arrogant man and his pink little kitten (TS) by rabia 1st shot

okay guys there is a new TS.. it contains only funny scenes and cute antics of hero’s pink little kitten. no suspense no shockss first part will be just the starting of how hero will fall in love who is famous for his arrogant behavior .. he will see her different shades of his kitten through out the journey 😉 its just a time pass idea came into my mind soo i wrote it down.. soo if u dont like it fell free to tell me 🙂

A girl is in her frnd’s home doing party… its just a normal birthday party when suddenly she received a call from her dad…

Dad : hello swara beta (yes the girl is swara)

Swara : yes dad?? (Revealed to be shekhar)

Dad : beta I know u are in your frnd’s home but beta we need u urgently…

Swara : what happened dad?

Dad : actually beta u know na we done a partnership with meheswari’s

Swara : yaa I know..

Dad : soo I done that partnership on your name soo we need your signatures urgently can u please come to meheswari office??

Swara : okay I’ll come but dad I don’t know about the location??

Shekhar : don’t worry beta kaka knows the address..

Swara : okay dad im coming..

Shekhar : okay beta

Swara is wearing a cute baby pink clr jumpsuit with long coat due to winter..

Swara is going through a high way its evening time soo there is noo rush…

Kaka is driving suddenly from behind one jeep came in which 5 boys were sitting.. they all are drinking and smoking…

Kaka is driving on a normal speed but the jeep start disturbing them and giving them horn to take a side…

Swara : kaka please let these idiots go..

Kaka: okay betii..

Kaka give them way and when jeep is passing by one of the boy saw swara and tells other soo they start disturbing them while hooting and with disgusting talks…

Swara is a very bubbly,chirpy and a naughty girl age 19… she is a very talkative girl… but this scene make her tense..

Swara : kaka please drive fast..

Kaka : beti don’t worry we will reach in 20 mins…

Swara tensely okayyy…

But the boys stopped the jeep in front of their car…

Their car stopped with a jerk… swara become scared she is going to dial her dad’s num but one boy opened her side door.. and drags her out…

Swara shouts leave meee…

One boy : how can we leave such a hot and sizzling beauty..

Swara is crying and trying to free her hand… suddenly kaka came out and slap the boyy..

Kaka : have some shame….

Boys become furious and starts beating kaka..

Kaka while getting beaten shouts.. swara betii run office is near please beti run.. these shameful creatures will not leave u if they got u….

Swara is crying bitterly.. on seeing kaka statee.. but when she saw one boy is coming towards her she pushed him and start running… boys start chasing but she didn’t stop…

She fall down due to which her knees and elbow got injured but she tries to get up and again start running… she is shivering in cold because due to heater in car she is not wearing her coat…

She is crying while running her knees and elbows were burning like hell… but she gain courage and runs…

Finally she saw a huge building.. with imprinted name of meheswaris…

She run inside…. Guards tried to stop her but she pushed themmm

She runs inside and when she reached near the reception whole office staff start looking at her…

Because she is panting heavily and crying….

Receptionist : mam who r u?? and what happened to u??

Swara : papaaa…. Where is my papa???

Recep: mam about whom u r talking?? Plz calm yourself she tried to go near her

Swara shouts in anger where is my papaaa????

She starts going inside more when receptionist tried to stop..

Swara shouts loudly paaapppaaaaaa….. paaappaaaaaa…

Whole staff is seeing her amusement but nobody understand (idiots)

Swara again shouts while crying papa and running inside the office…

Recep : mam please tell me about whom u r talking about??

Swara while crying: m..rr…r…. sheeek…haa.r….r Ga..ddoo…ddiaa

Recep: mam he is in conference room there and she points towards one room…

Swara without listening further runs towards the room…. She is feeling dizzy and much scared due to incident that’s why she does not understand anything…

Swara open the door with a jerk…..

While Inside the conference room:

6 to 7 ppl were sitting one is shekhar other one is dp and one is our hero Sanskar Meheswari

Sanskar Meheswari: age 25… businessman by profession and very arrogant and strict boss.. who smile once in a year or may be in decade….

And other ppl are lawyers or advisers… they all are waiting for swara when suddenly door opened with a jerk…

Sanskar who is sitting facing his back towards the door very shouts while turning towards the door : what the hell?? But stop after seeing one girl in a miserable statee… crying bitterly

Swara shouts: papaaa..

