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Hiii darlings thinking to write this from many days but just ignored to write as its little large nd iam lazyy but just dared

Rags pov
Iam rag nd its my 21st birthday nd now nd my dad gave me a surprise at 12 really its very nice I enjoyed a lot .iam a very naughty kind nd every one pamper me a lot to be breaf iam like lazyy chick

Pov ends
Purab:today there is a party in evening.
Rag:u know bro I don’t like all these
Purab:its a bussiness party
Rag:that’s not fair its my birthday today
Shekar:that’s y its for both nd there is a surprise for u
Rag:surprise??nd looked at sumi
Sumi:iam not going to reveal it
Rag put u puppy face nd every one laughs

Evening party
Rag was not interested but gave a fake smile
Suddenly her dad went to stage
Shekar:today is not only my daughters birthday I want to announce that she is gonna engaged with my bussiness partners son laksh
Every one started vlapping
Rag was shocked
Nd comes dp on stage
Dp:my son is busy in work so he didn’t came he will come soon
Rag was shocked nd left the place in middle
Shekar:wt is this rag y u left in middle
Rag:wt the … how can u announce my engagement wt out my knowledge
Shekar:common wts big deal
Rag:i don’t want to marry now
Shekar:y ?wts problem do u love someone
Rag:noo I was not mentally preared
Shekar:u can nd my decision is final now it relates to my bussiness to I can’t risk nd he left from there

Rags pov
Every one left me by telling me to get prepared but I don’t want to marry I just want to prove my self to my dad every one thinks I can’t doo anything as iam lazy I just want to prove that Iam not use less I am just seeing for a sight to build a hotel (a small one) nd prove them by giving a surprise but every thing ruined with this proposal wtt to doo .yes I got an idea I will go nd check about him nd see are there any faults in him nd then my dad will reject him yess it can work

Rag:ok I agree to marry nd I just want to go for a vaccation with my friends for last time
Shekar agreed happily

Rag pov
I lied to my dad that I will go for a vaccation but I want to examine that guy who ever he is closely nd will skech out his charecter
I went to Hyderabad wr he is living nd took a hotel room nd got fresh up nd smartly I took their adress nd booked a cab nd stood out side of their house .I didn’t steed out I sat in car only nd then I saw a car going out nd face was not seen properly but I can say he is near to my age so he is laksh nd I told cab driver to follw him he went to an orphan first I think he is kind hearted then car came out nd I followed him nd they reached their company nd I can’t see his face properly he went in nd I came out from cab nd paid his money nd went in .I tought I can gather information in his company about him so I went in in saw many people sitting in line with files I think its an interview I too sat there near to reception
In reception they were talking
Girl1:our boss marriage is fixed

Girl2:wt??when?nd who is the lucky girl ?
Nd don’t know y I felt happy after listening to word lucky girl
Gir1:yaa our big boss went to vzg na there he fixed nd listened that she is hot too
I blushed
Girl2:then wt about kavya
Kavya???now who is she seems intresting
Girl1:don’t know may be his dad didn’t agreed for it
Girl2:its nice otherwise we can’t bare her nonsense nd overaction from then
Soo he hasa girlfriend yes yess yess my work completed I got a chance to reject him
Suddenly a girl came out she is hot nd wore a tight fit shirt nd knee length skirt
Girl1:here came chipku kavya
So she is kavya

Kavya:wts going on stop gossiping nd do ur work
I left from there nd waited there to goo but I just want to see his face nd I want a proof of there relation to show my dad so I waited there till evening nd saw him coming nd saw him soo closely .omg he is very hott I can say no girl will reject him .wait a min wt happened to me y am I attracted shit I should focus on my plan nd follwed him he reached pub nd I to follwed him there nd saw him enjoying with friends nd saw a girl came by hugging him from back nd she is kavya nd went near to take a photo nd was about to take it I was shocked to see that incident omg she kissed him on his lips

