Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 7

Let’s begin…

Girl starts to play guitar beautifully..

The girl sings……there was a pin drop silence only her beautiful voice were reaching everyones heart
Main ruthiya yaar manawangi
Har chilman phoonk jalawangi
Jad patthar Ranjha pighlega
Tad main Kamli kehlawangi
Tad main Kamli kehlawangi

All shouts:dream girl..dream girl….
San couldnt see the stage bcs it was a small auditorium and crowd has filled..
He looks for his frnds bt they hv moved in the crowd…
He was acting crazy..which he never was…

Girl continues
Mere maahiya sanam jaanam
Ki main kariya nami danam
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam

With lot of struggles sanskar moves front.. Now he was in the middle
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli
Ni main Kamli Kamli mere yaar di

To his shock he sees parish lakut
They too sees him

Jheel dil ko kar gaya tu
Dariya dariya mere yaara
Akhiyan de mohalle mein har shaam tera aalam
Shab guzri te jag soya
Ni main jagiya nami danam

He reaches them… And her some ends

San:u all
All:you here..the innocent kid is here
San smiles:bt.. My friend called me here
Lak: that’s why..i was thinking that sanskaari boy like u…
San glares him.. He stops

Here the girl starts to talk: i want to ask u all like kishore kumar…and many my frnds here want to know abt me..

All gets excited and it was again a silent…
Girl shouts:Hey, tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiyaaaaaaa?
All shouts:kiyaaaaaa

‘heard heard heard…heard the where?’ sanskar’s heart was yelling at him

Girl:Kabhi kisi ko dil diyaaaaa?

All shouts:diyaaaaa

Girl:par meine nahi kiya aur naa hi diya bt bt….i met a cute person today


Girl:bt i think it’s the first and last meet

Down in the front arjun and raghav were present!
Arj:isse yeh sab bolna zaroori hai
Ragh smiles: that’s why she is special
Arj smiles: yes true…my baby sis is a secret superstar ??

(Did you guessed…mihikaa i told you na there’s a suspense in ragini’s character)

Rag:so anybody ready for today’s challenge…
Only her smiling pink lips can be seen

San was not getting wr he heard this voice…bt put his thought aside.. He gets excited in the challenge….

San now started to move front in difficulty…
Arj sees him in crownd
He points to the direction
Raghav too sees him
Ragh smiles: destiny Arjun destiny… He smiles…
Arjun gets confused…

Many ppl goes to her challenge. Everyone gets out in the first challenge itself…… Bcs nobody was best as Ragini in guitar… And the first challenge was playing guitar….it was a jugalbandhi… Nobody can Win over her

The was full of gossip as there were no other person to challenge dream girl…?

Rag: is the no one?

A hand raised from the middle of the crowd

Rag: yes.. There’s a person…

He starts to move

Arj widened his eyes
Ragh:ab aayega maza…now she is gonna compete with a cute person
Arj smiles: no no…eh ji o ji
Both raghjun laughs…

Rag could see him climbing the stairs she was shocked…
Rag herself:sanskar….did he got to know?omg…. Wat vl i do now…

He takes the guitar placed there… He takes a Mike

Rag herself:no.. He didn’t….u hv to behave like your behave with everyone…

Rag: so are you ready?
San: yes..i m ready bt… If i win wat would i get?

Rag: u would get the name that u made me lose me
San: no
Rag: u know there’s 3 challenge
San: still i wanna know.. Wat if today u lose from me

Rag thought him to be boring bt he was not

Rag:hmm…wat u want?
San: hmm… Want to see you…
Rag was confused….. Should she agree or not….

All audience:say yess

Rag with no other option:ok…bt…
San:bt wat…
Rag: only you vl see me
San: accepted

Here ut:bhaai is the best in guitar m sure he would win

Rag:too much of confidence
San:we should not waste time…we should start…

Rag: ok…

Rag starts to play the rock music… In guitar
San just listens to the rythm….
Then after a second he too starts…

They was a tough competition

Arj: i think she is gonna lose
Ragh:very tough competitor

They were non stop
And at last Ragini gives up
Bt sanskar continues to play…

All claps for sanskar even rag to claps

He smiles: i win your first challenge…
Rag: u were awesome…
San: next challenge…

She was getting scared… As wat vl she tell now…

Rag:hmm the second challege is to sing…bcs she knew she was the best…

San; accepted

Arj:yeh pakka phasegi…

To be continued….

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  1. Please yar ragu should only win.itne jaldi to sanky ko pata nhi chalna chahiye that ragu hi dream girl hai.n this is also awesome I didn’t comment before now only I read this story n its awesome. Ragu should not loose please. Dreamgirl suspence is interesting. Hope ragu will win but I think sanky ko ragu pr shaq hojayega as he had listen her singing. Update soon

  2. too good….

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    Update aashiqi

  7. Sanskar should win

  8. Superb competition. This time am sanskar’s side

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