Shekhar who saw her daughter like this become shocked but came into senses after listening word papa…

Swara who is searching shekhar due to blur vision she is not able to see properly.. again shouts papaa..

Shekhar : swaraaaa he runs towards her while dp and sanky seeing swara with worried expressions…

They didn’t saw swara before but when sehkhar said swara they came to know that she is swara..

Shekhar goes towards swara and cups her face

Shekhar : beta what happened?? Why r u like thiss please tell me?? He become teary eyed after seeing his princess in this state…

Swara : paa..ppaaa…aaa ww…oo..h…. she is sobbing badly…

Shekhar observe she is shivering soo he take her inside the conference room and put his coat on her and take her to the couch..

Shekhar : sanskar beta please give me water..

Sankar immediately give him water and all the while he is seeing swara… he felt something strangee..

Her fair complexion is turned into red due to crying and cold….her clothes were slightly torn from knees and elbows and blood is dripping from there…

Shekhar make her drink water and caresses her back…

Swara become calm but now also she is crying and hiccupping

Shekhar : relax beta now tell me how this happened??

Swara told him everything while sobbing… and she hugged shekhar tightly….

Dp : I will call doctor.. swara got injuries..

Shekhar nodes and saw towards her injuries…

Sanky : I will snd guards to look for your driver uncle… and he goes out…

Doctor do swara’s first aid and also gave her sleeping injection… in the meantime sanky also came back.. now in conference room only dp,sanky and shekhar is present…

Sanky : uncle your driver in minor injured we snd him to home after first aid…

Shekhar : thankuu soo much betaaa he said while looking at swara who is sleeping on couch while her head is on his lap…

Dp : shekhar I think u should take swara to home…

Shekhar : ya u r right by saying this he is going to pick her up but sanky stops him and he picks her in his arm…

On which dp and shekhar pass smile to each other which is unnoticed by sanky…

Shekhar and dp wants to do swasan marriage… sanky knows about this but he never paid any heed because he was not interested in these type of talks while our naughty swara don’t know about all this.. she even don’t know about sanky… she only heard about him being an arrogant and khadoos type boy…

When sanky picks swara in his arm he felt a new feeling inside his heart because swara’s head is on his heart… his heart start’s beating fast… he smiles a little after seeing her cute pink face.. which is pale due to crying….

Later he jerks all the thoughts and lay her down in the car… shekhar take swara to home…

At night sanky is trying to sleep but swara’s sleeping face is coming in his mind again and again…

He became irritated and shouts..

Sanky : what the hell man why im not getting sleep… why that pink kitten’s face is coming again and again in my mind.. OOO God… he lay down and slept forcefully…

Next day is Sunday so dp with ap and sanky decided to go to shekhar… sanky somewhere also wants to see his pink kitten 😉 but he don’t know about this 😛

Dp reached at shekhar’s home..

Shekhar and sumi greet them…

Ap : sumii ji howz swara now??

Sumi and shekhar laughs after listening thiss..

Dp,ap and sanky become confused…

Dp : why r u laughing??

Shekhar : u will come to know after… by watching towards the clock… after 5 minss..

Trio become more confused.. but after 5 mins they came to know why shemish laughed…

Because at sharp 10 o clock… swara came down while rubbing her eyes cutely.. she is wearing her night suit… a half pant which is full of mickey mouse print and a cute shirt with
Minnie on it…with open long hair which he coming on her face…

Her elbow and knees were covered with bandaged….

She didn’t saw meheshwariss and come towards shekhar while rubbing her eyes and sits in his lap and slept again…

Dp,ap and sanky mouth open wide after seeing this scene….

They all thought that swara will be in trauma or something but by looking her this antic they start laughing whole heartedly.. even sanky is also laughing because the way she came without seeing around and slept again in his father’s lap it was too cute…

Shekhar while patting her head who is in now in tight sleep again said..

Shekhar: this is the reason I said to just wait..

Dp while controlling his laugh : shekhar your swara is soo adorable..

Ap : ya sumii jii I really like my bahuu and winks…

Sanky who heard her mom jerk towards her and compose himself…

Sumi while smiling : this is her habbit from childhood on evry Sunday she got up like this and sleeps in shekhar lap for one hr.. she never care or saw around that is anybody is here or not…

Ap : who will not like such a cute antics of her…

Shekhar : ap ji we got swara after a lot of struggle.. she is our everything.. she is may be naughty but never crossed her limits… u all must be thinking that swara will be tensed after yesterday’s incident??

