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Arranged marriage no way
Early morning with the cool breeze and the sun still rising the waves kissed the shore. Weather like this on a beach would brighten anybody’s mood except for a girl who sat on the huge rocks with her head on her knees and her hands pulling out her hair. If anyone knew her, they could tell that she’s never been so stressed cause anika sharma had been a chirpy and bubbly girl. She had been sitting there like that for a while now, lost in her mind, unaware of the world. She didn’t even notice when the waves tried to touch the rocks. A guy walked upto her
Guy: If you want to get your hair off your head, you’ll have to pull harder
Anika looked up at the person who disturbed her when she was already in a bad mood. He stared analyzing her face
Anika: leave me alone
Guy: sure as you wish

But he didn’t leave, instead he sat beside her and kept on looking at her
Anika: i asked you to leave me alone
Guy: I’m not disturbing you, I’m sitting here quietly. You can continue pulling your hair out
Anika: dude what’s your problem
Guy: exactly, what is your problem? It’s such a pleasant morning, the weather is pleasant yet here you are with puffy eyes all stressed up
Anika: why should i tell you? Infact why am i even talking to you
Guy: you know it is said that sometimes discussing your problems with a strangers can be better than discussing with friends. Gives you answers that didn’t exist in your little bubble of life
Anika: do you think listening to your philosophy I’ll spill out
Guy: well you can try my philosophy, maybe i can help you. What troubles you on such a good day
Anika: this is not a good day, infact this is the worst day of my life
Guy: ohh, do you mind telling me why
Anika: I’m not going to tell you anything
Guy: let me guess, is it related to your work
Anika didn’t react

Guy: umm, love life issues or family problems
She didn’t react again
Guy: marriage… She flinched when she heard that and he got his answer
Guy: i believe it has something to do with your marriage
Anika: stop it, i don’t want to talk about it
Guy: arranged marriage it is then i suppose
Anika: stop your guess work okay, I’ll tell you if you keep quiet now
He acted as if zipping his lips

Anika: my parents want me to get married to a guy i don’t even know. How can i spend my entire life with a stranger
Guy: What’s his name
Anika: i don’t know, some Mr. Oberoi
Guy: cmon this is the 21st century your parents must have told you about him (he said smiling)
Anika: yeah obviously, he’s my father’s friend’s son so my family knows him. I’ve never met him. My sister gauri e-mailed me his picture and biodata but i was so pissed off that i deleted it without checking the mail.
Guy: so you don’t want to get married right now
Anika: i don’t have any issues with getting married. It’s just that I didn’t want it this way, you know. What about my dreams?
Guy: is His family not supportive
Anika: no his family is great, infact they like me and i think his parents are really sweet. They don’t have any problems with me working after marriage (she smiled finally)
Guy: then?
Anika: my dreams about marriage. You know i wanted to marry someone who cared for me, accepted me as I am and respected me. (Lost in imagination, really smiling and slightly blushing)
Guy: you wanted love marriage?
Anika: not really, I’m not really a love marriage kind of a person, considering i have never been in a relationship
Guy: (he was shocked but couldn’t stop smiling) no way, how is it possible that a beautiful girl like you never had a boyfriend
Anika: well, i never met The guy who’s made for me
Guy: okay, humor me, so no guy ever proposed you (he chuckled)
Anika: (blushing) some did, infact there was this guy rohit, who proposed me 10 times, he was such an idiot( she laughed heartily while he smiled looking at her)but it didn’t matter cause they weren’t who I am meant to be with
Guy: and how will you know who’s The guy (he asked seriously)
Anika: I’ll just know, my heart will tell me
Guy: what if this Mr. Oberoi is The guy
Anika: what if he’s not, what if i meet the one after getting married. How will i live knowing that i lost my chance at happiness because of this marriage. How will i face my husband when I’ll never be able to be happy with him or keep him happy. I don’t want to hurt him or his family
She was glum, drowning in her misery. All her excitement describing her wishes vanished
Guy: okay ao did you tell your parents?
Anika: i can’t, they’re really good friends with his family and they like him. They are very excited about this marriage
He could see her eyes brimming with tears
Guy: how is it that you have met his family, he has met yours but you both have never met
Anika: my parents met him at some social gathering and i met his parents when they came over to my place for this alliance . (Now she was fully frustrated and spoke in a taunting manner) the great business tycoon mr. Oberoi didn’t show up to meet the girl he’s going to spend his life with cause he had an important meeting. So today he wants to meet me over coffee and my parents are expecting a yes
Guy: woow calm down beautiful, chill. If you can’t talk to your parents, then talk to him.
Anika: yeah like he’d understand. He’s a business man, he would only see it as a deal. You know I’ve heard he has temper issues and he’s a ruthless business
Guy: well if he is a business tycoon he needs to be ruthless
Anika: he’s nothing like me, he’ll never understand me. I’m pretty sure he’ll hate me
Guy: well now you are being presumptuous. No one can reject you
Anika: oh you don’t know me. My friends say that behind this pretty face I’m just a little girl, always upto mischief.

