Arranged Marriage (Part 9)


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Aman and dia were thinking about each other and hw they were unable to take each others contact number their trance broke by msg beep in their phones
It was gunjan’s msg : to aman …now you don’t thank me here are is dia number
To dia: now you don’t thank me here is aman bhaiyas(brother) number
I know you both didn’t exchange your numbers good night.
Both aman and dia had a smile on their faces as they read the msg 🙂

They both were in deep thought ,there was battle between their heart and mind where to call or not ….finally ended up calling each other at the same time and asusaual it get engaged ….they both tried calling each other at same time thrice then gave in thinking y they are busy ……(hmm soo sad naa )
After some time aman msg her are you there ??
Dia: yeah
Immediately aman called her

D: hii
A: how was your day
D: good and yours?
A: good …didn’t sleep
D:was gng too sleep
A: good night
D: good night and hanged up phone and they peacefully fell into the deep slumber
Next morning
A:good morning have a nice day meet you in evng 🙂

After that he was busy in his office work as he has to go to the dia home for roka
After two hours dia woke and saw the msg from aman and replied
D: good morning have a nice day you too ..eagerly waiting for evening 🙂
Evening at oberoy mansion:
Roka ceremony

Both the families greeted each other and aman and dia were settled beside each other
Amans mom came in front placed a red chunni (worked) on dia’s head and gave some jewellery as shagun
Next dia’s parents did tilak on aman’s forehead and gave him watch as shagun
And both the families feed sweets too each other as the alliance is officially fixed 🙂

After 8 months:
Phone conversation between aman and dia:)
A: good morning jaan
D: good morning amuuu
A:get up jaan
D: noo naa babu I wanna sleep
A:get up naa jaan
D: I love you naa amuuu please let me sleep muaah
A: this is not gonna waork jaan get up now you have presentation and engagement remember
D: (gotup with a jerk )ooo noo I forgot about the presentation thank you sooo much amuuuu your de best I love you muaah
A: I love you too jaan , all the best .

D: thank you soo much 🙂
Sooo much is changed in this 8 months . while they were strangers too each other when they met .
They gradually got to know about each other step by step slowly before getting to know about the each others feelings how they confessed it how they kept nickname to eachother without knowing about it.. that day was still fresh in their mind how they confessed their feelings how they intiated it
It was normal early morning call of aman to wake up her jaan
A:good morning

D:good morning amuuu I love you ssooo much
(dia was in deep slumber she didn’t know what she is telling actually previous night she concluded about her growing feeling Is called love and unkowingly she blurted out the truth on the other hand aman was shocked he knew he loved her but was hesitant too express his feelings )
Meanwhile dia realized what she had done she scolded herself for what she blurted out .she was shy ,nervous and hell scared if he doesn’t feel the same for her as she feels for him she gave a full stop to her thought and said
D: its really fine ……..if you don’t reply to me know ….(saddened)

A:nooo nothing like that ..
I love you too. I really do have feelings for you too the core . Although I‘ve realized it earlier I was not able too express my feelings and I’m really sorry for that jaan (told her frankly)
That was their first step towards new beginning of their life as soul mates.
They memorized those memories and started their morning and were eagerly waiting too meet each other in the evening
In evening
Both the families got ready aman in blue sherwani, dia in pink and blue combination lehanga , gunjan in golden and cream combination anarkali floor length got ready respectively and reached the venue
It was decorated beautifully with flowers and lighting.

Both the families greeted each other with a smile.
Soon the guest started arriving and they were many funny and light moments going around . in this hustle bustle aman saw that his mother and his would be wife gelled up and get along with each other smoothly they were talking about some random topic and giggling . he wondered how his mother changed the party from him to his daughter in law …
Aman and dia were called on stage to start the ceremony they were stealing glances of each other
all the while .
Finally their waiting has ended as elders asked them to exchange the rings .
dia was waiting for aman to slid the ring in her hand but aman had different plans
aman sat on his knee (and started saying)
dia I know I have not proposed you officially . you know I am not good at this expressing my feelings.

I know you may face lots of hurdles in your life and I promise you that I’ll always be there right beside you when you need. I love you unconditionally till my last breath . will you marry me ? will you be my soul mate forever ?
Dia was overwhelmed by seeing him proposing tears were making a way through her eyes (meanwhile she helped him to stand in his place)
Dia: yes….. I will marry you and will be your soul mate forever and hugged him and he reciprocated to the hug

They broke as they heard fake coughing and clearing throats sounds
And slid their respective rings in each others hand .and they all spent some quality time with each other till night and had lots of fun together 🙂
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