arshu’s love story Episode 2


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Arvi leaves for home.. Surya and Manu are about to leave.. They see tapu.. Surya smiles.. Tapu waves them hi.. They talk for a while.. Aishu comes there.. Tapu introduce aishu to them.. Aishu says hi..smiles..your my sis new classmates..she was saying about you all.. Tapu says uncle.. Aishu see’s car..say Hitler came we should go bye.. Tapu waves bye and leaves with aishu.. Surya and Manu say together aishu?? Surya says this girl will make friends fast.. Manu says she will be our sister ok.. Surya nods yes… They leave for home..

Next day…
Surya and Manu are waiting for arvi.. Madhu comes there.. Manu ask Surya to go with her.. They leave.. Manu thinks yesterday tapu didn’t wear uniform..from today she will be in she might look.. Arvi comes there..see him lost..hits him on back and say class started come..tapu msgd me.. Manu ask when did she come? Arvi says come lets go and ask.. Manu stare at him..then both go inside.. They reach class.. Teacher asks is this time to come? Arvi says sorry mam..both get inside class.. Tapu and Madhu smiles seeing them.. Classes go on…

Break time..
Tapu goes out in rush.. All keep seeing her.. She comes to admission room.. She see’s aishu siting alone… Aishu smiles seeing her… After completing admission process they go out.. Aishu says im feeling hungry… Tapu smiles and takes her to class room.. Arvi,Manu and Surya are sitting having their lunch.. Aishu comes there.. Tapu takes lunch box and feeds aishu.. Boys see Madhu give aishu water bottle.. Tapu says now go home ok..tomorrow you can attend classes.. Aishu says but.. Tapu asks for 2 hrs what you will do? Aishu replies ill check out school.. Madhu asks her be careful.. Aishu nods ok..goes out of class… Then classes starts..all get busy..
Madhu and tapu go in search of aishu.. They see her playing basketball.. Tapu says it’s time to go home… Aishu says please.. Boys come there… Aishu tries to put ball.. Manu take ball as it comes his side.. She goes to take.. Physical instructor come there.. She takes ball and puts it into basket.. She hears horns sound..her happiness vanishes and she leaves everything runs towards car.. Tapu also goes after her without saying a word or bye.. All keep seeing them..
Physical instructor asks Madhu who has she? Madhu say she is 7th std student new admission sir.. He goes from there.. Arvi asks Madhu shall we go? She nods yes.. All starts going from there.. Manu thinks why these girls are like this..they left everything without thinking anything when heard horns sound.. Arvi shakes him..asks what happened? He nods nothing.. Madhu says arvi he is thinking about Tapu.. Arvi smiles.. They reach home..

At aishu’s home..
She is sleeping on bed.. Her mom comes there.. She gets up and hugs her..ask her what mistake I have done that dad hates me so much? Her mom tells to get’re my princess na.. Aishu smiles and goes to get ready.. Her mom keeps books and bag ready.. She thinks aishu you didn’t do anything everything happened bcz of your sister..after her death your dad became stone hearted person.. She smiles seeing aishu coming out..take her to dinning table.. They have dinner.. Aishu sits watching television.. She sleeps there itself..

Aishu wakes up goes to take bath..she gets ready and leave for school in cycle.. She thinks from today car horns will not be there.. Tapu joins her.. She smiles..they in way to school..aishu keeps talking.. Suddenly she hits Arvi’s cycle.. It falls down.. Arvi is standing little far from there.. He comes there..keeps his cycle properly.. He asks her she could done one work at a time ..talking and riding.. She says don’t you have other place to keep your cycle.. He says its not your place ok.. She says same.. Tapu says aishu be silent na.. Aishu says you don’t interfere.. Arvi says tapu you don’t interfere.. She says don’t say anything to my sis.. He says only you can say? She says yea..she is my sis ok.. Manu come there..asks what happened? Aishu says that stupid is irritating me.. Arvi asks what stupid? Aishu says na..Idiot.. Arvi says what?? She says idiot… Bell rings..tapu says aishu first day don’t be late.. Aishu says ok sis bye.. Mr.idiot ill see you later.. Arvi says you… Tapu and Manu smile..take Arvi with them.. Manu keeps irritating arvi idiot..a arvi stare at him in class timings..

At break time..
Tapu says ill make aishu take lunch and come.. Madhu says you can bring her here na..we all can have lunch together.. She smiles and say ok.. They all go to have lunch.. Aishu comes.. They have lunch together.. Madhu says now Aishu and Arvi tell sorry to each other.. They both stare at one another.. Arvi says I didn’t do anything..she should say sorry not me.. Aishu says I won’t say sorry..that to this idiot.. Arvi says you girl be quite ok.. She says im aishu ok.. He says so what you are a girl.. Tapu says arvi and aishu please be silent for sometime.. Both say ok.. Tapu says aishu he is elder to should respect him ok.. Aishu nods ok.. Madhu says Arvi please for me.. Arvi says ok.. Both asks sorry to each other.. All smile.. They leave for class..
All leave together.. Aishu speaks talking about what happened in class.. Tapu and Madhu smile.. Madhu says Manu birthday next week.. Manu leaves.. After that Arvi and Surya with girls make plan for manu’s birthday.. All say are best.. She smiles..

Precap: Manu birthday celebrations..

Credit to: Navya

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