arshu’s love story Episode 1


Thanks for your valuable comments… Lets begin with story..

Parishith(arvi) is sleeping.. His mom comes to wake up him..tells him it’s June 1st get up school starts at 8:45am not pm.. He wakes up..say mom please..i wanna sleep for sometime.. She stares at him.. He goes to take bath.. She smiles..keeps his books in his bag.. Then goes to prepare breakfast.. He comes to have breakfast.. Then he leaves for school..

At school..
Arvi meets his friends.. They enjoy in class.. All are busy talking.. Suddenly bell rings..they go inside the class. Arvi,Manu and Surya are seating in last row.. Teacher takes attendance.. Then tell them you have now in high school you should be serious and responsible.. Manu says mam if we become serious then we will join hospital.. All start laughing.. Teacher tell you won’t change in life..i really wonder which girl gonna bear you life long.. All start laughing.. Suddenly a girl comes and stand near door.. She says excuse me mam.. Teacher ask her come inside.. She gives her a file.. Teacher reads it and say her welcome tapu ..ask her to introduce herself.. Tapu says hi friends im tapu..i studied in hostel till now but due to mom’s insistence dad made me join this school.. Teacher asks her get seated..and tell others to become her friends.. Tapu goes and seats in last girls row.. She smiles seeing other girl(Madhu) they become friends…

In break time
All are talking.. Suddenly tapu’s phone rings.. Madhu asks her did you bring your phone? Tapu says my cousin sister will join this school she doesn’t know anything about this she gave me phone and asked me call in break time to inform about this school.. Madhu says but keep phone in silent mode ok.. Tapu nods ok.. Madhu takes her to Arvi gang and introduce them to her.. Arvi just smiles..then Manu and Surya say her hai.. Tapu smiles and say hai.. They all lunch together.. Arvi asks Manu and Tapu to come with him.. They leave Surya and Madhu alone and go to class.. Tapu says Madhu? Arvi and Manu look at her and say don’t call her.. She asks why? Manu says simply after some days you will understand.. She says what? Manu say nothing come.. They all seat chitchat about tapu’s hostel.. Arvi asks her why didn’t join school earlier when you’re home is here.. She says my cousin sister is the reason..she wanted to join hostel so my parents also made me join it…but we had good time for two years..there cold temperature ice creams..going to movie without parents permission.. Manu ask her what you did all these?then you didn’t study? She says no no im topper of my class but I enjoyed my life also.. Arvi says so cool I didn’t know that hostels are so cool.. Tapu says hostels are boring but friends and especially my sis.. Manu says her stop your sister story.. Arvi smiles.. She nods ok…

Madhu come to class.. Teacher comes..class starts.. Tapu observe Surya bunked class.. She thinks Madhu and Surya are pairs’s not good to ask her.. Arvi observe confusion in tapu’s face and think she is definitely thinking about Surya and Madhu.. He smiles.. Manu ask what happened? Arvi shows him Tapu.. Manu says she is looking pretty na.. Arvi starts coughing… Teacher asks what happened? Manu replies dust allergy mam..they didn’t clean floor so.. Teacher asks them to come front and seat.. Arvi says mam im okay here.. Teacher says ok..concentrate on class now.. Arvi says ok mam.. Madhu asks what happened? Arvi smiles says nothing.. After teacher leave class.. Manu glares at Arvi.. He runs out of class.. Manu starts chasing him.. Madhu and tapu take there bags leave from class.. Surya asks Madhu what happened? She says I don’t know..Arvi and Manu went out.. Tapu says their bags are with us.. Surya says get me their bags I’ll take it..asks Madhu to go home with tapu today.. She nods ok leave with Tapu..
Arvi and Manu come to Surya.. Arvi keep laughing.. Manu says shut up.. Surya asks what happened? Arvi signs ill say.. Manu says you are really.. Surya asks what happened say now.. Arvi say him what happened in class then… Surya says Manu said truth only na..she is looking pretty… Arvi and Manu glares at him and say wait we’ll say Madhu.. Surya says Madhu is best friend.. Arvi says yeah more than best friend…starts laughing.. Manu and Surya say as I you won’t fall for any girl.. Arvi says I didn’t find any girl till now… Surya says Arvi what about that girl who kept staring at you last year.. Arvi says all my class girls are my sisters ok.. Manu says ok ok now come im feeling hungry.. They leave to have juice..

At juice shop..
Arvi comes to order juice.. He see’s tapu ordering juice..smiles thinking something.. He goes says dude its rush I wait there.. Manu says this fellow and goes to bring juice.. He smiles seeing Tapu.. She is wearing long skirt and top..see him and ask you didn’t go home? He says we will go to home by 8 daily after group studies at Arvi’s home.. She smiles..he asks with whom you came here? She shows a girl..say my sister.. He says okay.. She says bye and go.. He comes to arvi with juice say idiot fellow.. Arvi smiles..says I thought you will enjoy her company..? Surya says enough have juice lets go home.. They have juice..

Precap: Aishu’s entry to school.. Arvi getting engaged in fight with her…

Please let me know did you like it?

Credit to: Navya

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  1. awesome

  2. Sry yar I did nt read ur intro part…who s. arshu ??who r t pairs???anyways ur story s nice

  3. This fiction is inspired from love after marriage by pooja di.. I used her character’s.. I’m imagining aishu as Swara and Arvi as sanskar..

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