Arranged Marriage (Part 6)


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at oberoy mansion
(phone call convo)
mr.oberoy: helooo mr.dixit how are you?
mr.dixit: i’m fine sanjay how are you and your family?
and dnt dare to call me mr.dixit yaar call me raj we were cllge mates yaar
mr.oberoy:ohh god hw early you remembered your frd (mockingly)
mr.dixit:leave that sanjay.stop it listen i have called you tell that i have found a good match for dia
mr.oberoy: who is it raj ?do we know them
mr.dixit: you know mehra industries right and shantanu mehra they are also in search of perfect match so i told about dia’s proposal and dnt wrry they are well reputated family

mr.oberoy : ok raj give me their number to contact or to approach them
mr.dixit: i gave them your num and address they told they’ll approach you directly im just informing you
now have hang the phone i have urgent work lemme know if any issue
mr.oberoy:ok sure raj byee
after an hour mr .oberoy got a call from mr mehra and they discussed about their interest and meet them
personally before taking things ahead and sent each dia and amans details to each other and mainly sent their photographs to each other for approaching further hoping it would be positive frm both sides.

(before hangig the phone)
at mehra mansion:
shantanu and annaya were discussing hw to tell aman about allaiance and they liked dia by seeing her photo and knowig about her and her family through mr.dixit
aman and gunjan entered home at same time having a tiery day
annanya : looks both went out together haa?
g(gunjan):nope mom i went out wid my frds i told you both right . and wait it looks like you wanted to talk about something what is it haa?
annaya:nothing like dat beta got some alliance for your brother soo discussing about it
aman unknowing smiles and caught by every one but they kept silent
g: mom dad show her photo i wanna see who is the lucky girl bt before seeing the photo she got a call to attend and she bid good night to every one before leaving
annaya and shantanu tease their son a little then aman left for his room hell embarreced
bt their parents sent her details and her photograph to his num coz they knew he would never openly ask to them

amans bedroom:
as he entered he got the msg and and saw the photo
he thought see looks beautifull.her smile is too simple
it shows her carefree attitude
unknowingly he smiled seeing her photo and drifted to deep slumber
at oberoy mansion :
as decided her dad her best buddy would talk to her about the allaiance .he stood in the terrace and thinking hw would hs daughter react his trance broke when he heard her
hey dad
dp: hii beta
d: u here dad whats up wanna talk something?
dp: yes beta about your alliance we got it through your raj uncle
d: what???
dp:i know beta its too early for you bt think about it once
d: i know dad bt i will decide after meeting him ok naa
dp: ok beta now i will send his details and a photo your num ok think abt it
they discussed abt this topic and left bidding byee and goodnight to each other
entering her room

she thought for a while
then she opened finally his info and his pic
he is handsome she thought smilingly and his smile is soo simple looks like he is good at heart hmm can give a thought off meeting him
and both off them texted to their parents stating that they are ready to meet

precap :
meetng.. suprisee guesss <3

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