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It has been three months of their lots of changes occurred aman was becoming workaholic because he has to complete all the projects before pre –wedding ceremony and post wedding ceremonies they were busy asusual in their respective works
dia also concentrated on her studies she used to be busy with her presentations,exams and what not …
even in this situation they didn’t forget to talk to each other whenever they are free
new morning ,new thoughts, new beginning , a fresh start
here dia woke up with a smile by seeing the name of the person who sent the message
aman was having a hectic day he has to complete his work before the pre wedding celebration
preparations have been started ….
they both were busy in their work and shopping although they didn’t get time to talk to each other or meet each other they knew they were happy to get married .
the bond of friend ship between gunjan and dia grew stronger . they teased each other .they played pranks together ….they were like inseperable

days passed in this way……………

one fine day after shopping

dia was soo excited to share the shopping with all the gossiping and fun details to aman …this was one of the reason the main reason was that she was missing him a lot .
their talks,that fun…..his naughtiness….his simplicity….the way he talks…everything …….
she immediately dialed his number …
at the same time aman was busy preparing to give the seminar this project was important to his career
he was hell pissed as the project is not yet finalized .he took the mood of angry young men ..
he without seeing the number of dialer kept cutting the call
for 5times…
for the sixth time he picked up the phone and shouted
a: if I am cutting the call continuously then you should understand that I am dam busy cant you get….(at high pitchh)(not know the another person would get hurt or not knowing his situation the person spoke)
p:aman its me…i..callled …(stammering)(aman didn’t recognize the voice as he was disturbed by this project )
a: what me …. i….called haa can’t you get the fact I’m hell busy (same angry tone)
d: it’s me aman …dia . I called to talk to you
a: I dnt wanna talk get that clear I dnt have time for your silly talks and ggossiping …now byee
without giving a chance he cut the phone…
dia was hurt she was unable to contol her tears…his words…his rude behavior…hurt her a lot ..she thought of what he said do I talk silly talks with him and all….
and she decided not call him or talk to him…

she cried the whole night
here aman was unaware what he said to her ….he was happy to get the dream project…in this processs he didn’t even realize how hurt dia was…he has long forgotten the call and his conversation with dia .
he wanted to share this news with her as usual it was late night .so he thought he would share this news with her next day
next morning
aman called dia but she didn’t pick the call thinking he might have called for the same thing he will again talk with her in the same pitch
her eyes were swollen because of non stop crying….she was dam upset …
as usual normally she woke up and tried not to cry in front of everyone…she got ready for college
she went to the college ….she tried to avoid to talk with every one as she will cry infront of every one
she was calm composed …she didn’t speak much …she was lost …..she was lost in deep thought …
she was thinking what aman said did he really mean it …the next second she thought he meant it that’s why he said it ….she thought and she was hurt …..his words effected her a lot ..
unaware of this thing aman tried to call her nth time but she rejected his call continiusly…
he thought she may be busy ….he thought of giving her a surprise and visit her college In the evening
to pick gunjan as well
the day passed he informed gunjan that he coming to pick her up and not to tell dia about this..
he reached the college in the evng
gunjan has stopped dia from leaving giving an excuse she wanted to spend some time with her ….
aman arrived and spotted gunjan and dia ..he went near them
a: hey sistaa
gunjan saw him coming got up and side hugged him but he saw dia was lost somewhere
g: heyp bro
a: hey dia to gain her attention he called her
dia was shocked to see him here she was happy he came ….but suddenly their convo started ringing I nher head she was hurt she didn’t wanted to show up her sad mood to gunjan and quickly covered her changing expression this was noticed by aman bt he chose to reamin quite and talk with her in private
d: hii…
suddenly gunjan declared that theyb would go to icecream parlor as she wanted to eat icecream and disscuss abt the marriage preparation and etc…gunjan observed dia was upset over something and wanted o talk to her . as dia weak point is icecream she thought of lightening the mood of dia..
and the trio went to the parlor they talked aa lot but dia was silent not her usual self ….this was noticed by both gunjan and aman
aman was not able to understand what happened to dia and he finally asked
a: what happened dia why r u so silent …why are you not talking…
dia was shocked as aman asked her as nothing has happened how can he behave like that ….what does he mean by asking as If he didnt know….she was upset already and this is question is like making her more and more upset…….
she wanted to ask him about his behavior and hug him and cry but she kept quite
she was lost again
bt aman : dia I am asking you something ?? are you listening
d: huh???? nothing …it’s just that someone told me that I have to keep my silly talks and gossiping to myself …I am doing that only she said it one go ..
and then she faced to gunjan avoiding the eye contact with aman and his presence she said
d: I have to leave I have some work ill talk to you later and meet you tomorrow bye saying this she left and faster moved from that place not able hold herself more…
observing this gunjan turned to aman and asked
g: aman bhaiyaa …did you have a fight with dia …orelse you said something to her …that she is very upset
a: no I didn’t …I don’t know …I was busy in the meeting yesterday didn’t even he realized something something stuck his mind he remembered their phone convo and then he became sad
he was guilty know he didn’t even remember it and then he didn’t even say sorry to her………

precap: aman monofying dia …what will dia do ?….pre wedding celebrations to begin

soo here it is hoping you guys will like it 🙂

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  1. Ahhh interesting.. Hoping to read the next part soon..!!
    Well done cuttie pie 😉 may god bless you and may u keep writing many more shayari’s like tat :p

    1. Thank you coco 🙂

  2. As usual it’s gud epi…waitng for nxt epi update asap

    1. Thank you Ruth’s 🙂

  3. m commenting for d 1st time. n I must say m very much impressed by ur writing skill…..just loving it …please update next part soon,I wanna c how am an convinces dia

    1. Thank you tani for commenting 🙂
      I’m glad you liked this ff please keep commenting 🙂
      Will try to update soon 🙂

  4. Awesome episode cutie pie. ..very cute n lovely fight of aman n diya. …plz remove misunderstandings soon. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thank you soo much Roma dear…yeah its cleared in next update 🙂
      I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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