Arranged Marriage (Part 7)


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Dia pov…
My engagement date is fixed. This is an arranged marriage and I am feeling shocked.
I still remember our first meet . I still remember our conversation it feels soo good it feels so different I would not be shocked if its in our destiny too meet each other.
Yaa it felt soo eternal too get to know about him.
Omg I still remember how my mom and my friends asked me too see vivah movie and literally asked me to follow those thing like don’t talk too much ,talk only if necessary and what not ….
And I actually followed them (had a smile on face memorizing the sweet memories)
After the talk and conformation both the families decided that their children would have informal meeting too know eachother freely and they informed to aman and dia
They both thought it would be a great opportunity to know each other and talk freely in absence of parents. And decided that they would meet next day for lunch at bloosom restaurant

In bloosom reatuarant:
Aman has arrived to restaurant and was waiting for dia.
He was seeing her photo yes It’s been his habit to see her photo whenever he is free and was thinking about how to start a conversation and all ..
Aman pov:
Then suddenly i saw a girl standing in fornt of the (booked) table . Giving a simple gesture hand shake with a smile on her face. I was just seeing her those big dark black eyes caught my sight and I was just lost in her eyes…then suddenly my trance broke when her sweet ,crispy voice
End of pov
Dia:hey helooo this is dia oberoy. You are aman mehra right.
A: yeah I’m aman mehra shaking his hand with her he replied and both were lost in others looking at each other for some time..
And then sat opposite to each feeling some think different something special attraction towards each other.
A: dia are you comfortable ?
D: (thought:such a sweet gesture impressive . his eyes omg stop staring at him dia scolded her self) yeah I’m comfortable (said with a smile)
A: sooo what your future plans
Dia:joining my dad’s company after completion of my MBA
A: hw is your studies gng on?
D: (why is he asking about studies are we here to talk about that)its good actually we had presentations etc..she blabbered
Aman thought something and said dia its your life too you can ask me the question without hesitation.
And then the first question struck in her mind was
Dia: what do you do when you get leisure time ???
Aman: I do read business magazine , hangout with frds and watch news channels you see as they are help full….
Dia: what how could it be how boring but yaa I know it’s help full but hw can a person do this at lesuire time like I have many things to do like shopping ,chatting etc ….
She just thought that she was speaking to her mind but unfortunately it was audible enough …..
A: ( laughing ) I heard that and again started laughing
D:I am sorry I just thought but I rea…..reaally didn’t mean to say like that I…i…i..i am sorry(stammering )
A: It’s ok .actually you are quite correct about it .we can talk frankly I’m happy that you opened up yourself
D: actually I am like this only and I didn’t knew your are friendly and you know what I really liked your attitude she blurted out unknowingly
A: (wass happy to know this) and I like your boldness
Dia went all red cheek as she blushed hearing his compliment.
A: why didn’t you talk much when I asked why didn’t you tell your feelings
D:you know what mom had asked me talk when it is necessary only that’s why I didn’t talk she said
A:ohh ok and why like that
D:actually I am way talkative soo they thought it would not be good and u may reject mee I think
A:actually no it’s not like that . I wanna be frank to you I don’t talk much and you too talk too much . like opposite poles attract and moreover we may make a perfect balanced couple said looking straight into her eyes
Dia was surprised and impressed with his way of giving approval for our marriage she thought he trance broke when aman asked her opinion about our marriage
She blushed hard looking down and said
D: yes I am ready to be a perfect balanced couple .
With that they informed their parents that they are ready to get married
Precap: guess and tell me what it would be ….hahaha do comment 😉
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  1. I think their marriage. .
    Well its happy knowing that u return. And I wanted to know thatas your exams are complete so now can u update regularly? ?
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    I was a silent reader and have waited for you till 12th April as u promised and so very happy to see u back
    Update longer episode please and update ASAP…….

    1. Thank you Ani for commenting . i’m glad you commented pls do comment further 🙂
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      i’m not at all hurt Ani In fact very happy 🙂

  2. Wowwww cutie pie, it’s very cute n lovely episode….aman n dia very well balanced couple…loved their frank convo….they both very cuteeee… getting engaged….sweeeeeet. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you soo much roma dear 🙂 you are just awesome you boost me really to write further update 🙂
      love you a loads :*
      pls do tell me abt yourself can we be friends 🙂 if your ok with it

      1. Hey lovely cutie pie, we are friends already. …I’m not young like you dear….little bit elder than u, engineer, married n stay in usa… u honeyyy. …will wait for next episode. …take care sweetie. .

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  5. I think it wud b their marriage…2day’s epi is awesome yr…waiting for nxt epi update asap


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