Arranged Marriage (Part 2)


Hiii guys I’m back with second part. I’m very thankful to everyone for comments including silent readers thankyou sooo much alll love yaa all 🙂
So let’s start
Dia POV continuation:
What going on around me .y ifeel like mom dad are hiding something from me
Ohhh no I bunked cllge recently to hangout around frds ooo fish I soo wish they didn’t get to know abt this (thinking this she went to talk to her parents abt the truth)
Dia : hii mom ,hiii Dada
Dp( dia parents): hiii betaaaa
Dia: mom dad are hiding something from me you know naa abt mee
DM(dia mom)betaa it’s nothing like DAT
Dia: then y r u faces r looking scared if its nothing mom
Dm: beta we wanted to ask you what are your future plans
Dia: mom you scared me really …I’m planning to get decent scores and internship in well reputed company’s and then join dads bussiness right dad…
Dp(diapapa): betaa actually we are asking about future plans regarding your marriage
Dia : dad mom are you kidding me then keep me out off this..
Dp: betaa do you love someone you can tell uss we have no objection misthii
Dia: noo dad its not like DAT
Dp: den hw come betaa neither you wanna talk abt it nor you love someone
Diaa: seriouslyyy Dada haa …I don’t wanna get married that’s it..
Dp: beta pls think abt it we want to you to get seetlled with new family
Dia: arghh dad mom byee I’m gng out and I don’t want this discussion NY more saying this she left
Dias parents : let her give some time too think about it yaa its better they thought

Dia POV:
Seriously yaar this is tooo much …..I am burden on ma parents? …then y r they talking about marriage
I know they think abt ma good only BT too this not fair I’m still young to get married still studying ….she was manovfying hemarriage
I will try to update long parts sorry I have exams soo couldn’t upload long update
somewhere deep inside she also knows the truth that since she believe in fairy tale life …she waiting for her princess charming dream boy BT was not able to accept the fact…..she needs to talk to her best friend she thought …
Other hand at mehra mansion
Aman: mom dad I’m ready get married he tells them and bids byee and leaves from there as he has some work…

Precap: who is the best frd of dia? Dia conversation with her mom and aman conversation with his parents regarding marriage

Hope you guys love ma update 🙂
Pls do comment guyss
Love yaa all :* 🙂

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  1. Awesome episode, dia too believes in fairy tale but that’s true life us not like that it’s very tough…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, all the best for your exams and get very good grades

    1. thank you 🙂
      thank you ssoo much roma dear 🙂

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