ArShi-ShraMan FF: No Reason To Love You…Still I Love You…Prologue


“I Love You…I really Love You..”She held his hand as she cried continuously, he jerked her hand away looking at her confused, angrily.

She again held his hand, he tried freeing himself but she was not ready to leave.

“Shravan…” A shout startled them both , a girl was standing on the door , drops of tears escaping her eyes slowly.

” Dii…” Khushi woke up screaming as she heard the sound of a slap.

” Mumma…what happened??” A little girl came running towards her while Khushi was in utmost shock, she looked towards Arohi ,The little girl who was completely dressed for her schools except for her messy hair which were highlighted because of her clean look and them being an exception to it.

” Nothing My doll…” Khushi said as she hugged Arohi tightly, as she did so , tear drops fell from her eyes, something did trouble her a lot from within which she hid from the little angel who hadn’t been exposed to the world yet.

Arohi broke the hug and looked towards Khushi’s tears, she wiped off a tear and smiled , ” Khushu…I hate tears…” She said while Khushi looked towards the Nuantanki standing in front of her now.

She seemed to remember something, a cute memory of the past came flashing in front of her eyes:

“Why are you crying now yaar Khushi…You know na I hate tears…specifically in your eyes…” Suman said as she sat next to Khushi on the bed.

Khushi hugged her tightly as she said, ” Teacher scolded me today dii…just because I came a bit late…it’s so wrong…” She continued crying while Suman caressed her hair from back.

” Sweeto, no problem…you were late na..I’ll drop you myself from tomorrow… don’t cry…” Suman continued caressing her as she broke the hug and wiped Khushi’s tears.

Khushi blinked her eyes as the scene evaporated in front of her eyes taking in the memories of Suman, Taking in the memories of her dii, she looked towards Arohi blank.

Then suddenly she wiped off the remaining tears from her eyes and picked Arohi up , then she made her sit on her lap and started combing her hair into two cute Ponytails at either side.

“I love you na Mumma…” Arohi said once she was done.

” I love you too na Bacha…” Khushi replied as she kissed Arohi on her cheeks and went to the kitchen to prepare something for the doll.

On the way she looked towards a few photo frames on wall , her eyes fell on the frame of a girl , ” Dii…Your Angel is just like you…Sweetest…” She said as tears welled in her eyes once again.

” Mumma…” She heard as she wiped them off and rushed to the Kitchen.


” My day starts with love and ends with love…but the point different is only that this love is different…this is what I call my Hating Love…” Arnav said to himself as he thrashed himself hard with his own belt, he didn’t had his clothes on and his body was full of marks of belt , seemed like the belt was there to fulfill this purpose only.

He kept the belt down as he heard a voice, ” Choote…” Arnav quickly wore his shirt as he opened the door, tensed.


He looked towards the bar of the jail he is confined within, ” I can see anything but hatred in your eyes , No…I can’t” He said as tears drops welled in his eyes, he wiped them off… he wanted to cry still he didn’t… he had to be strong.


Author’s Note: So a small Prologue…I know it might be confusing and it’s very short too but it’s only because it’s the Prologue…The Chapter’s will be long…Would love to hear your response if you like it. Waiting…

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  1. Fenil

    Emotional prologue
    Hate love of Arnav punishing himself.
    Arohi is SharMan Daughter !!:)

    1. Piyali

      Thanks for the comment Bhaiyaa(Sorry checked out your profile)….Happy you liked it…sorry for the delay…

  2. Prettypreeti

    hi priyali really great one nice prologue would love to read more and really attaching one..keep going dear two of my favourate couple

    1. Piyali

      Thanks alot dear, Hhappy knowing your views…cute name…

  3. Nice & promising start

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