Arranged Marriage (Part 14)

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next day….
rhythm of new start to the two souls out there ….
rhythm of eternity…..
both the houses were on hustle bustle all around ……preparations and what not ….
haldi cermony:
{a/n: the significance of most popular indian wedding tradition ‘haldi ceremony’…..
the haldi ceremony is the one in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding. this ceremony is held at both the bride and the groom’s place, on the morning of the wedding day. in a few cultures, this ceremony is also held a day before the wedding, after the mehendiritual. it is known by different names in different regions, like ubtan, mandha, tel baan, etc…
traditionally, people make a paste using haldi and different ingredients according to their individual family customs. while some mix it with sandalwood powder and milk, others mix it with rose water. this paste is then applied on the bride and the groom’s face, neck, hands and feet, by their near and dear ones. this ceremony is also accompanied by traditional songs and dances at times.
in many customs, the bride and the groom also apply a small portion of this sacred paste on their unmarried friends and siblings. it is said that whoever gets touched by this paste will soon find a good looking partner.}

mehra mansion
as it is haldi ceremony……aman was sitting in middle of the hall …as per ritual
aman mom started applying haldi too his face..then neck ..hands and feet…with grass …and then rest of the relatives followed it….as per ritual it was sent to oberoy mansion for dia’s haldi rasam..
aman was asked to remove it when the haldi drys and was strictly restricted not step out of the house before bharaath….and like obedient he followed…
oberoy mansion
dia was elegant in yellow dress….she was sitted it middle of the hall for her haldi rasam ..
as gunjan came with shagun ka haldi they started the ritual….
dia’s mother applied her haldi first ….then rest followed the same manner ….
after some time dia was asked to remove the haldi and suggested to do milk bath…
chooda cermony:
{ a/n :a choora is a set of bangles that are usually red and white, sometimes the red bangles are replaced with another color, but they are usually only two colors. traditionally made of ivory, with inlay work, though now made with plastic[1] they are worn by an indian bride on her wedding day, especially during hindu wedding and sikh wedding. the choora ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding or the day before. the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt give her a set of choorae (21 bangles in red and white ivory).}

dia was asked to take a seat near her mama ji and mami ji ..for the choora rasam …where she was asked to close her eyes …to not too see that chooda…meanwhile chooda was soaked in milk . it is a combination of red and white bangles with some glitters…after the choora and kaleri’s was worn it was covered with red makmali colth securely around her hand keep the evil eye away…it can be removed in the beginning of wedding rituals..

the wedding celebrations
in the evening both dia and aman were dressed perfectly…
aman was wearing a combination of cream and merun sherwani….he was looking handsome…with the attire ….
its was n’th timee aman is he looking good or not…gunjan saying him he is looking handsome and great….
dia was looking elgeant in the merun and golden combination lehenga…with the matching jewllery…and red duppata on her head….she was just beautifully and was blushing like helll as her cousin’s were teasing her ..if aman will see her he will go aww over her….
soon the bhaarath arrived…..aman was wearing his sehara over his face…dia’s parents and their relatives arrived and gave a warm welcome too aman ‘s parents and their relatives as they reached the venue …
both the aman and dia were called for jaimala rasam ……
after seeing each other both dia and aman were mesmerised by their looks ….they both were excited and nervous at the same time….
they both exchanged the garlands ….with some teasing session ….they were seated with each other…near agni kund…for further rituals….
then dia’s father was called for kanyadaan rasam

dia father was asked to give dia’s hand to aman hands..and asking him promise that he would take care of his daughther and her responsibities and keep her always happy ..
aman was asked to take vow…in which he would take dia’s responsibities and will keep her happy …
after the kanyadaan rasam aman and dia both were asked to take saptapadi /saath pehre around the agini kund…
gunjan was asked to tie a knot dia red chunari to amans sherwani’s duppatta..
after that both aman stood up together and started taking rounds around agni kund …by keeping hand it hand…
in frist four pheras aman was in front dia… and rest three dia was in front of aman….

priest’s preface: the world of men and women, united in the bond of marriage by saptapadi, to further promote the joy of life, together listen with triumph

step 1 aman vow: o!, you who feeds life-sustaining food, nourish my visitors, friends, parents and offsprings with food and drinks. o! beautiful lady, i, as a form of vishnu, take this first step with you for food.
step 1 dia vow: yes, whatever food you earn with hard work, i will safeguard it, prepare it to nourish you. i promise to respect your wishes, and nourish your friends and family as well.

step 2 aman vow: o!, thoughtful and beautiful lady, with a well managed home, with purity of behavior and thought, you will enable us to be strong, energetic and happy. o! beautiful lady, i, as vishnu, take this second step with you for the strength of body, character and being.
step 2 dia vow: yes, i will manage the home according to my ability and reason. together, i promise, to keep a home that is healthy, strength and energy giving.

step 3 aman vow: o!, skillful and beautiful lady, i promise to devote myself to earning a livelihood by fair means, to discuss, and let you manage and preserve our wealth. o! dear lady, i, as vishnu form, cover this third step with you to thus prosper in our wealth.
step 3 dia vow: yes, i join you in managing our income and expenses. i promise to seek your consent, as i manage our wealth, fairly earned, so it grows and sustains our family.

step 4 aman vow: o!, dear lady, i promise to trust your decisions about the household and your choices; i promise to dedicate myself to help our community prosper, the matters outside the house. this shall bring us respect. o! my lady, i, as vishnu, take this fourth step with you to participate in our world.
step 4 dia vow: yes, i promise to strive to make the best home for us, anticipate and provide necessary things for your worldly life, and for the happiness of our family.

step 5 aman vow: o!, lady of skill and pure thoughts, i promise to consult with you and engage you in the keep of our cows, our agriculture and our source of income; i promise to contribute to our country. it shall win us future. o! my skilled lady, i, as vishnu form, take this fifth step with you to together grow our farms and cattle.
step 5 dia vow: yes, i promise to participate and protect the cattle, our agriculture and business. they are a source of yoghurt, milk, ghee and income, all useful for our family, necessary for our happiness.

step 6 aman vow: o!, lovely lady, i seek you and only you, to love, to have children, to raise a family, to experience all the seasons of life. o! my lovely lady, i, as vishnu, take this sixth step with you to experience every season of life.
step 6 dia vow: feeling one with you, with your consent, i will be the means of your enjoyment of all the senses. through life’s seasons, i will cherish you in my heart. i will worship you and seek to complete you.

step 7 aman vow: o friends!, allow us to cover the seventh step together, this promise, our saptapad-friendship. please be my constant wife.

step 7 dia vow: yes, today, i gained you, i secured the highest kind of friendship with you. i will remember the vows we just took and adore you forever sincerely with all my heart
after the pheras
both the were seated beside each other . then aman applied sindoor on dia ‘s vermillion (forehead)…and keeping mangalsutra around her neck….
after this ritual …the preist declared both aman and dia as married couple…..

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