Arranged Marriage (Part 4)


Hey guys I’m back wid the third part 🙂
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Here I begin 🙂
It has been two days since then..,
At oberoy mansion:
Ritika is waiting for dia in evng to talk to her and get to know abt her future plans regarding marriage .she was worried abt her daughter if she doesn’t wanna get married BT y I need to talk to her abt it her trance broke when dia came and greeted her..
Dia: hiii maa 🙂

DM: hii betaa, hw was your day beta?
Dia: ohh god mom it was superb you know I have enjoyed aa lot today.
Dm: betaa I wanna talk wid you abt ur opinion on your marriage beta
Dia: arghh! Maa not again 🙁
Dm: I understand betaa but we need to discuss it out. I know exactly hw your feeling betaa ur not burden on us we want to see you get settled with your life partner..
Dia: maa hw did you get know I was feeling the same ….
Dm : betaa I also went through DOA phases soo I exactly know that feeling from you we may have different mentalities as girls/ woman but we know abt feelings leaving your family and get settled betaa betaa. Buts it truth that one has to face certainly.
Dia: but maa…
Dm : no buts beta think about it dia I’m sure you’ll take right decision betaa
Dia: ok maa I would think about only for you and dad but I need some time maa said aid a smile
Dm: ok betaa
Dia: mom I’m hungry

Dm: i will bring some snacks for you wait here she left hoping dia would think about it
On the other side same evng at mehra industries
Both shantanu and aman are having coffee in amans cabin. And were discussing abt some business matter then suddenly it came to marriage and hw to judge a person..
Sh:betaa I am seeing ur serous nw a days y?
A: its nothing like that dad BT liitle worried about future dad
Sh:future or life partner?? Beta he chuckled to see amans expression out of shock
A: arghh dad ..nthng like dat dad

Sh: betaa you know we can discuss it out
A: dad actually I wanted to know hw can I get to know about that particular person is gng to be ma soulmate.. Will she able to manage herself like mom , will she love me? Hw can know abt it in 1 meet.
Sh: I know beta see marriage is adjusting ur self willingly and moreover every individual have different qualities in them do judge by their behaviour betaa
A: yes dad got it 🙂
And both spend some time together discussing abt their business .
At night at oberoys mansion on terrace

Dia was in terrace after aaa long time thinking about what her mother has told her thinking about what to do and what not to do her trance broke when her best buddy her dad came there ( its not like she didn’t have bestfrd apart from her dada but surely she needs him when she is dialemma abt anything she seeks her best buddy her dads advise this was their favourite spot)
San: misthi betaa raath ko terrace pe kya kar rahi ho

D: much nai dad bus aanswer
you know naa this marriage etc etc I never thought abt it. Hw can I judge aa person in one meet buddy say naa and will we give space to each respect each other will he able to understand me?? Saying this she waited fr her bestbuddy her Dada answer
San:I know beta see marriage is adjusting ur self willingly but misthii u also should adjust betaa and he will also and u know I got married to your mom at probably same age we got know abt each other stood beside each other in thick and thin line of our life she accepted me with flwas beta as we did

D: haa dad I understand but dad
San:beta we are not forcing you take your time and if you don’t like the guy well and finee beta we will wait for the right person of your choice betaa think about it ok naa misthi know go and sleep its been late betaa

Biding byee and wishing gudnight to each other they left terrace
While returning back from terrace she was thinking about the person will he be the same as her bestbuddy her dad who knows hw to solve a problem or face it wid a smile and moreover he will love me just like dad and mom will he understand me ufff yaar too much for now dia now go get some sleep orelse you will have darkcircles smiling and thinking abt it she slept peacefully
No precap

Love you all 🙂
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