He’s a business man time and punctuality must be important to him. I’m sure he wakes up early every day. I barely get to work on time. I like to go out on long drives, spend hours talking about random stuff. I don’t think he’d tolerate my banter. I don’t think we’d have anything to talk about
And she went on and on marking the differences between herself and the version of mr. Oberoi she created. All the while he kept on smiling and slowly she loosened and became her normal self
Guy: okay okay stop, you really are chatty aren’t you. I get it. But you haven’t met him yet so you can’t be so sure about this
Anika: my life is going to become hell
Guy: okay let’s not jump to conclusions now
Anika: there’s nothing i can do about this
Guy: well you can, you meet him today and talk to him
Anika: i don’t want to
Guy: oh ho beautiful you didn’t let me complete
She kept her finger on her lips like a little child. He couldn’t help but smile at him
Guy: you meet him, see if he’s The guy or not. If you don’t think he’s the one then say no to him. Reject him and tell your parents you have conflicting views
Anika: i don’t know if this will work
Guy: cmon give that guy a chance. If you still don’t want to be with him then he has to understand his loss
Anika: you are flattering me now. Why do keep on looking at me like i should have recognized you
Guy: no not at all, I’m simply admiring this wonderful girl sitting next to me and i decided a long time ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures
Anika: oh mr cheesy, i know that line, it’s from the fault in our stars. So you read teen novels hmm, i didn’t take you for that kinda guy
Guy: yes I’ve read that because my sister forced me to. She thinks I’m hopeless, reading such stuff would make me a little romantic
Anika laughed like her problems never existed

Anika: i don’t know about that but I’m sure your girlfriend would certainly be impressed
Guy: I’m single, my previous relationship ended years ago
Anika: seriously, dude look at yourself. I’m sure girls would be swooning, they’d kill each other to be with such a handsome lad. And man you have beautiful eyes
Guy: oh well stop checking me out. You’re probably going to get married and you’re flirting with me
Anika: oh hello, I’m not flirting okay, you are
Guy: never said i didn’t. Anyways i have to go now, and I’m sure you also have to for work today or are you planning to be late today as well.
He started leaving when she called out
Anika: hey, you didn’t tell me your name. I’m anika
Guy: okay anika, how about Mr. Stranger for now. I’ll tell you my name if we meet again
Anika felt relieved and decided to meet her future husband and give him a chance. At work she kept on thinking about Mr. Stranger, how he helped her, flirted with her, made her laugh, quoted from one of her favourite novels. She almost forgot about her coffee date because her mind was occupied with the mornings incident and Mr. Stranger
She reached the café a few minutes early so she ordered her coffee. She texted her sister to resend the email with his details. Sipping her coffee she waited for the image to download. She read his details while the image download. She felt someone standing near her but she was eagerly waiting for the image to download. Finally she saw the picture and spat her coffee due to shock
Person: Fhat the wuck anika, why did you do this. Oh god
Anika: You, you are shivaay singh oberoi. You sat with me for so long this morning and you didn’t mention
Shivaay: okay stop for a minute. Let me go and clean this first
He went and cleaned his clothes while she ordered another cup for herself and some tissues. He came back and sat in front of her
Anika: Technically i should apologize but i won’t. You deserved that for lying to me
Shivaay: no, i didn’t lie. I said I’d tell you my name when we meet again
Anika: but you acted as a stranger when you already knew who i was
Shivaay: i expected you to recognize me but you didn’t, so to you i was a stranger
Anika: and you convinced me to give you a chance. How convenient
Shivaay: you needed to let go of your stress so i helped you
Anika: I’m such an idiot. I spent the entire day thinking about you and everything you said when you were just playing with me
Shivaay: you were thinking about Mr. Stranger who you met this morning when you hadn’t even seen the guy who might be your future husband until this moment. I guess i left quite an impression this morning (he smiled cheekily)
Anika: don’t try to act smart, i wasn’t thinking about you in that sense (she mentally stabbed herself for blabbering)
Shivaay: which sense anika (he winked at her)
Anika: hey, i wasn’t fantasising about you okay. Don’t flatter yourself
Shivaay: as you say. Anika, i meant everything i said. You can say no, nobody will force you or blame you.
Anika: I’m confused
Shivaay: well you can take as long as you wish. I’ll respect your decision
He got up and was at the door now
Anika: wait, don’t leave, yet
Her heart pounded watching him leave. That was a signal from her heart and she knew he might be the one. He turned to look at her
Anika: i haven’t said no (she had a pained look)
Shivaay: you haven’t said yes either
Anika: well why don’t you help me like earlier. You said i should try to know the real version of Mr. Oberoi. Maybe i want to say YES (she gave a shy smile)
Shivaay: And i hope you do( he smiled heartily)

The End
I hope you like it, please comment and let me know what you think of it. I’ll be updating my ff pretty soon

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