Arranged Marriage (Part 12)


kabhi lagtha hai tum mere unkahee baatho ko samajthe hoo..,
toh…, kabhi lagtha hai ki tum sirf ek ajnabi ho….,
kyaa kaare mere dil ki har pehlu mai bus tum hi tum rehathe hooo..,

You might be thinking why I’m I writing these lines at first…
I wanna share with you that these lines are very precious for me ..coz.. This is we’re I started witting and thought to write a story …,

Hiiii guys ….i’m back
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g: aman bhaiyaa …did you have a fight with dia …orelse you said something to her …that she is very upset
a: no I didn’t …I don’t know …I was busy in the meeting yesterday didn’t even he realized something stuck his mind he remembered their phone convo and then he became sad
he was guilty know he didn’t even remember it and then he didn’t even say sorry to her………
he didn’t knew what to do ….he didn’t his rude behavior would affect her ….
he was scolding himself for that attitude of his…his trance broke by gunjan ..
then he explained her the whole scenario …even she was upset with her brothers behavior…
Although she was upset and angry with her brother saw he was genuinely feeling sorry ….. and thought to help him ….by telling her likes and dislikes …. she asked him to implement from next day …. and they went to their home…
Although they had palnned for the next day but he new it was too late soo he thought of executing the plan at night itself … he was not sure how her parents would react bt he had too do this ….
meanwhile at the other side

Dia drove back to her home..she was upset of his question ….the flashes of covo were running in her thoughts …. she was not able to forget it …she triedc a lot not to cry not to create any seen …. somewhere deep inside she knew her parents who have figured it out…she reached he room with determination not to think about it wasn’t helping either..she thought of taking a shower and till the time she was out off shower..her half the room was filled with flowers…and sorry notes….she knew who did it…and was hell angry with…first a fall he would say all the things and take whole one day to realize it..she was admant and sent him the msg
d:don’t do this …..angry simleyss..

then it stopped …..but again…he kept sending a basket full off her favorite chocolates ….nearly it was nearly six or seven still …..her anger was not lessened …. she sent him the same msg
Seeing the msg he was angry on himself and guilt was increasing..for doing that….he tried to call her for a while but of no use he wanted to talk to her and sort out the issue ….
Meanwhile dia was irritated by aman calling left her phone in the room and went to terrace… for getting peace…
he slowly sneaked into her room through balcony …it was easy to sneak in ….[while coming to her home he decided to buy a big teddy bear….and rose flowers and some candles and lighter] it was dark as expected…. he searched for her and she was not there ..but was happy seeing flowers and and chocolates she didn’t threw it …then he had idea….
he decorated her chotu sa balcony with flowers and chocolates basket and the teddy bear at one side and one side with the reaming flowers and lighted the whole area with candles and near the balcony door he was arranging the candle decorated in the form “ I AM SORRY “…
At the same time dia entered the room and saw some lights and some shadow over their …she moved to her balcony door …

As soon as she entered her gaze fall on aman he was lightining candles in form “I am sorry”….she was touched by seeing the decorations ……mesmerized to see…this only for her she thought…she was gng to hug him but remember everything…he tried to talk to her but…she was admant…
she ignored him completely …and turned around to movein to the room…
suddenly there was a tug in her right arm as aman was holding it ….she turned look around and stopped…she was not even seeing him …she turned her face towards side ……not to make an eye contact with him….tears were rolling down to her cheeks ….
he was hurt …seeing her state …he knew it was all because of him…he was not able to control he wanted to bare all pain which is caused by him…he wanted her to talk him badly…..he wanted her to know he didn’t mean what has he said….he knows it would not be easy but he had apologize …he wanted her forgiveness for that he would do anything at any cost…right know the only way was…
he just cupped her face and made her see him at straight ….then slowly ….seeing her in tears he bent towards right side and sucked the tear drop and he again moved towards left side and sucked the tear drop in same manner ….then moving towards up he kissed her forehead …..
In this process dia just closed her eyes feeling the moment …and feeling heavenly…she just forgot everything for that moment…her trance broke when he spoke..

a: open your eyes jaan and see me…she reciprocated as instructed ….(she was seeing into his eyes)
a : I’m sorry dia ..I know I was rude it was unintentional ….I didn’t mean any of those words …it’s just that I was tensed about project and was unaware of things happened ….I was frustrated at something else I was not even giving attention towards any one it just happened flow …..I really really didn’t mean to hurt you . I am ashamed of myself for hurting you…..I can’t see you like this …. please talk to me…I can’t stay without talking with you…. .I need you ….. Your my life…. MY EVERYTHING ….
I’M YOURS …(tears were rolling in his eyes)
All this while they both were seeing each other…
By seeing his eyes she understood that he was genuinely guilty about his act.. seeing tears in his eyes…
she didn’t control herself …..Just hugged him tight as she could..Too let out her feelings …..AND ASSURE HIM THAT SHE WAS NOT ANGRY OR UPSET ON HIM ….
and said

d: you promise me… that you would not repeat this again …
He held her by shoulders letting her face him … seeing deep into her eye and PROMISED HER HE WOULD NOT REPEAT IT AGAIN…THEN HE KISSED HER FOREHEAD ….
They both hugged each other again and forgot about everything …..They stayed like that forgetting about the time …then the realized….their position to take out awkwardness
d: aman did you ate something…
a: nope ..I skipped it …it’s ok

then dia thought something as she also skipped he dinner… why not they both eat the dinner together she asked him …with that they both sneaked into the kitchen and warming the food…they both feed each other and enjoying the dinner with little talks ….then went back to the balcony and sat there hours talking about each other’s …Promising each other they would not hurt each other…they both cuddled leaning to wall ….and dozed of…
pheww done hoping you all will like it ……………

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