sat together and started studing everyone else came exept randhir
Aryan said and began to and randhir came and saw them got
He came and interupted
R – tum dono ki parai ho gai
S – nahi kyu
R -asse hi

Slowly slowly everyone went to bed exept sanaya randhir sanyukta and aryan
Sa- it is 10 o clocki cant study more
R – but half chapter bachha hai
Sa – i dont i cant study lets go
R – tum jao me aryan ki help kar deta ho sanyu tum bhi jao you must be sleepy
S – nahi randhir i am not sleepy you go i will help him
R – he got angry and said fine good night
They went out of the library
Sa – aacha hai tum bhar aane ke man gay
R – kyu
Sa – un dono ko akele rehne do kabab me hadhi mat bano
R- kene ka kya matlab hai
Sa- uffo rehne do

Precap – parte – parte sanyu aryan ke sholder pe so jati hai or aryan uske sar pe

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