Aryukta – Introduction

Hi guys this is my first ff hope you like it
This ff is for aryukta fans

Charatars :

Intro :
Their are 6 besties randhir ,sanyukta ,parth ,vidhushi ,yoyo ,kaustoki
They are in collage first year mecanical enginering they are vhildhood best freinds
Randhir and sanyukta keep fighting all the time but cant stay away from each other so does parth and vidhushi but yoyo and kaustoki love each other and never fights one month has passed in the collage and they all are famous for their freindship

Ff begins :
All the 6 are sitting inthe canteen sandhir and vidarth are fighting were kaustoki and yoyo are trying to stop them
K-guys 13 years ho gaya hamari freindship ko lekin aaj bhi tum charo 5 saal ke baccho ki tarha ladte ho
Y – kausto you are always right
The four of them said together this her/ his fault
Sanyu says all the boys are really arogant specially you
Vids agrees
R – oh really you know why are we arogant so that irratating girls like you stay away from us
Parth agrees
They fighting when kausto said we are late for the class
They all ran as fast as they could
Then saw vardhan sir indroducing a tall fair guy to the class this is aryan harshwal your new class mate

When he saw the 6 of them standing outside the he said so here are the 6 stars of are always late get out
S- plz sir sorry we wil be on time tommorrow
V – get in
Vids – who is he
S – he is cute looking at aryan
Vids said you are right
Randhir and parth getting jealous but not admitting
Va- aryan join the class
He went and sat beside sanyu
A – hi i am aryan
S – i am sanyukta
A – nice name can i call you sanyu
S – why not every one calls me sanyu
A- my sister will also join the collage today but i dont know where is as she is always late
A girl with messed up hair came running in the class and almost falling
Va- who are you and why are you late
Girl – sir i am sanaya harshwal acctually i didnt new were my class was and my brother got lost so i was trying to find him
All the class lauged at her
Va- silence who is your brother
Sa- aryan harshwal
Va- aryan is she your sister ?

Before aryan could say something she said bhai where were you i was looking for you every where
Va- go and sit
Sanaya went beside randhir and parth
Sa- what are you
R – what do you mean by that
S – whats your name
R – randhir singh shekhawat

The lecture ended vardhan left the clas
A- sanaya are you mad tum kha caligai thi aur aai to bol rahi ho ki me ko gaya th
Sa- bhai sorry or koi bahna nahi mila wo actually me class aa hi rahi thi ki tanya meri school ki best freind milgai sorry
A – what sorry agli bar koi bahana nahi milato bolo gi ki mere bhai mar gaya
Sa- not a bad idea
A – sanaya will not leave you
He ran behind and started fighting
When yoyo said yeh char kam the ki do aur aa gaye
A – what do mean by that
Y – tum dono ki tarha sanyu ran vids aur parth ladte hai
S- welcome to are group sanaya and aryan
They all were talking when a lady teacher came and every body setteled
She is maya rihchand

Precap randhir gets jealous by seeing sanyu and aryan together laughing

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  1. Sriya

    it was stupenduous dear loved it to the core my dear sweet cute frnd

    1. Aria

      Thank you i will post it as soon as possible

  2. Don’t show randhir jealous or villian if its aryukta then make ranaya also and don’t show the great RSS below that aryan .sadda haq was always all about Sandhir and it Wil always remain same so don’t try to degrade male lead of the show
    Aryan was always a supporting character not even present in season one .their was no pair called aryukta .Aryan was just a obsessive despo behind sanyukta

    1. are you a fool???dont you know the meaning n differnce between ff and show..
      let me tell u cz it seems u dnt know…
      ff is fan fiction FICTION which means we dont look at the plot of show while witing ff or else there would not have been any difference between ff and show..
      and secondly if u are a sandhir fan dont bother to read this ff and dont pass harsh comments…n ya you are no one to give advice..

  3. Sanyukta Rathor

    hey aria

    Thank you so much for this dear keep writing

    1. Aria

      Thx for reading

  4. Ramu kaka nice plot………????

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