Arshi made for each other – Part 1

Recap: vividha meets person at coffee shop

It’s none other than ravish

Viv: ok let me think bye

Rav: ok no problem

Other side Atharv meets bank manager and gets loan to start enterprise

After 6 months

Award function

Anchor announces best CEO award goes to

Any guesses

Mr Atharv Ramakant

Atharv receives award and gives speech

Next day in the air port

Naina: bhai take care bye

Atharv​: ok didi u too take care

Atharv goes into flight and reaches united states of America

Statue of Liberty, Disney world, white House etc popular places of USA shown onscreen

After landing in airport, foreign delegate receives him

Atharv reaches hotel after fresh up he goes to attend meeting

In the meeting Atharv gives his presentation

After giving presentation he sits

One lady stands to give presentation alongside​ with his person

Atharv is shocked

To be continued

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