Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 6

Let’s begin…

Rag:bechaara bohoth cute tha…
Naina:wat u did…
Rag:u only said na be i was so nice to him that he would directly reject me
Ragh: this much of confidence
Rag: its obvious…

Sanskar was confused…..
He was not getting anything…
He remembers ragini’s behaviour
Here ways of playing instrument….

At the time lakpariut comes
They sees him in deep thinking…

Lak:wat hpnd bhaai
Pari: didn’t u like ragini…
Ut:she is very nice bt too traditional… Perfect bahu for mm…bt wat abt bhaai’s like…
San gets thinking
Pari:wat type of girl you want san….is ragini matched your thought
San:babhi its not abt thiught.. Everyone is not so perfect…bt…sometimes i feel like uttara bt sometimes he remembers her way of holding a guitar…

Pari:see take a which you feel is ryte..bcs she is going to be your life partner…remember that….
San:bt babhi i m confused
At the time ap and suji comes:wat confusion….?

Lakpariut leaves from there
Suji: didn’t u like the girl…
San:its not like that ma..
Ap: it hpns in arrange marriage beta.. You get confused in some phase.. So i m telling you that… Don’t select partner for family’s sake..bcs we wont be with you after few yrs…life changes…one who lives with you will be your wife…
San:i find that she is sanskaari? girl…wat bade papa and you all like.. She has those quality…bt..
Ap:u mean to say u want a modern girl

San:not like that..
Suji:u r sooo confused sanskar…look…see wn u find a girl whom u love..u vl hv smile whenever u see her it will be not a fake or forced smile bt which your heart tells…u vl ferl like to spend ur whole life with the person..u want the person to be close to in every phase of ur life..u want the person to make you smile wn u r sad..celebrate happiness with you…amdeven you should do the same..and at the final your heart will say..”yes she is the one for you”

San:bt how vl i find abt ragini…
Ap: not everytime.. The first impression will be best.. and to be frank i liked ragini
Suji:even me too…
Ap:if you didnt like ragini then you can say openly….
San thinks abt their words
Suji:should we hv to tell no… To them

San:hmm…i need time
Ap:may be u get any chance to like her

They leaves

San himself: wat i wish to hv in my life partner…hmm..he smiles..i wanted a girl who vl be lil naughty…lil mischief

Here all were sitting in dining table
Rag shouts:mumma and papa u both r romancing..hai na…we all r here from 30 mins bt your spcl soup is still not there…
Arj smacks her head:they vl bring na..
Ragh:jab tak soup nahi aata tab tak hum khelte hai
Naina:kya khelenge

Rag:yay babhi..bohoth maza ayega pehele me…
Arj:then start..dream girl
Rag glares him
Arj widens his eyes and coughs…
Naina:wat hpnd?
Arj to rag:nobody knows na..dont worry…
Rag shouts:mummaaa soup

Jan comes:5 mins..i dont know wat vl hpn in your sasural…if you do like this na they vl send you to zoo

Arj laughs :jungli
Rag glares
Rag stands in chair and shouts:Yahoo yahoo
Chahe koi mujhe junglee
Kahe kehne do jee kehta rahe
Hum pyar ke tufano me
Gire hai hum kya kare

Raina claps….and dances in sitting position itself
Rag sits and sings in arjun’s ears
Chahe koi mujhe junglee
Kahe kehne do jee kehta rahe

Hum pyar ke tufano me
Gire hai hum kya kare

He close his ears: hey bhagwan…mujh par thoda kripya karo..

(Little naughty sanskar.. ragini is a package ??)

San:she should be kind too..

Here ragini helps servants of the home who were cleaning

Shejan comes with the soup
Arj:hey..raago soup aagai ….jaldi aao..they vl aao na
Naina:wn she thinks of helping someone.. She does that anyhow…
Ragh: that’s why she goes to old age home to spread happiness….

San:she should be a tough competitor in any …at the time he gets call..

Here ragini: bhaiyya…babhi ko unke ghar chodke aaona
She winks at him

Shek:ha arjun..drop purvi at her home

Rag audible to him:remember 9 pm
He nods…

Arvi goes….

Here sanskar reaches a place..his frnds comes to him…

San:why u ppl called me here
Raj(his frnd):chalo vl tell you…
San:bt wr?
Abhay:chalo tho sahi!then talk…

They gets in a big auditorium
San:wr v hv come?
Raj:remember our old days yaar..wn in colg

San:ha..we always used to come to late night shows
Abhay:and this show is interesting…
Raj: there’s a dream girl..(??)
San smiles:dream girl
Abhay:ha yaar… Wn she comes the crowd is filled only a word dreamgirl

San: who is she?

Abhay:nobody has seen her till now… Lucky will be the guy who vl win her challege…
Raj:nobody can win over her in any of her challege…this is her show…she is the queen of her show
Abhay:in the end of her show she challenges all audience and in start many used to go by none was there who could move across her challenges….
San:now u r making me interested in dream girl…

At the time someone enters a stage on a bike

San:u both told us its the show of dream girl..them
Abhraj:she is the one

She has wore a big hat to cover her face…

To be continued….

So wat do you think? Wat’s gonna hpn next?
Stay tuned.. And don’t forget to guess.. i love to read your guesses

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