Arshi as Malayalees Onam in God’s own country Part 2(Last chapter)


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Onam in God’s own country Part 2

Khushi’s and Arnav’s Kerala saree-Dhoti picture is not edited by me.I got it from facebook.So the entire credit of that picture goes to the unknown editor.
Arnav-Khushi were sleeping.

The past haunted Arnav and he became guilty and restless.Khushi noticed it.
K:Arnavetta…(Arnavji…)What happened?

Arnav got up and held her hand.
A:Sorry Khushi…I hurt you a lot.I mean Manikutty…
Khushi couldn’t believe that he called her Manikutty.

Flash back…

During Arnav Khushi’s first conversation Arnav looked at her deeply.She blushed.
She:Khushi?I am Manikutty.
A:I know.But I prefer to call you Khushi.

A:Because Khushi means happiness and you brought happiness to my life.
She blushed.


Khushi:Don’t call me Manikutty Arnavetta…(Don’t call me Manikutty Arnavji…)I want you to call me Khushi.That’s what I like.
Arnav gave a pale smile.
A:We will go to Kerala to celebrate Onam.
Khushi was suprised:Really?
Khushi was excited:I am so happy.

They went to Kerala.Khushi was very happy to see her village and family after a long time.

Khushi’s parents,her brother Mithun,his wife Mitra were very happy.It was an emotional meeting for all of them.Unknowingly Arnav’s eyes became wet seeing their love for each other.

Khushi,Prameela and Mitra put a beautiful pookkalam.(The floral carpet, known as β€˜Onapookkalam’,[ is made out of the gathered blossoms with several varieties of flowers of differing tints pinched up into little pieces to serve the decorator’s purpose).

They prepared a delicious sadya(Feast).
Mukundan,Prameela,Mithun and Mita wore traditional kerala clothes.

Mithun:Manikutty…neeithuvare ready ayille?
(You are not ready yet?)
Mukundan:Prameela…Manikutty enta orungathathu?(Why Manikutty is not dressed up?)
P:Jnanendu parayana?(What can I say?)

Mitra:Did you forget how to drap Kerala saree after settling in Bombay?
Khushi:Nothing like that ettathi.(Nothing like that Bhabhi)I don’t have any Kerala saree now.
Mithun:You changed a lot Manikutty.Anyways we have bought Kerala clothes for you and Arnav and they are in your room.Go change and come.
Khushi couldn’t believe it.
K:Thank you etta.(Thank you brother).This time also you all didn’t forget t buy onakkodi for me.

(The tradition of buying and wearing new clothes for the occasion of Onam is called the Onakkodi).
Mukundan,Pramela,Mithun-Mitra smiled seeing her innocent happiness.

Khushi wore the Kerala saree and traditional ornaments.
Arnav smiled:You look very pretty.
She blushed:You started admiring me again in traditional clothes.
Suddenly she noticed him in jeans.
K:What’s this Arnavetta(Arnavji)?You are in jeans?Today is Thiruvonam.Wear mundu(Dhoti) and come.
A:Me in Mundu(Dhoti)?Are you crazy?No way.I don’t like Mundu(Dhoti).You know that.
K:But at least on Onam….
A:No way.
Khushi left the room gloomy.

After sometime Arnav came wearing dhoti.Khushi was surprised.Arnav was shy.
K:Arnavetta(Arnavji),you look handsome in traditional mundu(dhoti).
He smiled.

Prameela,Mitra and Khushi did Thiruvathirakali with a gang of ladies.
(Thiruvathirakali is a women’s dance performed in a circle around a lamp.)

They went to see Vallam Kali,



and Atthachamayam.

It was a new experience for Arnav.
After that they all had sadya together.

After reaching Bombay Arnav-Khushi went through their Onam photographs.
A:I must admit..this Onam gave me a lot of beautiful memories.We will celebrate Onam every year in Kerala with your family.
She smiled resting her head on his shoulder.

The End

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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