Arranged Marriage (Part 5)


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next morning
there’s always a story. it’s all stories, really. the sun coming up every day is a story. everything’s got a story in it.
there is something different in this morning something very deary and something really fresh . with a smile welcoming the cool breeze all around she stood in balcony attached to her room . struggling to keep away her lazyness by sipping a cup of coffee . her trance broke by the msg alert ton off her frd in whatsapp messenger and then engaged in their convo (frds off dia(d),gunjan(g),nisha(n),rohit(r0),sandeep(sandy))
d:hey guys …..gotup early today huhhh?? :p
g:yeayy had some work soo gotup early and whats up with you babes.
d:nothing much bus got up early simply 😉
g: ahaa really 😉

ro: should we believe it..
n: something is fishy huh?? don’t you think guys :p
sandy: yes nishuu ur right dia you dnt trust us come on bestiee you can tell us what say guys
all ro,g,n: (together ) yeah sandy your right ….:)
d: guys it nothing like that i do trust you my nautankis 😉 and more
all unision: achaa really …nice joke :/
d: guys actually you know na now a days dad and mom are asking about ma marriage stuff soo that’s it.nothing else
what do you think then msged ro
d: i think i should make a try cause i genunlie agree to their point of view
ofooo all at unsion msged
d: should i make it a try 
g:yes baby you should

ro: for the first time i agree with angry bird (g) 😉
g: what you how dare you haa if am angry bird ro then you are also no less and they stared argument and was stoped bye nisha ,sandy and dia
guys let’s go to shopping at the mall and catch up some time for us in evening msged nishaa
d: done byee c yaa all  😉
here her day starts wid her cutee convos and gupshups
on the other hand

poor aman has bussiness meetings lined up soo cant even have time for himself… bt something was different form routine some thing sepcial from early days …
oberoys mansion
dia entered dinning hall wished her parents and had breakfast then said that she was ready to give thought about marriage and her parents were happy with their decision
in the evening:
as planned dia was wid her frds for shopping and spending some time together and were shopping around
at the same time time aman entered mall with his frds was forced to come along to spend some time and hangout together
they both selected their dresses for trail and entered trail room which were beside each other.
as usual dia thought her frd sandy was in beside trail room started here blaberring and she asked whether he thinks arranged marriage do work or not ?
aman was shocked and moreover he didnt know what to tell
on the other side dia was asking sandyy are you listening to me haa??
a: hey sorry your mistaken im not your frd sandy he is not here i think

d: ohh sorrry i didn’t knew i thought sandy is there once again really sorry
a: its ok you don’t need to be srry .by the way i would like to say arranged marriage do work if the two persons are really interested and willingly accept each other and are ready to adjust themseleves around each other an are comfortable with it .
(as he rembered abt hes convo wid dad )
d: nice to hear that actually surprised to hear that form a guy abt arrange marriage soo simple thought even i think the same ( thinking omg this person thinks same as dad pov)
he was done with trail of clothes he was leaving but felt something strange and bidded byee
a: byeee miss.unkown nice to talk with you 
d: byeee same here 
and they left for their rest day in opposite direction

precap:aman and dia meeting offically and their talks with eachother and their parents

soo here i end this part
srry guys i cant update this ff regularly as i told you i have my final exams soo i cant update till 12 april ill try to update mostly bt after that ill try to update regularly
love you all a loads  :*

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