ArShi-ShraMan FF: No Reason To Love You…Still I Love You…Teaser


He looked towards her face as his hands were on her waist , her eyes were closed. Slowly he pulled out her white shirt which was tucked in her skirt , now his hands were on her bare waist , he felt a strange sensation in his body as he felt her waist , slowly he made her lie on the bed , his hand still on her waist , he tried to get his hand free , her eyes opened as she looked towards him on her top. Her eyes widened as she pushed him away , furiously.


” I Love You…I really Love You.. “She held his hand as she cried continuously, he jerked her hand away looking at her confused, angrily.

She again held his hand, he tried freeing himself but she was not ready to leave.

” Shravan…” A shout startled them both , a girl was standing on the door , drops of tears escaping her eyes slowly.


She crouched herself under the table as she heard the boy laughing , she held herself tight as she tried hard to control herself , tears were escaping her eyelids.

” Sweetheart…where are you…Sweetheart..” The words increased her heartbeat as faded memories of past came haunting to her , she held herself more tightly , if she could , she wouldn’t have allowed herself even to breath, what if her breath made him reach her…

She closed her eyes as she heard a sound , ” Bhooo…” She looked towards the boy pepping in from outside…he pulled her out smilingly while she was crying…


Red , It is the colour of Love as well as of Blood , at one side it symbolizes union , at other side separation… Walked she, through the passages of her life coloured in this colour, Red only to be pulled back on her steps…Red Symbolized both its meanings on her…Will she Get Love or Will she face loneliness…Again…?


A/N: My first story on ArShi though I have written a One Shot on ShraMan before, I hope it just goes down well, this story is a kind of dream project for me so hope you all like it, It will be kind of complicated story with lots of mysteries, would love to see your guesses about the Teaser.If you liked it then Please do consider commenting.

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  1. Wow pia awesome dear??

    1. Piyali

      Thanks dear , Happy you liked the teaser…you way of addressing me…Pia reminded me of an old friend….thanks a lot again…Love you…Be Happy…

  2. Honey

    nice dr, continue it

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      Thanks a lot dear…..will try to continue soon…..

  3. That’s interesting. Nice one.
    Keep continue please.

    1. Piyali

      Thanks a lot dear , yup ,will continue soon..

  4. IME

    Continue soon dear!!
    Its interesting!!

    1. Piyali

      Thanks alot dear , will continue soon…

  5. Fenil

    Both SharMan & Arshi is my fav :*:*:*:*@):[email protected]):[email protected]):-
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