Arranged Marriage (Part 10)

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At night after the engagement. Both they families bidded byee to each other. Promising that they would meet again next day for discussing about the auspicious date to fix the marriage and henceforth.
at night phone conversation
dia was asleep as she came back form the function the day was hectic for her she had a smile on her face recalling the special moments meanwhile
aman reached home and called dia (from texting to calling its been a beautiful journey)
a: helooo jaaan
d: helooo amuuu(sleeepyyy voice)
a: I love you jaan (aman understands dia as she was hell tired)
d: I lovee youuuu toooo ammuuuu
a: gud nyt sweet dreams jaan sleep tight
d: your dreams I wanna see your dreams in sleepy tone
a: ok see my dreams 😉
d: byee
the slept of in deep slumber thinking about each other and how they effect each other
next day both families meet and discuss about the d day (the marriage )
planning as panditji told them the muhurath was after 4 months and they decided to do shopping and another arrangements regarding the wedding
and had spent a quality time with each other .aman was not there as there was a important meeting to attend and dia was missing him this was noticed by gunjan
in dia ‘s room:
G:hey bestiee cum bhabhi missing bhai already

d: yessss ….no its nothing that( realizing what she spoke)
g: ok sooo here is your gift
d: (it was some bag in which boxes were wrapped neatly ) you brought it I love yoouuu
g; say this I love you too aman bhaiya not me coz he gave it to me to give you
aman msged dia to open the box when gunjan left 🙂
gunjan was teasing dia and asked her to unwrap the gifts but dia carefull avoided the topic and spend some qualiy time with gunjan
then she opened the gifts once gunjan left she was mesmerized seeing the gifts and msged aman
d: thank you love 🙂
at night
aman called dia and asked her to come out or I should say peek out from her mansion without taking permission
and dia came out wearing light blue long gown and matching jewellery gifted by aman
aman was awestruck seeing her beauty….aman was also looking handsome wearing casually blue jeans and brown t shirt complimenting each other
a: you are look beautiful would be mrs.mehra (winking at her)
d: ( blushed) thank you( shly ) for your gift any ways you looking handsome too mr.mehra winking at him
A: thank you (blushed)
a: let goo

d: yeah but were are we gng
a:it’s a surprise
d: ohhhh supriseeeee what is it ammmuu say na
a: I can’t say naa jaan it’s a suprisee naa
d: ohh ok don’t say (pouted)
aman soo wanted to take a hug a kiss on her pout at that moment
they sat in car the journey too reach the place was 1 hour in this one hour dia asked nth time for surprise out off curiosity (cutely) aman chuckled
they reached the place finally aman blond folded dia’s eyes
d: where are we gng amuuu
a: shhhh wait they walke towards the desitination
d: when aman took of blind fold I saw the place and I was dumb struck the place was beautifully decorated with flowers with and red balloons all over the seating area .the restaurant was open garden restaurant and dinner setup for two people and surprisingly the dishes were my liking right from starter to desert and icecream though I insisted to eat more ice cream he refused politely saying I will get ill and then I wanted to go on a walk on beach which was nearby and lots of monavfying amuuu we went
d: aman remove your shoes and walk with me na

and then they walked near the sea shore enjoying nature blissfully and walked hand in hand
they sat on stone nearby to rest dia back was resting on amans front and aman encircled his right arm around her shoulder
dia was enjoying this closenesss yess she was blusing hard .aman was happy and felt possessive about her and he loved this closeness
aman was about to kiss her head from backside at same time gunjan tilted her face upside and then……
their lips meet each other for a second dia was about move but aman came close filling the space their lips meet again and they kissed each other slowly and then passionately dominated each other (wink)
after sometime they left for their home
sleep was far away from both as they were cherishing the intimacy they didn’t regret that intimacy
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