Arshi as Malayalees Onam in God’s own country Part 1

Onam in God’s own country Part 1

Khushi wore a saree to attend a party.

Seeing her in saree Arnav became irritated.
A:What the hell Khushi?Saree?This is a Business party.Not a festival.Go change and come.

K:But Arnavetta….nammaladyam kandumuttiyappo jnan pattupavadayum blousum aanu itturunnathu.Anna veshathilanu ningalenne ishtapettathum pranayichatum.Pinne Bombayil vannappo ningalentha maariyathu?Ivide vannathinu shesham ningalkku jnan Indian clothes idunnathu ishtameyalla.Athenda Arnavetta?
(But Arnavji….When we met for the first time I was dressed in silk blouse and skirt.That time you liked me in that attire and fell in love with me.Then why did you change after reaching Bombay?After coming here you don’t like me wearing Indian clothes at all.Wy Arnavji?).
A:Kaaranam thu Keralamalla.Ithu Bombayyaanu.Ividathe partiesil nee naadan vasthramaninjal athenikku naanakeedanu.
(Because this not Kerala.This is Bombay.Here if you wear traditional clothes for parties it’s a shame for me.)
Khushi became upset.

She went and changed into a red frock and attended the party with Arnav.She pretended to be happy while mingling with others and made Arnav happy.

Khushi got a call from her mother Prameela.

P:Mole Manikutty…(Daughter Manikutty…)
Khushi became emotional.
She thought:Ammayum Achanum Ettanumenne Manikutteennu vilikkumbozha njanente perorkkunnathu.Ivide jnan Khushiyanu.
(When my parents and brother call me Manikutty only I remember my name.Here I am Khushi).
P:Mole…nee ee onathinengilum ivied varumo?Achan kathirikkukkaya.
(Daughter,will you visit us at least this Onam?Your father is waiting).
(Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of Kerala).
Khushi became upset as she had no hope.
K:Amma..adhehathinu thirakka.(Mother…He is busy)Since I am also involved in his business I am also busy.
Suddenly the phone was snatched from her by Khushi’s brother Mithun.
M:Manikutty,don’t try to avoid visiting us giving an excuse about your busy schedule.Nee vanne pattoo Arnavneyum kootti(You should come with Arnav).
Khushi gave a fake amile:Shariyetta(Yes brother).

Khushi went to Arnav.
K:Arnavetta,namukkeepravashyamengilum nattil onathinu pokande?
(Arnavji,shouldn’t we go to our Native Place at least this Onam?)
A:Leaving our business?
K:Only for 2-3 days.It’s been a long time since we visited Kerala.
A:What will we do there?
K:Ningalenthina ingane samsarikkunnathu?(Why are you talking like this?)Though you were brought up in Bombay you are a malayali.Then why are you detached from Kerala?At least to celebrate Onam can’t we go to Kerala?
A:We can attend Malayalam Association’s Onam celebration.Why should we go to Kerala for that?
K:Keralathile Onam poleyaakilla ividathe Onam.
(Celebrating Onam here can’t be like celebrating Onam in Kerala).
A:Oh…stop it Khushi.
K:Why Arnavetta?(Why Arnavji?)After marriage I changed myself for you.i even changed my name to live in Bombay.I started wearing modern clothes for you.Why can’t you at least come with me to Kerala during Onam?
Broken Khushi ran away crying.Arnav felt bad.
He got Mithun’s call.
M:Arnav,you forgot our friendship?
A:No Mithun,it’s just that I got busy.
M:I know…After all you are a Business Tycoon.But spare some time and come here on Onam.We all miss you guys very much.

Arnav was taken back to past.Mithun and he were classmates in Bumbay.Though originally a malayali since Arnav was brought up in Bombay he had no connection wuth Kerala.Bring a Keralite Mithun took Arnav to his Village.Arnav was fascinated by the greenery and blue rivers.

A:Truly God’s own country.
Minthun introduced his parents Mukundan Menon,Prameela and sister Manikutty(Khushi) to Arnav.They all gave him a warm welcome.
Arnav’s eyes were stuck on Minthun’s sister Manikutty(Khushi).
She was dressed in traditional silk blouse-skirt and ornaments with jasmine flowers on hair.

Both shared a cute eye lock.It was love at first sight for both of them.When Arnav left she was upset.He too was upset.Arnav came with his parents and requested Khushi’s parents to get her married to him.They were happy and got them married.After marriage Arnav and Khushi left for Bombay.Mithun settled in Kerala and married his cousin Mitra.
Arnav Khushi attended their wedding and that was their last visit to Kerala.
Because of the Bombay life style Arnav was forced to change Manikutty(Khushi).As the people over there couldn’t pronounce her name properly he changed her name officially to Khushi.Gradually Manikutty became Khushi.

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