Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 8

Let’s begin….

Both ragsan were sitting opposite to eachother and now ragini has covered her with a scarf mask…

Rag was abt to start the first with a rock music….

Before she could start.. Sanskar plays a soft music…
Rag was shocked… It was like sanskar deliberately made a plan…

Everyone were so silent and was listening the music

Arj to ragh:i told na…yeh pakka phasegi hi phasegi…aaj yeh pakad lega.. isne gaaya jo tha
Ragh:shh..let me see

Rag herself:wat to do? Of he identifies my voice then? No no be can’t… Our voice sounds different in Mike and music… He can’t…

Thodaa Thodaa shor hei dil main
Thodaa Thodaa gum sum hei
San was getting one face listening her voice
Thodi thodi saaf hei baathein
Thodi thodi uljan hei
San was getting ragini’s singing voice

San:Thodaa Thodaa shor hei dil main
Thodaa Thodaa gum sum hei
Thodi thodi saaf hei baathe
Thodi thodi uljan hei

Rag was scared seeing his face…wat if he got to know her secret???

Rag:Maheroo de sukun
Kar meri chahath qubul
Kar qubul, de sukun
Maheroo, Maheroo

San himself:is she? He was confused
San: Maheroo de sukune
Kar meri chahat qubul
Kar qubul, de sukuun
Maheroo, Maheroo
He remembers ragini’s”ji’s”… And her shy behaviour
While all were in the spell by their beautiful voices

Rag:tum se mili, toh yun laga
Khud se huyi hun main rubaroo
Mere pyaar ke har daasthan
Tuj pe khatam tuj se shuroo
Rag remembers San talking to her wn they met and San talking to her wn she is dreamgirl.. She liked him.. He talks with a respect to girls and his confidence level she liked lot see bhi zyada


Tum se mila, toh yun laga
Khud se huya hun main rubaroo
Mere pyaar ke har daasthan
Tuj pe khatam tuj se shuroo
San remembers dreamgirl’s voice.. And wn he was confused that wr he heard her voice…

Rag:Dil ki zar-zameen pe
Tera sajda main karu
She bends a lil to him showing him a sajda as she is impressed from him

Aaja mere maahi
Khud ko tuj se jod dun..
She stands

San smiles seeing her gestures towards him:Maheroo de sukun,
Kar meri chahat qubuul
Kar qubul, de sukuun
Maheroo, Maheroo
He too stands…

Ragsan:Maheroo de sukun,
Kar meri chahat qubuul
Kar qubul, de sukuun
Maheroo, Maheroo

All claps for them…. And screams: once more once more… Once more..

While parish lakut were shocked seeing sanskar… As for the first time sanskar has sing the song…

While sanskar’s friend already knew that he sings.. Bt he sings too good they didn’t knew it….

Here Rag was happy bt she doesn’t know the reason..

San was suspicious on dreamgirl….

Arj:ab yeh ladki kya karnewali hai?
Ragh: let’s wait and watch…

Rag: so guy’s… Wat do you think abt the performance

One side: superb
Other side: mind-blowing.
Another side: outstanding…

San: so wat abt this challenge??
Rag: you won…
San: thankyou…
She only don’t know why she said like that… Bt she was confused bcs 2 challenges got completed… And one last challenge has left and she know that he Vl definitely do… She is a secret superstar and she doesn’t know wat vl hpn? She doesn’t wanted to marry me none vl allow her to do her wish.. She is mischievous naughty and wat and all…
And she very well know abt Maheshwari’s they are decent and deciplined family.. which She doesn’t hv 1% too…

San: and the third challenge

San didn’t know why? He wanted his guess to be ryte.. He wanted dream girl to be RAGINI… Bt he was confused incase of she is RAGINI.. Then wat abt his family.. He know that they won’t like our at all.. He wanted it to be her.. Bt for now he want to confirm is she ragini!! Or some other girl!

Rag was scared: race… Bike race…
San smiles: accepted…

Soon ragsan were in bike race position…

And sin or set to on mark
And they races.. They hv to go 2 km from there and return from there…

Rag was having many thoughts.. Now anyhow she wanted to win… She didn’t wanted to disclose her identity to him she doesn’t wanted to come face to face in front of him…. She brushed off all her thoughts and decided to win and only win…

San was having the goal to see her anyhow… He should give his best to win this race… His heart was saying continuously that she is RAGINI… Bt he want to confirm it by eyes…

Rag moves front… She speeds up…
San couldnt match her speed…

Rag sees an accident in opposite road.. And none was there…
She immediately turns to that side without thinking abt the competition…

Rag gets down her bike and sees the person the vehicle are fine bt lil injured… She takes her helmet and she goes to them

Rag:are u ppl fine
Man:yes we got lik injured….
She held them to clean their wounds…
And they thanks her

And they leaves from there in a taxi…

Rag then gets abt the competition..
Rag: u hv lost.. Bt raago i m proud of myself that i know how much this match was important to me bt it’s ok… By think raago think how vl u face him…bt mujhe nahi dream was to be always a secret bt…yeh tho cheating hoga na if i didnt go…rag just sit here and then go after mins

After 5 mins
Rag then gets into bike and then moves back…
And she sees San has already reached..
She then goes to stage and stands

Many were happy that they would see dreamgirl..
Bt rag doesnt wanted to disclose herself…. Bt role was made by her

Arj:ab kya hoga jiju
Ragh was worried he knew how rag was happy with being a secret now…? That too bcs of sanskar… And she has to face him first

Rag was abt to remove her helmet…
San: wait..
All were curious anxiety excited
San:my challenge… Was only to disclose to me…
Rag looks at him
All audience:pllzzz we want to see dreamgirl

San:bt challege is challenge..there should be no cheating..and now i myself backing from the challenge…

All were shocked including Ragini

San: back off… He keeps his mike there…

Rag was shocked.. As why he was doing this?

San audible to Ragini: today i m going… Bt soon i want a reply from you and i m hoping to get a positive reply.. And all the best.. He forwards his hand to her.. He smiles.. His smile was saying that he has won something big

Rag was numb.. She shakes her hand with him being shocked

San was abt to go bt turns:bt i want a reply from a girl whom i saw before..bcs I don’t know wat she thinks abt dream girl will always be a dream girl…

He goes smiling

Rag stands numb
Rag: did he got to know… She widens her eyes….

To be continued….

Raksha:u wanted ragini to win…bt this story wont be too long..sorry..

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