Arul Fiction YHB ( Raman suprises the Bhalla’s & Iyer’s)


Everything gets back normal in Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer house,Mrs Iyer said to Mr Iyer that a lot of things had happened in the past few months in their life starting from Rinki’s murder to the revealation that Sarika is the murderer.She suggest to have pooja in their house and Mr Iyer agrees with her and plan to talk about it to Mr and Mrs Bhalla.

Everyone in Bhalla family was having breakfast when Mrs Iyer came in and suggest to have pooja because a lot of bad things had happen in the house.Mrs Bhalla support Mrs Iyer suggestion while Raman say they will have pooja but at their old home.All of them got suprised,Mrs Bhalla asks what he is saying,Raman said ” Yes,our house at Akash Ganga Society is ready and all of us can shift back in a few more week”.Mrs Bhalla says she misses her home so much and finally they are going back to their old house whereas Mrs Iyer thank God that finally they can go back to their houses.Everyone is glad.

Mihika come out from the house and find Abhishek standing in the lobby.She ask what he is doing in the lobby and why he does not enter into the house.He said he was waiting for her and actually want to aplogize,whatever Sarika has done to her so everyone believe that she is the one who murder Rinki on purpose.He said he is even embraced for even face her or anyone in her family.Mihika make him sit and hold his hand.
She said it’s not his fault and no one in the family is angry with him.Instead of angry she is proud of him that even though his sister is the one who make the crime he arrest her and prove to everyone that nothing is bigger than justice.She said that she has never seen a responsible police officer like him before.Both of them share a eyelock.Dhoka dhadi………… from R..Rajkumar plays.

Ishita and Raman came out from the house and interrupt both of them.Abhishek wants to say something to Raman and Ishita but before that Ishita ask Abhishek not to fell guilty for whatever Sarika has done and it doesn’t bear upon his relationship with both Bhalla’s and Iyer’s.Abhishek take a leave and Raman ask Abhishek to drop Mihika in office.Ishita and Raman looks at each other and smiles while Mihika and Abhishek leave together.

Precap : Raman drops Ishita at the clinic and hold her hand before she can get out from the car.

Credit to: Arul

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  3. love it yaar,tere story he better hey ekta say

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