Arshi FF – Aashiqui 2 (Part 3)


Arshi FF – Aashiqui 2
Part 3
All the candidates are waiting for their audition. Khushi is waiting for her turn. Arnav sees her & said, “All the best, Khushi. Don’t get nervous.” Everyone is done with their auditions. It is now Khushi’s turn. She sings the same song in the audition. Manohar gets impressed. He selects some of the candidates. Khushi is one of them.
Manohar: Everything is perfect, but the candidates need some amount of grooming.
Arnav: I’ll train them.
He begins his training session for the selected candidates. Khushi learns things very fast. Arnav begins one to one session for everyone. He demonstrates it before them and said, “You need to practice this raaga.” It is now Khushi’s turn. She is nervous.
Arnav: No need to get nervous. You can sing freely here.
He demonstrates it before Khushi

Khushi: You sing very well. You have got so many cups.
Arnav: You can win more cups than me. We can talk later. You need to focus right now.
Khushi sings. Arnav corrects her & demonstrates it to her again.
Khushi: I can’t sing.
Arnav: You can sing. I have taken that responsibility to see that you come up in your career.
Khushi: I’m scared to sing on the stage.
Arnav: Initially, it will be like that. I too had stage fear, but I overcame it. You too can. I have full confidence in you.

Khushi locks herself out of fear. Arnav goes to her & said, “I have full confidence in you that you will perform. Please open the door for my sake if not for yourself. Khushi, I love you.”
Khushi opens the door & sings before Arnav.

Arnav: Perfect.
They sing on the song
Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa (x2)
Itna bata doon tujhko
Chaahat pe apni mujhko
Yun tto nahi ikhtiyaar
Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne
Ab jo laga hoon milne
Poochhu tujhe ek baar
Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa
Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
O.. kisi se bhi milne ki
Naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljha de
Chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de
Chaahun main ya naa
Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain
Khwabon mein geet hain
Geeton mein zindagi hai
Chaahat hai, preet hai
Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab woo
Jin mein na tu mile
Le khole honth maine

Ab tak the jo sile
Mujhko na jitna mujh pe
Utna iss dil ko tujh pe
Hone laga aitbaar
Tanha lamhon mein apne
Bunti hoon tere sapne
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar o o..
Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa
Chaahun main ya naa
Tere khaabon mein ab jeena

Chaahun main kyun naa!
Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa
Everyone goes to the studio and give their voice recordings. Manohar’s team practices hard and is ready for the singing competition. Khushi gets nominated among the female singers. She has come to the finals. Khushi is in search of Arnav but does not find him. They call Khushi’s name. Manohar is also looking for Arnav. He said, “Arnav will come. I will get him. You go to the stage.”
Khushi goes to the stage & sings. Manohar finds Arnav drinking outside the studio.
Manohar: The show is going on. Don’t you want to see your Khushi singing?
Arnav: I was waiting for her turn.
Manohar: Come, let’s go.
Arnav comes to see Khushi singing.
The show is over. All are waiting for the results. The judges declare Khushi as the best singer. Everyone congratulates Khushi.
Arnav: Congratulations Khushi! You have done it.
Arnav & Khushi takes the trophy to her house. Shashi, Garima & Payal are elated.

Garima: I knew that you will definitely top. Thanks a lot Arnav.
Arnav: You don’t have to thank me. Khushi is very much talented. I’ve only guided her.
Garima: I know that you & Khushi love each other. God bless both of you.
She goes to the kitchen to get snacks for everyone. They have a good time at Khushi’s house.
Khushi becomes popular among the female singers. Arnav and Khushi practice for duet singing.

All the beer and bars switch on the T.V to see them singing. They began to comment, “As long as they are single, they are fine. But once they are married, their lives will be entirely different. It will be hard for Khushi to adjust with Arnav because of his drinking habits. He will envy her later and will even beat her up when he is not in his senses. It will be a burden for Khushi to balance between her career and personal life. When Arnav falls sick, she will have to wipe his vomit and have to look after him day and night. Her singing career will go in for a toss.”
Arnav overhears this and gets discouraged.

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    Its really very nice one dude……….but pls don’t bring the end of Aashiqui 2 yaar………I liked the movie but the end………no no pls no……….

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      In my FF, Arnav won’t die

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