I clicked photo nd left from there nd reached my room I was disturbed by that incident nd slep late night nd woke up late in the morning nd got fresh up nd went out to eat some food nd shocked to see dp uncle there he saw me nd asked me about y iam hear I gave same excuse to him too nd he stopped his meeting nd took me to his home .really I don’t want to face laksh but after an hour he came down in a normal track he is handsome in this dress too I really don’t wanna miss an handsome hunk like him but its of no use (my momd remindes me always )I acted to be normal nd aunty told him to shown his room I should say it was awsome nd we both were silent nd I broked my silence by telling him that I was also forced in this marriage nd I know about his love story nd I have seen him in pub yesterday he is shocked nd he asked mee if he don’t reject this then I told him that I have a photo of both of them nd will show this to dad nd he will reject him I can see he is surprised nd I left from there nd went to aunty

nd after some time I got a call that the sight I was trying to buy for my hotel was owned by some one nd he is none other than laksh I went to his room in a range nd he smiled at me when I asked him y he did this he told me to marry him with an agreement of six months as he dont want to dissapoint his dad nd if I reaject for this he will make my father’s business loose nd so I agreed with an agreement of 6months

Laksh pov
I really don’t wanna marry her by forcing her to marry mee as I love her but wt to doo she misunderstood me and mot ready to marry me she don’t know wt actually happened .kavya was my friend nd I used to be friendly with her but that day she suddenty kissed me and I was really shocked for her reaction nd I jerked her nd then she told me she loves mee but I don’t love her I told it nd left from there as I started loving rag when my dad showed her photo for the first time nd morning when I saw her I was in cloud nine but I was shocked with her reaction nd really I don’t want to miss her nd I gathered some inf about her nd blackmailed her to marry mee nd she agreed

After few days they were married nd Laksh presented her the place as their marriage gift but she gave him money back as she don’t want anything from him slowly slowly she saw his kind heart nd a different Laksh from wt she saw before nd she started feeling for him but she was not ready to accept him as there marriage was an agreement .nd Laknd tought tp introduce her to his friends

Rags pov
He wants me to come to meet his friends nd I saw kavya there nd really I felt very bad nd there his friend Sanky came nd introduced him self I was enjoying his company really he is funny nd he told that he want me as his companies new textile brand ambasidor nd he will give me good payment nd I tought that it will be helpful for my hotel to soo I was about to say yes some one hold my waist nd it is laksh ne hold me tight nd said no .really is he trying to dominate mee so I told yes nd left from there after some time when I returned back I saw laksh nd kavya dancing nd he was about to kiss her I was not able to tolerate it nd left from there Nd went home nd saw uncle aunty going some where and they told that they were shifting to other house to give some privacy to us so they left I really don’t want to be with him nd hurt my self nd left from there by writing a letter by saying him to bee happy with his girlfriend nd I don’t want to come btwn them I took a room nd was busy in my hotel planning nd all nd my photo shoot for Sanky company I didn’t met him after that

After two months
Laksh pov
It was two months she left me it was my mistake that say I was angry because I was jelous that she is enjoying Sankys company nd I drank nd then again kavya took this as an plus nd started dancing nd coming close I was assuming that it is rag nd was enjoying nd I was about to kiss then I realized that she is kavya nd jerked her nd searched for rag she left from there nd when I reached home she left from there I was like a life less body nd now I got a call that her father is not feeling well so I went there nd sat there nd consoled them nd they asked me about rag I don’t know wt to say nd at the same time she reached there I really go to her nd give her a big hug but I can’t nd she ignored me nd went to the room nd to see her dad
Rags pov
I got a call that dad was not well when I reached there I saw him I want to go and hug him but it is of no use nd then I went to see dad by ignoring him nd after that we reached our home nd had our dinner nd mom told me to take him to my room nd when we reached my room he pulled me towards him nd asked me y I did this .nd he told that he missed mee nd my fight I can see in his face that he loves mee but my heart was not ready to forget about those incidents
Then I asked
Why should he worry for mee
He hugged me tight nd said that because he loves mee I was shocked

Laksh:I was not able to control my emotions I really want our misunderstandings to be cleared so I expressed her feeling I know she will be shocked then I explained her every thing nd told her thar now it is her wish to believe me or not nd I was about to go she hold my hand nd stopped me nd hugged me from back

Rags pov
He told me something really I didn’t listened but I can only see that how much he loves me in his eyes nd so when he was about to go I hugged him nd told him that now I am not ready to loose him again nd he turned back nd hugged me tight

Happy ending .omg I can’t believe at last I completed hope u will enjoy it I really worked very hard to write it plzz support me with love urs darling sis pavani

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