Arrogantly in love~ Chapter-1

Caution- Many characters so try to remember!

Sanskar Maheshwari- An heartless businessman for the world but a totally different person for his family and friends. He is 24 years old. Owner of the Karma Industries. Loves his family a lot. [Varun Kapoor]

Swara Kapoor- A bubbly, innocent, rich and joyfull girl. Given the unofficial title of ‘Queen of beauty’. 21 years old. A super model. Has a tiny miny crush on Sanskar. Loves her family and friends a lot. [Helly Shah]

Laksh Maheshwari- Younger brother of Sanskar years old. 22 years old. A flirty and fun loving guy. [Namish Taneja]

Ragini Kapoor- Elder sister of Swara. 22 years old. Loves her sister a lot and overprotective for her. Hates her father, and is hiding a secret from Swara. [Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar]

Diya Maheshwari- Youngest of the Maheshwari siblings. 19 years old. A beautiful fun loving girl. Partner of crime with Aadit. [Roshini Walia]

Aadarsh Maheshwari- Eldest of Maheshwari siblings, married to Parineeta, and has a son named Aadit. [Tarun Singh]

Parineeta Maheshwari- Wife of Aadarsh. A caring and responsible daughter in law, mother of Aadit. [Akansha Singh]

Aadit Maheshwari (Adi)- Youngest member of the maheshwari family. He is a prankster and a naughty kid, who is full of life. He is the apple of everyone’s eyes . 5 years old. [Afan Khan]

Annapurna Maheshwari(AP)- Mother of Laksh and Aadrsh. A kind lady. [Shalini Kappor]

Durgaprasad Maheshwari(DP)- Father of Laksh and Aaarsh.A top businessman and strict person but loves his family. [Nagesh Salwan ]

Sujata Maheshwari- Mother of Sanskar and Diya. An old-fashioned and funny lady. [Sonica Handa]

Ramprasad Maheshwari(RP)- Father of Sanskar and Diya, brother of DP. Helps him in business. [Amar Sharma]

Shekhar Kapoor- A rich businessman, father of Swaragini. Has a past which he has hidden from Swara. Pampers and loves her a lot. Ragini hates him. [Sachin Tyagi]

Sharmishtha Kapoor (Sumi)- Wife of Shekhar and a caring mother. Knows Shekhar’s truth but supports him. (Why?) [Parineeta Borthakur]

Kavita Singhania- Best friend of Swara. Loves her a lot. 21 years old. [Nikita Singh]

Ahaan Singh- Best buddy of Sanskar. Can do anything for him. [Karan Tacker]

** Other required characters are added when needed. **
‘I hope for your sake Mr. Malhotra, that you are better on documents then you are on Mumbai roads!’ Were the exact words Sanskar Maheshwari had said when his employ gave the excuse of getting ‘lost’, for being late, adding that he as new to this city.

‘Yes sir.’, Mr. Malhotra nodded with his head hung down. Soon he left the cabin murmuring another sorry.

‘These people!’, Sanskar muttered before calling someone.

‘Hello!’, came a thin girly voice from the other side.
‘Where are you?’ Sanskar asked.
There was a sigh from the other side. ‘Reaching your cabin.’
‘ Ohkay…Wait! What are you doing here, Diya?’ It was funny how genuinely shocked Sanskar looked.
‘Come on Bhai! Of course I am at home!’, Diya, Sanskar’s younger sister, said whining.
Sanskar laughed. One of those laughs no one ever gets to hear, except his family,’ Okay Okay! Is Lucky at home?’ Sanskar asked then quickly added, before she could make another sarcastic remark. ‘ Of course he is! Give the phone to him.’

‘Better’, Diya muttered before disappearing to call Laksh.

Sanskar could hear a ‘Where is my monkey brother now?’ and the giggle of someone in the background.

‘I am here bandariya!’, a male voice could be heard.
‘Don’t call me bandariya!’ Diya whined.
‘Then don’t call me monkey!.’ The male voice said.

‘I AM HERE TOO PEOPLE!’ Sanskar stated as they were engrossed in their own world forgetting he was on hold.

‘Oops! Sorry I forgot bhai! Lucky bhai is here.’, Diya said before handing the phone to call off and running away to play with Aadit, her young nephew.

‘Yes bhai?’ Laksh asked Sanskar.
‘Lucky I need your help in the presentation. Be in the office soon.’
‘Mooooom! Where’s my breakfast?’, Ragini yelled from the dining table. True she is such a foodie!

‘Coming Beta!’, Sharmishtha headed towards her with a tray of delicious food.
‘Where is Shona?’, Sumi asked.

‘Sleeping beauty!’ Ragini morphed.
This girl!
‘WHAT! But it is 9:30 already ! Go wake her up.’

Ragini knew it was an impossible task, picturing how she must be cuddling with her teddy. But maa ka hukum sarakhon par!
Ragini took a deep breath- It won’t even be that difficult after all! She glanced at Swara sleeping, covering her body in a cozy soft blanket, dug in her bed.

Ragini started- Swara! Wakeup! Wakeup! Wakeup! Wakeup! Huh! Huh! Huh!

‘Arrgh Shut up and lemme sleep!’, Swara shouted irritated and threw a pillow on Ragini.
But Ragini knew exactly how to wake her up. ‘Okay so you are not going for your fashion week finals today?’

And then it hit her. It was a important day at work today! And she was sleeping? Crazy her!

‘OMG you stupid sister why didn’t you woke me up?’ Swara yelled.

Ragini just stood there, staring her, noting the sarcasm in her words, with her arms crossed on her chest.

Swara bit her tongue, realizing. ‘Ok sorry! It was me who didn’t wake up; but now I’ve to get ready.’ She kissed Ragini’s cheek and went towards the bathroom while Ragini smiled at her antics.

But Swara stopped midway through the washroom and her eyes widened, realizing something horrible.
She moved back and picked her phone kept at the dressing table near her bed. As she opened it, the first thing to pop up was- 22 missed calls from Kavita. It was a nightmare come true!

Ragini gave her a ‘Now-You-Are-Gone’ look and Swara couldn’t agree less ! She signed Ragini to give her a minute (Although she knew it is gonna take more than that! ;p ) as Ragini left the room to have bf she rushed to the balcony to face her best friend, who’ll surely not hesitate too kill her today.
A/N- Hey guys! My first ever try to write something. Hoping it was not that boring and you liked it. *fingers crossed 🙂 Actually I am pretty bad at starting stories so I apologize if it was not up to mark. I’ll try to make the next chapter better with a cliffhanger ;)! As it had the character sketch included, I couldn’t manage to make it longer, sorry for that.Thanks for reading, unfortunately no time for proof read. Bye! Stay blessed!

From Saumya’s Creation Box

P.S- Just to remind you it is SwaSan. 🙂

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