Arul Fiction YHB ( Loves Is In The Air )

The episode starts with Mihika and Abhishek leaving.Ishita says to Raman,”Something is going on between both of them and I have to find out”.
“Uff,you already started your Jagga Jasoos work Madrasan,can’t you leave both of them alone must you interfere in their personal life”,says Raman.
Ishita says “What do you mean by interfering in their personal matter? Mihika is my younger sister and I have full right to know what is going on in her life”.Raman says to himself that it waste of time talking to her.Raman tell Ishita to come,he will drop her to the clinic today.Both of them leave together while Ishita jerk.

Vandu is sitting on the couch looking tired,Bala enters in and ask what happen.Vandu says to Bala that it’s nothing,but works at the college had increased.Bala brings coffee and massage Vandu shoulder so she will be relaxed.Vandu say thank you and he is the best husband in the world.

Raman and Ishita reach her clinic,when Ishita ready to get down from the car Raman hold her hand.Ishita ask in anger “Now what,there is anything else left to be said?”She tries to release her hand from his grip but he hold her hand firmly.
Raman asks her to listen to him first what he want to say,”I know you care about Mihika and want to secure her from getting hurt in any way,but understand Ishita,Mihika is a bold and mature girl and can make decisions by herself what she wants in her life.If she needs any advice,she will come to you and you know about it or maybe she herself not sure her feelings for Abhishek.
Ishita says to Raman that he is right,but he can make her understand politely like this before also what the need to shout at her and says she love to interfere in people personal life.
Raman says “Yeah,it’s true I can make you understand before this in a polite manner but what to do,I am a Punjabi munda and need spice in my romance,if I had made you understand politely at first,then how can I convince you now by holding your hand”.He blink at her and she smiles at him.Dil Kahin Rukhta Nahi…… was played as both of them hold their hands tightly.

She asks him can she go now,as she is already late for clinic.He asks her to go and break people’s tooth.Raman watches as Ishita get down the car.Raman get a call from Mihir and ask Raman where is he and what time he is coming to office.Raman says that he have an important work and will come after finish the work.

Precap : Raman enters Ashok cabin and gave him a tight slap.

Credit to: Arul

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  1. Precap is interesting…can’t wait for your next ff

    1. Thank you Aspiring Vira 🙂

  2. I name the title as Arul Fiction YHB so it can be easily notice for you people bcs there is a lot of YHB fan fiction 🙂

  3. What is fan fiction. Can anybody tell me, this is not what happened in today,s episode so what’s this

    1. Fan fiction is the storyline of a series created by the fans by their own

  4. Nice story…… Good arul

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