Arya FF – Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hain Part 4

Maya goes to Arjun and said, “Thanks a lot.”
Arjun: No need to thank me. We are friends now. If anyone else was in this situation, I would have done the same.
Maya thinks: I won’t tell my feelings to Arjun but will make him confess his love for me. Only then I will confess my feelings to him.
Arjun: By the way, who is this person.
Maya: He is my so-called dad but not a real father. He is my step-father. My real father Tej has ditched us when I was a baby. Then my mom got married to this person who is now having an extra-marital affair.
Arjun: What about your real father?
Maya: Even he did the same. He left us after I was born.
Arjun is shocked. He said, “Though we have studied in the same college, I never knew that much”
Maya: I did not tell you. In my school days, my classmates made fun of me saying I don’t have a father. That was before my mom married Ashwin. I was afraid that you too would make fun of me.
Arjun: Those who have made fun of you are very much heartless. Now I know why you didn’t want to mingle with anyone. It was Saanjh and me who joined the same school. We felt bad that everyone made fun of you. The fact is that though you have a father, he is least bothered but don’t worry, When you need any help please feel free to call me.

Arjun drops Maya to Oberoi Mansion
Maya: Bye
Arjun: Bye, take care.
Shivaay, Omkara, Rudra, and Shakti go to the hospital to see Maahi. They meet Vijay there and asked, “How is Maahi?”
Vijay: Maahi is fine. He is doing well. Wait a minute. I will bring him.
Vijay brings Maahi downstairs. All of them hug him
Vijay: Can you show them what all you have learned?
Maahi joins the pieces of a picture and shows them. Then he shows them the drawing that he has done. The Oberois see the picture and are touched seeing how well he has drawn the family pics.
Maahi then recites and writes A, B, C, D… and from 1 to 100.
Shivaay to Vijay: Good progress. Hope he gets discharged soon.
Vijay: I am also running the boarding school. I suggest you let him study further so he will learn a lot and his personality will improve. Maahi also sings well.
Shakti: Yes, he does. Please keep us updated about the latest developments.
Vijay: Sure.

The Oberoi brothers and Shakti reach home and update everyone about Maahi’s progress. Kamini taunts, as usual, saying, “He is a real tube light. If I see the drastic improvement in him then I will think.”
Shakti: You would have known if you had come to see him. But you won’t because you are egoistic. Why do you hate him so much? What harm has he done to you? What type of a mother are you?
Kamini: When people point out fingers at him, that is a disgrace for me.
Shivaay: I have confronted them in front of you. I have asked them if you had a brother or sister like that what you would do? From then on, they are nice to him.
He shows the Maahi’s hospital progress report to Kamini and said, “You cannot expect overnight results. I have full faith in Dr. Vijay. Also, he will be studying in that school after 3 months. I will definitely help him and stand for him.”
At Maya and Jhanvi’s room, Jhanvi said, “It is time for you to look at things in a different perspective. Arjun is a nice guy. You need to express your feelings for him. Just give one chance to yourself.
Maya: Men are men. As a friend, Arjun is very good but only as a friend not as a life partner.
Jhanvi: You look quite lost ever since you have seen him. Everyone in the house knows him.
Maya: I don’t believe in love. It only gives me pain.
Jhanvi: All men are not Tej and Ashwin. Shakti and Kamini have not separated.
Maya: But they fight with respect to Maahi.
Jhanvi: I am seeing a change in attitude for Kamini. You need to listen to your heart.
Maya: Yes, I do love Arjun but I want him to tell that first.
Jhanvi: How will you do that?
Maya: Leave that to me.

Arjun at his place starts thinking about Maya.
Vandana comes to him and sees that Arjun looked lost.
Vandana: I think you are in love. I guess it is Saanjh.
Arjun: Nothing like that. I was thinking about Maya.
Vandana: Fine, close your eyes and listen to your heart.
Saanjh starts thinking about Arjun.
Suman comes to Saanjh and said, “You & Arjun have been very close to each other for quite some time. You need to talk to Arjun.”
Saanjh: Nothing like that. I don’t know what to do. I have got a proposal from Kabir but have feelings for Arjun.
Suman: Kabir is a great guy too. You express your feelings to Arjun. All that you need to do is to listen to your heart.
Saanjh decides to confess her feelings for Arjun.
Arjun realizes his love for Maya. He calls her up and said, “I want to meet you. Please come to the godown.”
Maya goes to her office godown.
Arjun: You have shown me your entire office but I never knew you have a spacious godown. The walls are only in white paint.
Maya: I hate colors.
Arjun: White is attractive in its own way.

He starts applying colors to the walls. Both of them roll on on the wall.
Arjun: Maya, I love you.
Maya: I love you too.
Both hug each other.

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