Trio nodes…

Sumi smiles and said : she never took seriously any incident… it will effect only for one day and the very next day she will be like before… that’s the reason we are tnsn free that she may be effected or something…

Sanky is admiring her all the while… who is sleeping by hugging her dad…

Sanky in mind without knowledge what he is going to say : how many shades u have my pink little kitten <3

To be continued….

Precap : swara is blabbering against sanky funnily on call without knowledge that he is listening standing behind her

and tell me u want its next part or not??? one more think there is no tragedy or serious thing in this TS only swara's antics which will change sanky…

and the one who didnt commented on third part of my TS lady don and a mad boy this is your punishment that i will post his next part after completing this soo choice is your what u all wantt 😛 lady don's next part soon or late?? 😉


  1. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Di its amazing
    I didnt thought ki aap aisa kuch likhoge
    I am surprised as well as happy
    Its soooooo sweet and cuteeee

  2. Shreeyu


    |Registered Member

    Rabia Di …. This one is soooo cute… And sorry m not able to read ur other ff’s today is holiday so I somehow read this one … This story is so cute … I will b glad to read further

  3. xavia

    Awww…loved it dear…it wz amazing….hw cute swara z……n i cmntd on dat ts olso so plz nxt part soon

  4. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow yar it’s awesom Rabi
    Seriously pink kitten I loved it
    I can’t even explain when I read Swara’s antics and Sanskaar’s mind state

  5. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    Dii… It was so funny… I juz loved it…
    Plz post the next part of this ts soon…

    And yaa who dint commented on my di’s ts😤 this is not fair yaar, you all should comment naa…
    Di plz post the next part of lady don and mad boy soon…

    • Rabia



      hahahhahaa manasvii soo sweet of u dear…. and dont worry im not angry i was just kidding because when i become serious angry naa then nobody dare to talk to me even my family members 😀
      and i will post all the next updates by tonight or tomorrow max 🙂

  6. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    shocking queen
    drama queen
    fainting queen
    nd nw ts queen hw much name u want huuuu wow swara cute nd funny antics loved it api post next part now

    • Rabia



      hehehehe thankuu soo much aliyaa and about the namess actually u know i love marketing subect very muchhh like the way we invent variations in it the same way i invent variations here 😉
      but mba maira finance may tha marketing may hota to annii macha daini thi 😉 😀

  7. Shrinjal


    |Registered Member

    Sorry di I didn’t comment..I didn’t even know about ur another TS😜😜😜cho cholly..
    IT’S awesome dii..upload soon

    • Rabia



      thankuu sooo much dear and don’t worry im not angry serious wala 😉 u know its fun to blackmail others like this 😉 its the only place we can blackmail soo that nobody feels hurt otherwise in real life we will got beaten up by all the rotten things 😉

  8. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awww……Awesome….very very very cute. Loved it. Little kitten has already melted arrogant man.

    Tan tana tan….mein aagayi phirse update maangne ke liye. Want all 3 updates soon. Waiting waiting

    • Rabia



      hahahahhaa thankuu soo much vyshuu andd dont worry i will post all the updates within one or 2 days not more than that 😉
      and u know the goons depand jagga tax u demands next updates 😛 hehehehehe

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sorry di for not commenting in previous ff bcz I was not well. I have headache,fever…

    Anyway,first of all, the title name is very nice….Chappy is awesome….arrogant sanky, sweet kitten, aww, so cute…keep it up di.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  10. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Happy diwali dear…..
    Sry I didn’t read ur ts ….I just saw ur name in title n wishing u ….
    Again sry ….as I told u mere exams h thode hi dino m n upr se diwali so I m tired so much ……but I m sure it’s must be mind blowing….
    Happy diwali …..once again….
    N how’s ur first day of job….
    Take care dear

    • Rabia



      thankuu soo much dear and dont worry im not angry i just said randomly 😉 and job’s joining will be from next month 🙂 and happy diwali to u too 🙂

  11. Mahjabeen


    |Registered Member

    Soooooo cutee dear…ahhh sanky called hr as pink kitten😍😍😍
    loved it dear…waitng egrly fr nxt
    Stay blessed
    Take crrr
    Love u😘😘

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  13. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Aaawwwsssuummmm..Loved it…Aww Swara is sooo Cute..da way She came n Slept on Shekhar’s Lap is sooo Cute. .loved it..n Sanskaar strtd feeling fr His Pink Kitten Aw amzing..Plzz continue soon

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