Arranged Marriage (Part 8)

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After telling their parents about their decision .they stayed their more about one hour and talked random things interests ,hobbies etc…..but as usual dia being a chatterbox talked more (hehehe:P)
They bid byeee to each other . knowing that they would meet the next day with their parents officially.

That day passed peacefully and then arrived the day of the official meet
Next day
dia was excited to meet aman again and she got up early than usual a smile crept on her face already thinking about their meeting lazily she got ready too meet his parents . she was nervous ,scared what not….. she was thinking If their parents didn’t like her? Although she was nervous whenever she thought about him she blushed like hell…(as if he is in front of her )
on the other hand same thing was with aman (nervous) .he was pretty sure she would win their parents heart >

At evening 6
They both were waiting for each other
In oberoy mansion
There was full hustle bustle around and preparations were going on in the swing
And mehra’s entered in oberoy mansion greeted each other and settled themselves talking about random things .aman was waiting for dia just then dia entered she was looking gorgeous in blue anarkali and little makeup as she elt an intense his gaze on her she blushed hard .
They had a cute eyelock when they saw each other for fewseconds
Their trance broke while amans mom called dia to sit beside her and they were taking normal stuff suddenly
A m: do you want get married beta ?? your happy right
Dia: yes aunty im happy but
A d: but what beta?
Dia: I want to get married ater one year because I have just completed ma mba 1st year soo I wanted to complete ma graduation she said in one go..
Amans parents were happy that she kept her thought in front of them and they agreed to her wish . dia and aman gelled up with each others parents nicely then dia’s dad asked to show aman their house
And she showed him the house and lastly terrace they stood there talking about random things and blusing around

Aman: soo how are you haa ? I am impressed by the way you got gelled with my parents he said with a smile
Dia: you know what I was hell scared but your family is loving and caring right I got comfortable along
Aman: you didn’t meet my sister still and I know you would love too meet her
Dia: yeah I know because I think I like your family she said excitedly
Aman : And I like you with a wink
Dia blushed hard and was looking down and then dia changed topic sucessully and they spoke for some time and went to their parents to know their decision
They entered hall sat near their parents nervously
And then mehra’s and oberoy’s they liked this alliance and all o them spent some time together and departed

And at night they realized they didn’t exchange their numbers and were restless about it they can’t ask their parents feeling shy and were thinking what to do and they both slept thnking about each other


Next day
They both got up thinking about each other and what to do ..
And were busy in their respective works like aman was in office and dia Was in college but they were thinking about eachother how to get the contact number
And then aman thought of asking help of his sister’s help called her up made a plan of meeting in the evng to pick her up .

In the evening sreee college ;

As he entered the college both dia and aman had a strange feeling but they chose to ignore them and moved above
Aman pov :

I saw a girl in my sisters college. That girl was taking selfies and posing for selfies though I was not able too see her it felt like it was her. Then I saw the face of girl she was really there and was pouting for some selfies , although she is beautifull but her innocent face and cutee antics made me fall for her again and again . I soo wanted to goo and kiss and take a long warmth hug right away (her is noneone else it is dia itself)
And there comes maa sister with a smirk on her face as if she caught something about me.
Girl:hey aman bhaiya(brother)and hugged him

Aman: hey gunjan and resprocated the hug
G: what is this why are you checking out girls bro your alliance is fixed let me remind you
A: actually I wass…. nothing like dat (stammering)
At it was witnessed by dia she was stand near gunjan her friend
(gunjan is dia’s friend remember and amans sister)

Dia pov
As I felt a intense gaze on me while taking selfies and laughing out loud on some lame jokes made by my friends and then I suddenly I saw him I was shocked to see and all while smiling and blushing
I was not able to see him face to face I dnt knw y I was feeling shy,nervous all at a time 😉
Then I thought what the hell i was doing and y? she asked her self
(here him is none another than aman)
Then I thought I may be hallucinating him or what??
Then when I saw gunjan was talking to him and addressing him as bhaiya I was shocked like hell
Then her trance broke when

Aman introduce gunjan as his sister and dia as gunjans sister in law gunjan was shocked then dia was hell angry with her friend for not telling abou it
Dia: what the hell u know about it and didn’t tell me this haa and don’t talk to me I am angry on you she said to gunjan
G:what noo I didn’t knew about it yaar swear on god sachhi she explained everythink innocently
Both dia and aman were embarrassed
Dia was quite and was shy and embarrassed like hell and aman didn’t know how to start a conversation this time gunjan was savior and initiated a conversation and then they became normal and spend some time the trio bidded byee to each other
At night

Aman and dia were thinking about each other and hw they were unable to take each others contact number their trance broke by msg beep in heir phones
It was gunjans msg : to aman …now you don’t thank me here are is dia number
To dia: now you don’t thank me here is aman bhaiyas(brother) number
I know you both didn’t exchange your numbers good night.
Both aman and dia had a smile on their faces as they read the msg 🙂
Phewww done with this update hope you will like it guys

Same question again 🙂

guys I need your suggestion u want a north Indian style wedding or southindian style or which kind of wedding you want 🙂
Please do leave your opinion and please do comment guy please do cooment
Love you all a loads :*

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